Discovering Your Life’s Purpose and Exploring Your Divine Nature

“true wealth is to know thyself” – Ivan Campuzano

What is the Purpose of Life

What’s my purpose? This is a huge question that we should all tackle at some point in our lives. If we are ever to really awaken to our life’s purpose and find the deeper meaning of our existence, we must make an earnest effort in understanding our true nature. Self-study and meditation will be your keys to the Kingdom.

A fundamental thing to realize is that you are not your body. You must be able understand this truth not logically, but existentially. Meditation if done with earnestness and unshakable determination will in time reveal this truth to you. Consciousness is your true identity, which is one and the same with the universal consciousness and intelligence that permeates everything.

You will realize that all your life you identified and derived your sense of self from your body, thoughts, and emotions. It’s as if you believed you were the light bulb, but your true identity was the electricity running through the bulb.

The Power of Self-Observation

When you begin to study your inner space you will need to dis-identify yourself from your thoughts (ego) to be able to observe how you work. Through meditation you will become the witness of your inner world, you will create the space and awareness necessary to become a passive observer.

This is very difficult to describe with words, but you will discover it on your own if you try, this is how it should be, you should never rely on someone else to tell you what Truth is. You will see that our inner space is full of contradictions; we are full of divisions, hundreds and hundreds of little ‘I’s (personalities).

Before going on your inner journey you believed you where one ‘I’, but with patient and honest self-observation you will see that you have many different personalities that exist independently of each other. This is why one part of you wants to do one thing and another part wants to do the complete opposite, yet you believed it was the same little voice that decided.

With time you will see all the different ways we are able to lie to ourselves, all the subtle things that operate below our conscious awareness. The more contradictions you have, the more mechanical you are and run on auto pilot. The more contradicting thoughts operating in your inner space, the more psychologically asleep you are. As you remove these contradictions the more awake and conscious you will become.

Are You Asleep?

On your next drive to work, when reaching your destination try and notice if you were truly awake, or were largely lost in your imagination, thus operating in sleep mode. When you are living in your imagination you will see that you are not able to “remember” yourself. This is where we can all relate to the experience of  “I can’t believe I just did that”.

You will never do anything that will make you feel bad when you are awake and remember yourself. The more you expand your consciousness the more self-remembrance you will develop, your sense of “I am”. You will be able to simultaneously observe and remember yourself at the same time. Intuitively sensing your presence moment to moment. This is living in the Now. At the end of your day you will be able to recall your whole day with amazing clarity down to the smallest details.

If we are ever to live out our life’s purpose we must become centered in our true self and remove our inner contradictions. This is how you will really feel the power of focus. You will be able to think of your goal and direct your energies towards its attainment, without having contradictions that will sabotage your efforts.

When you are mechanical and asleep life just happens to you, even if you think you are the one who is doing. The more awake you become, the more inspired actions you will be able to take which are in alignment with your higher self and higher purpose. You will slowly create a magnetic center that integrates all your inner divisions. This is how you will start to cultivate true will power.

As you develop a calm mind free of contradicting thoughts the more energy you will feel throughout your whole being. If you are constantly tired and lethargic, you will see that you are full of self contradicting thoughts that are robbing you of your life force.

Dis-Identifying and Understanding Your Ego

All the divisions that exist within you are different aspects of your ego; your ego will tell you that:

  • 1. Who you are is what you have.
  • 2. I am not what I have but what I do also. Because I am what I do my worth depends on my success, which leads to competition with everyone and everything.
  • 3. I am my reputation. Constantly worried about how others perceive you. Who I am is separate from everyone else. I am also separate from all the things I want to have and experience.
  • 4. Finally it will try to convince you that you are separate from god.

You have to realize that you are always connected to a source. This source In the Hindu religion is known as Brahman. It is the unchanging, infinite reality which is the divine ground of all matter, energy, time, space, and being. In quantum physics it is referred to as the”zero-point field”.

You connect to this source by removing your ego. When you achieve a state of “no mind” through meditation, a mind free of thoughts, you will experience this source. You will experience an awareness free of all our worldly limitations. This is where true creativity manifests itself from.

