Cultivating Constant and Never Ending Improvement

“It is never too late to be who you might have been.” George Eliot

I really believe that all of us possess something unique that we need to contribute to the world. We all have an inner source of abundant energy and creativity. With any success you achieve in the outside world it is in direct proportion to the success of your inner world. That’s why we should all strive for continuous improvement in our inner worlds. To master your life you need to master yourself.

I love learning, I try and have an attitude that is open to new ideas and concepts. Having this type of attitude leads to higher levels of personal achievement. Another useful attitude is to always question everything, questions are one of the greatest ways of eliciting knowledge.

To reach your dreams it is essential to cultivate an inner world full of discipline, energy, power, and optimism.

“Avoid an inferiority complex, for it means that you underestimate your powers” Yogananda

Take the time to evaluate where you are and think about where you want to be. Make a list of the things you need to improve upon to become the person that will make your dreams a reality. Realize that the only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself. Examine the things you wrote down, can you see how you have limited yourself? To break these limits you will need to get out of your comfort zone. When you expand beyond your limits you will make use of your divine resources.

A good place to start is to look at all the things that you fear. Do what you fear doing, these are the things holding you back. Every time you let your fears get the best of you, you only add fuel to the fire and make it stronger. If you are ever to live a fulfilling life you will need to conquer your fears. When you take a good look at them, you will see that most of them are just imaginary; they simply exist because you have conditioned your self to believe they are real. Remember that any experience you have is not inherently painful or pleasant, it is your thinking that makes it so. When you examine your fears deeply you will realize that it is simply a conditioned response.

Going from where you are to where you want to be will be a process. You will need to build mental toughness and dare to go into the unknown with courage. You must be able to go beyond fear and greed, these are the mechanical parts of your brain. By living with courage you will be activating the non mechanical parts of your brain, you will become more intuitive. Your intuition will help guide you in the direction that you must take. When you develop courage in yourself, you will be able to do what you need to do because in your heart you will know its what’s right for you.

10 Daily Rituals To Cultivate Constant and Never Ending Improvement

1. Period of Peace: This should be a scheduled time that you allow yourself to have everyday. It could be as little as 10 minutes in the morning or at night before going to bed. Just learn to be with your silence, let things reveal themselves to you. Deep silence is something that many neglect in our fast paced world. Like they say silence is golden, make it apart of your life, it will do wonders for you.

2. Exercise: By having a healthy and energetic body our experience on earth becomes that much richer. Your body needs to move to stay vital, make sure you keep your body active in any way you can. I enjoy practicing yoga because it’s great for your mind and body.

3. Proper Nourishment: If you feel lethargic and lazy, could it be because of your diet? If you are lacking energy make sure you have a diet that is rich in live foods. This just means foods that are cultivated from the earth’s soil. Green foods are all great for energy. Try and stay away from processed foods.

4. Knowledge is power: Make sure you feed your mind new ideas daily. Have the ritual of reading something that is valuable for 30 min – 1 hour everyday.

5. Contemplation: Make the habit of examining your day every night. The only way you will make tomorrow better is by knowing what you did wrong today.

6. Getting up early: The early bird gets the worm. You don’t need more then six hours of restful sleep to function properly. Make sure you are using your time wisely and not over sleeping.

7. Listen to some soul music: Make sure you make the time to listen to tunes that make you feel great.

8. Mantras or Affirmations: What we say is very important, make sure you craft your own affirmations that will empower you and keep you focused.

9. Congruent Character: Make sure that the actions you take daily are in alignment with your ultimate aim or vision.

10. Simplify: Focus on eliminating anything that is trivial in your life and focus on your essential needs. Much of our stress comes from placing too much importance on these that add very little value to our lives.

We are all creatures of habits, where you are today is the culmination of all your past actions. If you don’t like where you are at, decide that today you will start the process of changing yourself and your life. Stay disciplined and start in baby steps with time you will see that your new daily habits have changed your life.

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  1. Hi Ivan,

    Even though this is the first comment that I have left at your site, I have been a reader of your blog for sometime now.

    Your point about listening and trusting your intention is so true. I have found that all the daily rituals that you listed (your rituals are so similar to my own) help cultivate that intuition. So often we think that the answers we seek are outside of us but in reality they are within us. We just need to peel back the layers that block us from seeing that.

    • Thanks Nadia 🙂 they do say that great minds think alike ;)…I really appreciate you contributing to my site…hope your doing well…keep up the great work on your site….I have been traveling a lot lately so I have not had much time on your site, but I hope to be a regular reader soon…you write with great clarity 🙂

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