Become The Change You Believe In

“There is a giant asleep within everyman,
when the giant awakes, miracles happen” – Frederick Faust

Ultimately what matters is what you think about yourself, how you think about yourself, and how you see yourself. Most of our limitations are psychological in nature, therefore much of your conflict comes from the limits you have created within yourself.

Be yourself, become the observer of your life, learn to create your life from the perspective of the observer. Experience is relative to you, it’s your life.

If you are afraid to change, you will not learn to believe in yourself. You will be acting from a level where you doubt your abilities. Doubt is just a word that explains the desire not to participate in life. It is a barrier in the brain, it prevents you from changing.

More than ever the world needs you to live up to your potential and become who you are meant to be. Human beings can’t help it; we yearn for the feeling to belong to something. Whether it is an organization, religion, or simply a group of like minded people. At a deep level we have the need to belong to something we perceive greater than us, and have the urge to contribute in our own special way.

Doesn’t matter if you think you can make a difference; the reality is that we live in very special times, with the ability to connect with no geographical boundaries. Right now you have all the tools at your disposal to contribute something meaningful on a global scale. You just need to develop the power to believe in your self and your vision. If you don’t have a vision start contemplating what your unique valuable contribution can be. People need you to lead; all that’s missing is you, your vision, and your passion.

Begin today working and developing your vision, your passion, and your influence. You can start in baby steps with time it will begin to take shape into something workable and very meaningful. If you stay true to yourself and abilities it will prove to be valuable to whoever resonates with what you are doing.

People Always Need Something To Believe In

I believe this is because the majority of the population has not yet acquired the tools and wisdom to believe in themselves. This is why someone who believes in themselves and in what they are doing is always in demand.

Leadership is about creating change you can believe in. If deep down to the core of your being you don’t believe in yourself, how can you really every create change that will affect others? Before you change the world you need to change yourself. Here is the exciting part you can change easily if you approach your identity as something that is fluid and in constant flux. Keep updating the ideas you have about yourself and the world in a meaningful way, just watch how you become what you desire to be by realizing your true nature.

The more you change the ideas you have about your self, the more your vision will begin to take tangible shape. You practice what you preach, it’s all in your actions. Lead by example: inspire, awaken, energize, excite, invigorate, motivate, and move your followers around your idea.

What You Need

1. A shared Interest: Become a leader within your interests and the things you enjoy doing.
2. A way to communicate: The Internet and all the new social web mediums have made location a non issue. You have no excuse now on why you can’t connect with like minded people. It is easier than ever to create your tipping point. Who knows maybe your contribution never get’s noticed, but now the potential to make a global impact rests on the shoulder of anyone who is willing to try.

The point I want to make is that as long as you really learn to believe in yourself and attempt to create something your proud of, you now have everything your need to create something that can be far bigger than yourself. The only way this can happen though is by first believing and creating change in your self.

“The only goal worth attaining is complete freedom to be yourself, without illusions and false beliefs” -Deepak Chopra

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18 Responses to Become The Change You Believe In

  1. Another brilliant post, Ivan! This one reminds me of Seth Godin’s most recent book, Tribes~We Need You to Lead Us. I loved this book more than any of Seth’s others (and he has LOTS 🙂

    When one connects to their own unique essence, that part of themselves that is there all the while, and allows it to light the way true magic happens. From this place not only anything is possible, EVERY thing is possible. We can catalyze this strength to make a difference just by allowing it…just by breathing life into it.

    Lead by example. YES, indeed. As we shine in our brilliance it gives others the permission to do the same. It sets the course; gives direction. Why not shine? Humanity deserves it!

    I choose to lead my tribe (anyone who connects and aligns w/the vibe I’m sharing) with passion, love, harmony, peace, light and joy every step of the way. Are you with me?

    :0) Debra

  2. Yes, Ivan, it all boils down to self-love/self-esteem. Like Oprah, this week, talking about how she had not loved herself enough to be on her own schedule (for self-care).

