The Alchemist’s Way of Rejuvenating The Eyes With Sacred Herbs

How To Keep Your Eyes Clear and Bright

Today I would like to share a natural herbal remedy that helps keep your eyes healthy, cool, and clear. This herb has been used for hundreds of years throughout Europe and was part of an Alchemist’s cookbook to help keep the eyes in tip-top shape.

This herb is “euphrasia officinalis” commonly known as “eye bright”.

An eyewash made from eyebright has been effectively used in treating problems like blood shot eyes, pinkeye, conjunctivitis and other inflammatory conditions affecting the eyes.

Especially in this day and age with our constant staring at computer screens our eyes get strained easily and we should make sure to take extra care of our precious organs. Eyebright is an effective herb to help with the modern day demands we place on our eyes.

Eyebright helps these conditions because it is an astringent, so it tones the eye tissues, reducing inflammation. It also has a disinfectant action. It contains a volatile oil that becomes activated by sunlight once it’s applied to the eye.

How To Make The Eyebright Eye Wash

To use eyebright as an eyewash, put the contents of 2-3 capsules in a cup and fill it with boiling water.  Steep for 5 minutes and strain mixture carefully through a fine cloth.  Keep refrigerated and make a fresh batch every 3-4 days.

You can put it into the eyes with a dropper or use an eyewash cup to rinse the eyes. It’s a good idea to let it cool to room temperature first.

Eyebright has also been used orally as a supplement for eye irritation, eye strain and respiratory conditions such as allergies, bronchitis, colds and sinus infections. These traditional uses haven’t been proven in research studies.

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*As with all herbal supplements and herbal treatments, it is strongly recommended one consult a doctor or medical professional before using Eyebright as a treatment for any condition.

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