Tapping Into Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” Albert Einstein

Creating Your Vision

I feel that one of the most important ingredients in your formula for personal fulfillment is having a clearly defined vivid vision of where you want to be. At first the “how” is not that important, you need to create a vision that gets you so excited that you will stop at nothing to get what you truly want.

Many people first focus on the how than very quickly find themselves overwhelmed with too many details and just as quickly talk them selves out of pursuing their goals.

You have to take a leap of faith and trust that the how will be shown to you as you go along. Do you remember the days as a kid with dreams of epic proportions? What happened those dreams? You got older and conditioned by a society that says that having those dreams is foolish. I think that’s nonsense, I encourage you to dream like you once used to.

“Shoot for the moon…even if you miss you’ll still be amongst them stars”

One way I keep my vision alive is through my picture book. In my book I have many of the things I want to experience  in life. Go right now and get some magazines and cut out every picture of the things you want to do and places you want to visit, don’t be thinking if you can actually do those things now, dare to dream.

Remember your mind thinks in pictures, look at your picture book until in becomes as vivid as possible in the theater of your mind. Your brain cant tell the difference between something you are remembering or something you experience in real time.

Tapping Into Your Subconscious Mind Power

You can think of meditation as conscious sleeping. Just as you sleep to gain energy for your daily functioning, meditation is conscious sleeping that gives you all the energy (creative abilities) you need, for what you intend to accomplish. This is how you will consciously tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

Use the power of meditation to help you achieve your goals. Strive to everyday meditate one minute for each year of your current age. I am 26, so everyday I try and meditate at least 26 minutes. There are many techniques find something that feels good to you.

Daily Routine

1. Pick a nice comfortable place where to meditate. Have an intention on what you plan to meditate on before hand. Ex. A destination you want to visit or a feeling like love.

2. Find a comfortable position to sit. Sitting on a chair or on the floor, does not really matter as long as it is comfortable for you.

3. Cross your legs, clasp your hands together : This helps make your own energy circuit and gives stability.

4.Close your eyes, than stop inner and outer chatter.

5. Relax, begin thinking that your whole body is becoming extremely relaxed.

6. Eyes should be closed. With your eyes closed focus your gaze and attention as if you are looking through a point between your eyebrows. Try and not to cross or strain your eyes; the upward gaze should come naturally when you are relaxed and calmly concentrated. What is important to keep in mind is to be able to fix your whole attention at the point between the eyebrows.

7. You will notice that your mind is full of many thoughts. Your mind will than begin to ask questions to those thoughts and try and come up with answers whether they are known or unknown. This is why your mind(ego) can be your enemy if it mostly thinks in negative terms.

8. You will need to transcend your mind and thoughts in order to meditate. Your mind and thoughts are what separate you from your higher self, consciousness itself.

9. You transcend your mind by simply observing your breath. Don’t inhale/exhale consciously just observe your natural breathing. Don’t go behind your thoughts, if you catch your self drifting just always come back to your breathing. Slowly the amount of thoughts reduces and your breathing becomes thinner and shorter.

If you are able to keep all your awareness on your breath, you will get to the point of no thought and no breath. This state of no thought is your connection to your divine being and energy body. The more you meditate the more benefits and energy that you will receive. Your own self awareness and consciousness will also expand.

10. You will feel a very pleasurable feeling meditating. If you feel any discomfort in your body these can be possible areas of disease or illness. If you meditate everyday you may even heal your body naturally.

11. Now that you are in a state of no thought and total relaxation,  bring your focused attention to your intention. Remember whatever you focus on now is in a space that will be impressed directly into your subconscious. It is important that you don’t color any of your thoughts with any lack, limitation, dis belief or doubt. This is why almost all self help material does not produce the results people expect.

Wishing for more money(or anything else) never works, the thought of wanting more money also has the thought of doubt attached to it. Ask your self how many thoughts that you think about have been modified in a way that is not beneficial to you. You just never realize that you are programming your sub conscious all day.

This is why meditation is so powerful. You are able to make suggestions to your subconscious where the thought is not modified in any way shape or form. So if you want to make things happen fast you need to get rid of the concept of attaching time to your thoughts.

You have to remember that almost everything you get in your life comes based on the conditions that you set up, and time is usually one condition that cuases the most frustration with people. Just as a computer programmer gives a computer instructions to complete a task, you program the most powerful computer you have which is your subconscious.

Your conscious mind acts as the gate keeper as to what thoughts you let in. Now that you know this choose to become more aware and conscious about what you think all day long. Learn to see the world in a non linear way, remove time from your consiousness and watch how things show up in your life faster than you ever thought.

Thoughts = feelings = actions = results (just like that you can begin to shape your life)

12. Mentally rehearse every moment of it with all your senses. Dare to be like Peter Pan.

13. Visualize in vivid detail, your intention as established fact. Also make sure you meditate only on days you feel good. Remember you want your thoughts to be as pure as possible. This also means that you really find out what you want, make sure its not something you want solely for ego purposes. Thoughts that involve the ego are usually always colored with negativity.

