How To Develop Your 6th Sense: Intuition

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”- Albert Einstein

Ivan Campuzano

Awakening Consciousness

Reality on earth can be categorized into three aspects, the known, the unknown, and the unknowable. The known is what we have proven with science thus far. The unknown is what science has yet to discover. The unknowable is the mystery of our universe, that which can never be known, it gives our life meaning. The unknowable is what keeps us inspired, we are here on earth to experience life fully and make known the unknown.

We use logic, reason, and science to try and unlock the mysteries of life. Logic, reason, and science can only take us to a certain point; the unknowable is beyond all this. We can catch glimpses of the unknowable through our intuition. We only get to experience glimpses of the unknowable but we are not able to explain it, it is beyond explanation.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Nature has given the role of all your body’s functions to your instincts. Your instincts have innate knowledge passed down through thousands of years of evolution. You don’t need to consciously breathe, it is all done automatically.

Your mind is not grounded in reality, therefore your intellect is blind. You pose it with questions and it comes up with answers based on your memory bank. The answers it gives you can be creative or destructive but to the mind it makes no difference.

The main problem with the mind is that because it makes it’s interpretations from memory, it does not know how to deal with the new and unknown, the mind has no reference for it.

Modern man has been conditioned to look for answers outside of himself. Therefore, most people live their whole lives never really getting to know who they really are or their true nature. Many people just think they are their name, physical appearance, interests, likes, dislikes, ethnicity, nationality, none of which is really you.

Your true self and inner master is hidden behind your body, mind, and heart. The problem is that modern society never goes inward.

Your inner knowing comes from first your instincts, second your intellect, and third from your intuition. Most people only operate from the level of the intellect. If you get a hunch from your instincts the intellect is great at rationalizing therefore negating an intelligence that is grounded in a deeper reality. Your instincts have a higher intelligence that comes from the past that allowed you to survive. Your intuition comes from a higher cosmic intelligence that simply just knows and does not require logic.

You need to be able trust your instincts and intuition so that you can use your intellect for the right purpose. You can begin by learning to pay attention and trusting the inherit wisdom in your instincts; develop your instinct as a stepping stone to your intuition and higher self.

You need to create experiences that will help you grow them, there is no way to grow them with outside help. Only through your own direct experiences will you be able to accumulate the wisdom to have the clarity to “see” properly.

In getting to know your true nature and inner space you will encounter memories that you have repressed. Do not keep them repressed, doing so is to not learn about a certain aspect of your being. Keeping things repressed also leads to build up in your subconscious, until enough pressure builds and one day it explodes. Learn to acknowledge your negative tendencies, learn from them, then let them go from your being.

Your intuition is pure intelligence. Intellect and intelligence are only similar on the surface. There are many people who are of a high intellect but do not demonstrate intelligence. Just as there are people who possess intelligence but do not have a high intellect.

Intellect is dependent on knowledge, knowledge is simply just theory. Intuition comes from a higher knowing not dependent on knowledge but can be felt through experience. You need to be able to experience what I am saying, not only learn what I am saying, otherwise you will not be able to “see”. If you don’t experience it for yourself your intellect will use this new information to still keep you separate from the truth.

If you are able to really “see” you will develop insight. Insight has the power to transform your being. Transformation entails no effort. If you still ask “how” you did not get the point, how just means you need more knowledge to be able to see it through your own eyes.

You need to become the master of your mind, so that you can let knowledge work through your mind, and not let your mind work through your knowledge. If you become the servant and not the master of your mind, you will have a closed mind because your knowledge will bind you. You need to use your intellect to rise above your knowledge.

Insight is a state of no thought, when people say they have an epiphany it comes from being able to see when there is no thought involved. That’s why you hear people say that all of a sudden an epiphany struck them out of thin air. The insight came from a higher intelligence that dwells in the realm of your inner silence. These glimpses, if you are able to grasp them, will leave the feeling of amazing connection. You experienced truth, your own personal truth of pure intelligence.