When you begin to gain a deep understanding of your true nature, your life’s purpose will start to become more clear to you.

You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. Therefore if you want to change your life you must transform your being.

Discovering Your Purpose

Ultimately the purpose of your life is a life of purpose. We are all unique so we will all have our unique purpose, if you don’t know what your purpose is, it is your responsibility to find it or create it. The more responsible you become for every facet of your being, the more free you will be.

When you strive to improve the lives of others your own life will be elevated to a new vantage point. When you are in a place of genuine service, your ego is removed and the universe conspires to assist you.

One way I have chosen to do this is by sharing my journey through some of my writings, in hopes that it will inspire someone to take their own inner journey to self empowerment. Maybe you will contribute an amazing painting or a beautiful song that will touch the lives of many. Everything you create do with the purpose of selfless service.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

You must know your life’s aim and then take action from your magnetic center that is connected to your higher being. My life’s aim is to become a more conscious and awake being. From this state any contribution I make will be a blessing to me and the people I encounter.

We have all been granted a unique set of gifts and talents that will be meaningful and prove to be of immense value to the whole.

“The secret of success is constancy of purpose.” Benjamin Disreali

When you live a life of deep spiritual meaning your ambitions simply become ambitions with meaning. You need the mental clarity and power of setting defined goals and most importantly have the consciousness to act on them.

Developing trust in ones being will give you the courage to overcome fear and greed. Living your life from a place that is free of fear and greed is the path of your purpose. You will activate the non mechanical parts in your brain, and begin to trust your intuition. Your intuition will give direction to your being when the next step is not clear. Learn to mother great things, right things, and right thoughts.

As you begin to feel as one with the whole, you will feel a deep reverence for existence. As you change your inner being, how the outside world responds to you will also change. Your purpose will be found in service, so the question then becomes how can you best serve?

A Purpose Driven Life’s 5 step Process To a Goals Attainment

  • 1. Form a clear mental image of the outcome in its entirety. Not in your imagination, but a vivid visualization. The difference is that in visualization in your heart you also feel that it is possible.
  • 2. Induce some positive pressure on yourself. You can accomplish this through a public pledge with the people who you value in your life.
  • 3. Define your financial, social, spiritual goals. Use an idea book and picture book to keep you inspired and motivated. Examine your relationship to time.
  • 4. Create an empowering habit designed to attain your goals. Make sure you bring complete awareness into it, don’t let it become a mechanical action. Little consistent actions will yield huge results.
  • 5. Enjoy the process and keep growing. This life is an amazing adventure; make sure you learn from the ride in both the ups and downs.

Also please don’t accept or deny anything I have said, this is your life so go find out for yourself, truth cannot be given to you by anyone. We are all different so each journey will be different, ultimately the view from the top is the same, but getting there will be your own unique path.

Live from your true self and dedicate your life to your higher purpose, in the end you will see that your life made a difference and what deeper fulfillment can you find than this?

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  1. Now that is what I call ‘AWESOME’, do doubt you have put so much effort in it.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful insight and putting in so much effort.
    Got to tell my friends about it, they will love it!
    P.S.: Short Posts = Easy to Read Posts? Just a thought…
    .-= King Sidharth @ The Law of Attraction´s last blog ..Prove Thyself =-.

  2. Hi, Ivan,

    For years I grappled with the questions, “Why am I here?” and “What is my Purpose”. After all that time and angst, I realize that Abraham ( got it right all along~The purpose of our lives is to seek our definition of JOY. Each of us interprets joy in a different way, and our gift to the world is seeking our version of it, living it, and sending that joyous energy back out into the mass consciousness. It really is that simple!

    Be easy with it. Life is *supposed* to be fun. ~Abraham-Hicks

    Many blessings,
    .-= AffirmingSpirit´s last blog ..November Co=Creation Cafe~ It’s NOT About the Money: The Inner Work for Lasting Financial Well-Being, with special guest Joan Sotkin =-.