14. With time you will begin to be able to hold vivid pictures of anything (you will develop you third eye). The more you are able to hold onto an image in your mind the more power you give it.

15. Get up and go have a great day, notice how much energy you have the rest of the day.

I also use lucid dreaming as another way to increase my creativity or come up with new ideas. (Lucid dreaming is when you actually become aware in your dream that you are dreaming, once properly trained you can control your dreams)

Well  I hope you enjoyed my article and that It may assist you in achieving some of your goals. I would also love to hear any of your tips or ideas on how we can all accomplish our goals in a harmonious way, leave your comments below.  Thank you and have a great day!

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  1. ivan, this is sooooo good. you have a way of re-phrasing “common” knowledge so that it’s simple, clear and universal. after all, how-to-meditate instructions are posted in so many places, it seems ‘common’ now. but you have a nice way of re-freshing the information and technique that i really appreciate.

    i’m one of those people who have a hard time knowing what i want. when i ask myself that question i draw a blank. everything that comes to mind is immediatly followed with a discounting. for example, if i think “i want my own sailboat to sail and live on” i get a flood of thoughts around “no, that’s not whats really important in your life, it’s a distraction, a drain on finances, it’s something else that you have to maintain, and manage, it’s counter to your greater goal, because you would have to have a sailboat where there is water to sail on- that means seattle where you live/work, and you don’t want to live in seattle, you want to live in thailand with your wife and her family, that’s more important, and where you live in thailand, water to sail on is far away… etc etc”

    so i need to read and follow “how to find your life purpose” you linked the article, and then…. it goes round in circles.

    but you keep posting, and nudging me in directions i like going.
    thank you so much.

    • No Thank you Karl :)…feedback like this is what encourages me to keep writing so thank you :)…keep going deeper and deeper into your inner being…many of your questions will be answered and whats not important and relevant will drop off on its own :)…keep fighting the good fight my friend :)….and keep enjoying your time in Thailand…very awesome 🙂

  2. I feel that 9th point is the hardest to achieve for a beginner. Most of the time the consciousness is not as fast as the thoughts so some time passes until you find that you are thinking something and need to leave that thought and get back to focusing on the breath. Only practice can help in that.

    • very good point…all the nuances come as you progress in your discipline… beginners just can’t give up before they develop a knack for it…

  3. Ive tried meditating, but I cant help wondering “how do I know if Im meditating or still trying?”…

    I lucid dream all the time. I always think to myself in my dreams, have opinions about whats happening, but I havent gotten as far as controlling the outcome I dont think. I have been able to tell myself to wake up out of dreams for being too stupid or too scary.

    • yes this is the most common issue that new students encounter..and why many people give up…having these thoughts means you are still not a meditative state because you are still thinking..still within the field of thought…it will take time for you to develop a knack for it..to experience the state of an awareness that is free from memory free from thought…it is a space you need to discover on your own…because whatever description i give you is not the described..meditation is the art of learning to watch your mind without trying to control or suppress…just by continuously watching.. slowly you will see the amount of thoughts come down on their own..until you start seeing the gap between your thoughts…this gap is “no mind” once you get a taste of it you will know…

  4. ooh man, that sounds so cool. I have tried to meditate countless times before, but I can’t sit still. I simply can’t – it’s a pain in the ass (literally!).

    Is there another, easier way to meditate, preferably something that can be done in motion ?
    Thanx, Ivan

    • anything can be meditative as long as your bring enough awareness into it…being fully present in whatever you are doing..the problem is if you don’t already know what it is like to be fully present you need to give your mind a taste of being alert…meditation helps uncondition your mind so that you can learn to be mindful in whatever day to day activities you may have…..meditation is the art of learning to watch your mind without trying to control or suppress…just by continuously watching.. slowly you will see the amount of thoughts come down on their own..until you start seeing the gap between your thoughts…this gap is “no mind” once you get a taste of it you will know….thanks for stopping by Mars

  5. I do TM and did not think on focusing on anything, until HH the Dalai Lama explained exactly what you explain here: The moment you are in the meditative state of mind to focus on what you want to change or manifest. It makes so much sense, as you quite bypass the conscious mind while you meditate. It is only recently that I began doing that. So I have no further experience with it.

  6. This is great and very valuable knowledge which can provide an individual with a newer, healthier way of life. I don’t know if you are aware of him or not, but Osho provided with similar teachings and incredible knowledge. YouTube him if you’re not familiar with him.
    Great post!

  7. thank you so much. I could only smile of joy by reading how nice simple and well focus are your insights. Full of hope that YES we can take charge of our life, by just letting go and being.
    I’m definitely putting them into motion in my life, God Bless you!!oli

  8. Hey guys, i wanna try this to get the girl of my dreams. Iv never had a girlfriend so just as well trying this. Do you think it will work?

