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How to Get a Good Hand Shake

photo credit: star5112 by my friend Debra Benton This happens every day in business: “Ralph (Ron or Ray) meets Laura in her office, and both nervously shake hands. Laura notices what feels like a wimpy, limp clasp. Both think to themselves, “Yech, what a poor handshake.” A two-second exchange like that sets an unease and discomfort… Continue Reading

Career Uh-Oh’s-Seven Career Sins Sabotage Success

by my dear friend Debra Benton It’s true that we learn from our mistakes, but the wise young businessperson corrects his/her mistakes before they are made. What mistakes should you be weary of? I surveyed 100 CEOs to reveal the “seven career sins” that sabotage success. 1. Focusing on tasks not people. If you invest… Continue Reading