  3. Hi Ivan,

    I agree with all that you wrote except with the idea of attaching a timeline to a goal. Life is all about timing and life has a way of working things out at the moment that is best for a person. When we do something with all of our being…the timing will take care of itself. Often with people they get so focused on the timeline, they forget giving their all to a situation. I talk from experience. I wanted to achieve certain things by certain dates or ages…only it made me miserable. When I began to focus more on the journey, things fell into place far more quickly.

  4. Ivan, You’re a brilliant writer and thinker… thank you for sharing your consciousness with the world. I don’t know if you read David Hawkins or not, but if you do – you will under stand this: Your commitment to elevating your consciousness and the high level of consciousness you’ve already attained in this life wipes out the lower levels of consciousness of entire cities. Stay the course, Brother.


  5. One thing I don’t dig about this article is the goal attainment section (someone else mentioned this too). What I don’t agree w/ is that it mentions nothing about garnering the support and/or accountability of others, nor about putting structures in place to manage the change process. Most human beings, left to their own devices, will not seek nor generate change. Support, accountability and structures keep me moving.

  6. Ok, sorry to be blabbing away on your blog… I’m delivering a sermon on Life Purpose in 2 days, so this topic is very much working me right now — So, in my sermon I posit that one’s purpose (as opposed to mission) is the same for all of humanity – our purpose is to elevate our consciousness, to awaken to our God Self, to return to the state of Oneness from which we all came. Once we establish that, and get present to the unique desires and talents we have, we declare one’s mission (being and doing). If our doing is ALWAYS grounded in the purpose of elevation of consciousness, we never tire from the deeds we do. Thoughts?

  7. I totally agree we have to learn to identify less with our bodies (which meditation will help accomplish experientially as you said), yet also be grateful for having them. Because through our bodies we have these human experiences to help us move towards enlightenment. So I guess I would say that we are not ONLY our bodies:)

    Thank you Ivan:)
    .-= SheDraws´s last blog ..Sketch Victims In A Starbucks =-.

  8. This was a very well written article! I agree with you and would like to add this:

    When you are on such a personal journey we do need support from others, someone to help us be accountable for our actions. We humans’ have a tendency to lie to ourselves or should I say our Ego’s have a tendency to lie to us. Either way the EGO does not want to die. It has been operating inside us for a very longtime. So having someone to bare witness to our soul’s journey and hold us accountable for our actions is important. I am firm believer that having a witness will help us further our growth for we are all inter and intra connected. I appreciate the share.

  9. When i think of goals, i tend to look towards the far future…of what i want to build my life to be, but theres no spcifics and no complete clarity of how to attain them, i just know ill have it. How can i keep focus on the smaller steps to those goals?

  10. I found your website yesterday through Google Search. I have subscribed to the RSS and slowing reading most of your articles. It’s amazing and great to read from someone who’s just a common person having a blast through life and not a monk in saffron. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  11. Hi Ivan,
    Please is there a purpose you write ‘you where’ instead of ‘you was’?
    Thanks good luck

    • Thank you for sharing these deep memories of all. Life purpose of all and each one is to discover ourselves. I had this feeling since I was a kid, a calling I might say to get to know who we all are, by discovering who I am. It’s a never ending journey and it is beautiful in its revelations. I still didn’t found a clear path as a concrete path of working in my life, but I truly feel that every day I am working even if people around me don’t see a practical result. Hehe, this is my challenge, to get all this energy and uplifting vibes out through a specific work. It was an up and down and up and down journey, every time I am up, it feels like beyond … don’t know how to translate it into words.. I am sure you under-stand me 🙂
      Have a day as you wish and create, enjoy this magnificent journey.
      PS. You inspired me to leave a comment here and it feels great to have this feeling. share the share hehehhe.
      peace and flow. Almira

  12. This is exactly what I understood and personally experimenting in my day today life.I started gayatri mantra meditation some have it mixed with mindfulness meditation and I am doing mantra meditation, breathing meditation and mindfulness….just a beginner and frequently fluctuating in practice. can you help me how to purify impressions on memory (subconscious mind) by meditation..

  13. This is really excellent content! It helps me a lot to understand the meaning and purpose of my life.
    I could not discover the purpose of my life and the point of living. But when I find this post, I got all of my answers.
    It really clarifies my vision.
    Thanks to the author for sharing it!

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