  9. WOW!!! I stumbled upon your webpage by accident. but really, WOW!!! Being recently divorced from most of the things i thought i knew your webpage gave common sense insight to a new starting point for me.

    Thank you so much and have an awesome day, week, month, year.

  10. Hi Ivan,

    First of all Thank you very much for sharing this. I have a question. When I try to concentrate at the point between my eye brows, I am force to open my eyes slowly after some time and also I feel some pain. Am i not doing this properly. Any suggestions please?

  11. Hi Ivan,

    I’m in my first few months of recovery from addiction… I know to live life with no external help, I NEED a spiritual awakening in some form to help me cope with the fluctuations without the automatic use of drugs and other bad habits.. I know to get there I can use prayer and meditation in addition to the council and NA meetings I go to.. Anyways stumbled onto your site and thankful for the info, it’s definitely a good place to start since the way you explain things, I actually believe I can DO IT..! God bless you, keep on helping others and you will help yourself.

  12. Ivan,
    your posts have hit me right in the soft spot, as I’m sure it does for everyone else who read your posts.
    I have one question to ask you, about how you view “success”. I know that’s a big part of capitalist society (which I detest) and just can’t seem to eradicate the notion of success from my subconscious thoughts. The reason I ask is that soon I have to take the biggest decision in my life so far: whether I go to university and study Architecture, or start a business with my friend, potentially earning a lot of money.
    The reason I’ve asked about success isn’t about the money though. It’s because of what a friend at school remarked upon when talking about business men earning lots and living the high life in comparison with going to uni and doing something apparently more “respectful” like architecture or mathematics.

    He said: “I suppose it’s what you see as success, isn’t it”.

    Now I’ve never really measured success in my life (at least not consciously!),I’ve just taken it as it came, but I started thinking that what I actually measured success by was a uni degree, knowledge in a field and academics full stop. I’ve been trying to justify becoming a businessman ever since (which is the current path I have decided to take by the way).

    I know what confucius and other philosophers said about success, but I’m asking the contemporary genius and all around legend for a reason: what do you think success is?

  13. Thank you for your post – I agree that one of the keys achieving a goal is to have a vision and have the correct mind set for achieving your vision. Here is some additional information that you may be interested in on the Subconscious Mind. Thanks for sharing!

  14. It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy.
    I have read this post and if I could I want to suggest you few interesting things or advice.

    Maybe you can write next articles referring to this article.
    I desire to read more things about it!

  15. Brilliant article. Just finished reading “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy, I’m fascinated with the idea of being in touch with the subconscious, loved this article, thank you so much 🙂

  16. Great article….I plan to use meditation techniques…Can you please share the affirmation Frank Boyle shared with the Oprah audience? Thank you, Carolyn

  17. Dear sir..this is so cool, I never would have thought..still can’t believe it.. I tried the instructions and I saw myself inside me talking to me..I heard my voice loud. and clear.I was talking about becoming a truck driver and that it would be a good thing if I did..I have an enthusiasm abput it now, its all I think about now..I’m excited about it and have hope now..Thank you so much.

  18. Thank you Evan for such an informative article. We all know the power of the subconscious mind. Despite knowing a lot most of us do not take the effort of practicing it .But I really like the simplicity of the article. I feel so much more confident and enthusiastic about harnessing the power of the mind.
    I am so going to practice this soon !
    Thanks !!

  19. Hello Ivan, please help me. I am in problem, my fioncee’s divorce case is going on in court since 4 & half years.. He wants to clear his divorce as soon as possible & want to start new life with me. I am with him since 9 month. I love him a lot & want to start my life with him but my life starts only after clearing his divorce…so plz help us how to use our subconscious mind so that he will free from divorce case as soon as possible.plz help us. Thanks

  20. Wow you really explained in detail. Thank you so much. I enjoyed every bit of your article. Thank you once again.

  21. Hi
    I completed a course in meditation in May this year, and yes, when I meditate and perhaps an hour later, I feel at peace. But the feelings of anger, irritation and general negativity is still very much there. In terms of what I want is to be successful at writing. I don’t seem to have the passion to do it. What do you advise?


    • i want to thank you for being so honest and helpful unlike other sites always with holding info. to help others and asking for payment i would be sure to look out for your book. i want to open an online business and i pray God Bless you for the simple way of explaining how to reach our dreams and to remove that enemy of negative speech. thank you.

  22. i want to thank you for being so honest and helpful unlike other sites always with holding info. to help others and asking for payment i would be sure to look out for your book. i want to open an online business and i pray God Bless you for the simple way of explaining how to reach our dreams and to remove that enemy of negative speech. thank you.

  23. I have just split with my depressed girlfriend who has pushed me completley away.
    I find myself constantly thinking about her because I’m sure it’s just the depression pushin me away and not her… I’m going to try your techniques and see if they work … I have goals and desires, but because of everything I do have doubt… I love her and we was great together… And I believe she still loves me deep down… I’ll message back here soon and let you guys know how things go, thanks for the post!! ?

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