    As for businesses, many leaders in past have been stuck in ego, so they don’t see how their attitudes and behaviors affect the company and all who work for it. If they loved themselves, loved what they were doing, leadership would be about service…to company, to employees, to customers, etc.

    Many blessings,

  3. Ivqn,

    You are right I really enjoyed this. As I said earlier, It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live his dreams.


  4. Great article. You are absolutely right about living life by looking outward and truly experiencing all the wonders around us. Also, being fluid in your perception of yourself (and others) is a must. Everything changes…we must also change in order to grow. You are totally right on about our need to belong to something larger than ourselves. Even the very first records of human-kind had a religion and gods that they believed in. It is imbedded in us. Sometimes that belief in a higher power is all the magic a person needs to create the reality they want. I once heard someone say something along the lines of “if you want to get to a certain destination, just turn and walk that way. The universe, once it KNOWS what you want, will clear a path for you to get there. Your next job is in recognizing the path.” Good Article, Karen Lien (pen name Renee Turner)

  5. I agree. It needs to begin at believing in oneself, but it must never stop there. After the belief in our abilities is firm, we must go beyond ourselves into the world and share with everyone. We all can do very little by ourselves,but together we can achieve anything. Thanks Ivan.

  6. I agree with you that people need to believe in themselves, and becoming the change you want to see, or becoming the partner/friend you wish you had etc, or the mentor you wish you found etc, has been a strong motivator in my life. This path can be a long and challenging road, and power to you Ivan for helping people to know it is there, and giving people a bit of a map to navigate the territory.

    One thing I would add is that one has to be careful “believing that you are more than you are everyday”. One has to be careful with this because in this simple sweet statement, is a negation of what one already is. If a person wants to be “more” than you are, he/she is likely negating what he/she is. How can one build on something that one is secretly sabotaging — that which one already is.

    The first of the baby steps, is radical self acceptance and love, for what you already are. But this path can be tricky to stick to, and how one can easily get side tracked or find other ways to self-sabotage.

    All the best to you for tryign to help people down this path Ivan. People can use all the help they can get to make their way through these tangled woods.

  7. I am so grateful for finding this site! I am very excited to see other young people on the same journey in life as I am. I love what your doing Ivan keep it up.

  8. Thank you Ivan. I enjoyed listening to your words. I believe that we all are an essence of a mixed bag of things. Sometimes they are powerful by working harmoniously together and sometimes we oursleves inside are on opposite sides of ourselves. This creates a tug of war inside and when we really go to the core of our beings and sit silently, we hear, we feel we know what we want and where to go to do what is needed to get there. This is in no matter for outside praise but because it is what we are meant to do. This is when everything…our essence is harmonious and plays a brilliant song that really does make a difference. One that helps us to grow and gather more for “our bags” and also spreads peace and progression throughout. Thanks for you!-Erin

  9. I so agree with this. We all need something to believe in – it creates a sense of life in us! It gives us a reason for being.

    The best thing to believe in is You! This releases all limitations in life and frees us to love life!

  10. Thanks for sharing this important message. We just started our music production house, its hard at present, but belief in ourselves is making us move forward and eventually everything will fall in place. We know it!! And your words made our belief stronger. Cheers from India

  11. These are really very beautiful post which are a practical approach for enlightenment.I have a one ques sir its all about me.last year I gone through an epiphany for 6 month I don’t know sir how I again I come so far from god I want to have enlightment in my life again but now it is very hard to me as my mind knows how to protect me from every kind of discomfort.I am trying from 4 month chanting mantra and meditation but I fail.I m not able to focus even on my studies.nothing seems to me good.every time I m in a great dilemma.I am from india. My goal is to become the leader of world to teach everyone how to become conscious and have intimate relationship with god.also want to become american scientist.I feel like I will never get god in my life again .plzz help me I beg u..what should I do.

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