Blue Print To Manifesting Anything You Want

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed on how to make your dreams a reality? Below I will go into  several concepts that I think you should explore and develop to make your dreams come true. This post is geared more towards accomplishing external goals.

Many of us first need to accomplish our worldly goals in order to see that true fulfillment lies within. When we get the things we want, we often find that it’s never enough. There is nothing wrong with being successful in the worldly sense. The problem is when we think that worldly accomplishments will give us deep and lasting contentment with life.

Many of us are not ready for the inner journey. If this is you, then use your time on earth wisely to do and accomplish everything you want.  When you finally get what you want and sense that there has to be more to life,  go inward, then you might also realize that you don’t need to choose.

It’s possible to live in both material and spiritual abundance. If you become inwardly rich then any material wealth you do acquire, you will be grateful for and not take for granted. If you start a business, contributing for the greater good will be your driving force and not to exploit others and the environment.

We really need to rethink the role corporations and businesses play in our society. Our current system is collapsing, we all need to come together and figure out how to implement an economy based on contribution. These are extremely challenging times, but if we approach it right, we have an opportunity to change the game and start all over.

Manifesting Your Dreams

1. Creating Your Vision: To make your dreams a reality you need to have a target that is vivid and compels you to take action. Think about your natural abilities, interests, and motivations.

When you think about your ideal life what does it entail?
Here is a short list to contemplate, take out a journal and write these down:

• What material things do you want to experience ?
• What experiences do you want that will fully engage your senses
• What kind of relationships do you want to have?
• What gets you excited about life ?
• How can you contribute for the good of all ?

How can you make your answers into a congruent vision?

Making Your Vision a Reality
1. Decide what you’re committed to achieving
2. Take immediate and massive action
3. Test and refine your strategies
4. Change your approach until you get what you want

2. Meditation: Once you get clear on the vision you have for your life, you need to maintain mental clarity and focus to pursue your vision. Meditation can be a great tool to keep your mind on track and help you with the daily struggles of day to day living.

3. Empowering Beliefs and Affirmations: As you go about accomplishing your goals, you should keep your identity fluid. Keep updating the ideas of who you are. Remember that your past does not equal your future, unless you let it. Begin to develop new empowering beliefs about yourself. You are your own worst enemy in that your mind is the only thing that really limits your progress. You need to develop beliefs that will help you outgrow old ways of thinking and outdated mental habits. When you hit an obstacle that is a sign that you need a new way of thinking. That was as far as your old perspective could take you, you now need to expand to a new vantage point that will offer you more possibilities. Eventually you will need to transcend thinking all together, but this is the domain of the spiritual seekers.

4. Researching The World You Want: Now that you have your vision, have developed empowering beliefs that will help you go grow and overcome hurdles, you need to research the world you want. This is the: who, what, where, when, why, and how. If you want to start a business, this is the time you put your detailed business plan together. Gather as much technical details as you can.

5. Making Friends and Becoming Influential: If you want your business, idea , or message to reach the highest possible levels and not be average, you will need to become a person of influence. No one person can accomplish anything alone. The greater the scope of your influence the more resources you have at your disposal to make it happen. We are all influential on some level, influence is a skill that you can dramatically increase.

6. Spreading and Developing Your Ideas: Once you have established your influence you need to empower your followers and give them the tools to be able to help you. Become the change you believe in.

Here is an example of a  daily To-Do List to spreading your message on the Web:

• Choose your top five online forums that suit your goals the best. Make a few meaningful posts to each site. Make sure that everything you post is of practical value.

• Build a List of Bloggers who best represent your message and contribute to their blog by giving valuable feedback on their blog posts. You can search for potential bloggers on, which is essentially a search engine for the top blogs on the web.

• Write One Article for your Blog. If you are not sure how to set up a blog, check out Word press is the easiest state of the art platform to build and maintain your blog. You can also hire someone to set up, design, and upload your site for a relatively inexpensive price. Check out to have freelancers bid on your job posting.

• Track RSS feeds from your favorite sites to stay updated with the latest news. RSS feeds can be a great way to brainstorm topics to discuss on your blog and Twitter. To make your job easier of managing your feeds use a free service like

• Write an article and submit to sites like or use an article submission service like  Good articles can be a great way to attract consistent, long-term targeted traffic to your site.

• Create a video that supports your message and submit it to You can use a tool like to simultaneously submit your videos to many video sites.

• Use all the different social media and book marking sites like, ,, etc.

7. Developing Your Own Unique Style: Ultimately people only talk about things they view as unique and remarkable. Find out what things are unique about you, cultivate them. Your contribution to the greater whole will be your uniqueness.

8. Mastering Your Energy, Awareness, Intent and Mind state: No one ever really gets it right the first time at it. This is why you need to develop your energy, awareness, intent, and mind state. Being clear and aware of these concepts will give you the staying power and perspective to tweak and adjust things until you get your desired result. The more you get in tune with your true nature, the easier things will get because you will be able to grow faster. By increasing your awareness of your inner self the easier it will be to remove obstacles, after all the only thing that limits you, is yourself. The more aware you become the more you will pursue the drives of your higher self  as opposed to purely egoic desires.  Here are a few posts to help you with your awareness and consciousness.

Continually work and refine the ideas from above, they are all interrelated and build upon each other. Keep a journal to keep an eye on your progress, make monthly evaluations. Focus on activities that will bring in results.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you find it useful. The concepts in the article are based off the Success Blueprint from my ebook “How To Get Your Shine On”, which goes into detail on how to apply the ideas from above to achieve your desires.

Take care, I wish you the best on your journey.

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