7 Rules For Happy Living

“But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?” Albert Camus

Living a Happy Life

You and only you are responsible for your happiness; being a conscious being it is your decision and responsibility to be happy.

1. Get the happiness habit: Living a happy life comes from your own personal decision to be happy, learn to become acquainted with your inner space and allow for happiness to blossom in your inner world. Get to know your internal dialogue and make it a habit to change your internal dialogue if it’s not making you happy. Learn to smile, try it right now, and feel the power of smiling. Just by the act itself you will notice that your complete physiology will start to change and the feeling of happiness bubble up within you.

2. Exterminate negative thoughts: Wherever we place our minds attention grows, learn to become aware on what thoughts your mind is placing its attention on. Don’t waste precious time worrying over unnecessary and unrealistic thoughts that have no basis of truth. Observe which thoughts are responsible for keeping you from living a happy life.

3. Strengthen your self image: Remember the times where you shined and at your best. Learn to give yourself credit for the things you have accomplished. Your self image is something that you control; learn to use it for your benefit. The only thing that matters is what you think about yourself. The only limits you have are the ones you created within yourself. By remembering and visualizing the times when you where successful it will give you the confidence in overcoming any obstacles you may encounter.

4. Learn how to laugh: Do you remember how good it felt when you where young and laughed at anything that was funny, without worrying of what others thought? Learn to reclaim your child hood laughter; laughter truly is one of the best medicines.

5. Find your creative outlet: We have all have the ability to create something new and unique. Find something that makes you feel good and is an expression of your individuality.

6. Help others: Individually we are just one small fraction of the whole, but by helping others you make the whole better and thus make the world a better place for you to live in. One of the greatest feelings of happiness you will ever experience is by genuinely contributing to another human beings life.

7. Seek activities that will make you happy: Set time aside to pursue and explore the things that interest you. Keep an open mind and learn to try new things. In the end all that matters is how you played this game called life.

Well those are the rules 🙂 hope you like them, and realize that there is plenty for you to do in your quest to living a happy life.

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  1. Interesting list, Ivan. You see, I wrote a list of tips for happy life independently and based on my personal opinion only – and we wrote the same tips, more or less.
    What you should add to the list is health. I think happiness is impossible without being healthy – a soul cannot enjoy without a healthy body.

    Anywats, here is my list of 5 tips for getting a happy life: http://gethappylife.com/health-and-prosper/5-tips-to-get-a-happy-life/

    What do you think?

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