To Develop Your Intuition You Will Need To Overcome

1. The Physical Senses: We now live in a society where we are less dependent on our senses for our survival that many people have become dull and unaware. Your sense of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste through the modern world have gotten out of tune. To get in tune with your senses begin by immersing your self in nature. Just by being in nature you will make your senses come alive.

2. Conditioning: Through your life you develop beliefs that help you filter and make sense of the world. This world is all about communication and it includes both the seen and unseen mediums, but your beliefs are the very thing that keep you from communication. If you are Christian and I am a Buddhist you will not accept an Idea if it challenges your beliefs, even if the idea has nothing to do with Christianity. You need to learn to suspend disbelief and judgment if you are ever to expand your awareness. You need to learn to listen attentively, intelligently, and openly if you are to derive wisdom from an experience.

3. Rationalization: It is not what you say but who you are that matters. The mind is very cunning; it will do everything in its power to keep you from who you really are. You will need to transcend your mind in order to take the actions necessary to become the person you desire to be.

4. Emotions: You need to not be governed and consumed by your emotions. You need to be able to distinguish a real feeling. If you feel it in your heart it will transform you because you will take action. If you become consumed by your feelings but only remains a feeling with no action, then you will know it is pseudo. You should not go against your heart; otherwise you are just a person who pretends.

5. Repression: You need to learn to watch and observe your inner mechanisms and not let them overlap each other, because this will corrupt them. Let your mind play its role of logic and reason. Let your heart function for its purpose of feeling. You need to learn to let everything function in its own natural way or else your judgment gets clouded. For example when one is in love, you know your in love because in your heart you feel it, yet many people say I “think” I love you. If you trust your feelings you will simply tell the person “I love you”. Do not let them mix into each other, the side effects are that you will begin to have corrupted instincts and will not be able to make a good decision.

Growing Your Intuition Through Meditation

Whenever you feel a “hunch” that is simply a fragment of intuition. If you learn to use meditation to drop the reasoning mind, your intuition will begin to grow. If you cultivate your intuition any problem you have can be solved by your inner self.

The role that meditation can help you with is learning to go from thinking to feeling. We live in a society in which we think excessively, the problem with thinking is that it needs time to formulate an answer. Being able to feel requires no time because it already knows, because by its very nature it is intuitive.

The more you develop a mind that has clarity and intelligence with any situation you will be able to see what is really there with no filters. Here is an example to give you a better idea of what I mean. As a small child your intuitive abilities are much higher because you have yet to develop the filters to block them out, you are still trying to make sense of the world. When I was younger my favorite thing was to go play in the forest in the backyard of my home in Mexico.

One day on a very rocky hill I saw a coyote. I became frightened and immediately ran down the rocky hill as fast as my little feet could move. In those moments it’s as if time slows down and another intelligence takes over. I was able to dart from rock to rock with amazing accuracy. If I stopped to think of what I needed to do, I would have missed the stones, slipped and broken my ankles. Even worse, if I waited to formulate an answer the coyote might have had a great breakfast.

Being able to develop and trust your intuition will prove to be worthwhile because it will assist you in your journey to a fulfilling life. When people think of things they want to accomplish in life they make it a destination in their mind. A destination belongs to your ego, it does not know how to get you there.

You need direction in life, direction belongs to your being. Use your intuition to know what direction in life you need to take. When you come to a crossroads in your life your intuition can mean all the difference between living a fulfilling life or not.

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34 Responses to How To Develop Your 6th Sense: Intuition

  1. intuition is such a great tool, perfectly dependable with growth …

    believe that it exists, allow it to flow …. learn to listen inwardly

    enjoy, nice post

  2. Hi, Ivan,

    Another great article! Thanks for showing the importance of intuition. While I have always been a deeply intuitive person, I didn’t learn to really ‘trust’ it until I got into a regular practice of meditation. It was very hard for me to learn to quiet my mind, but little by little it became easier. I am not very grateful I stayed with the process! I meditate at least twice a day, and often more, and highly recommend to seekers on the path.

    Many blessings,

  3. As an intuitive (okay, psychic), I read this post with great interest.
    I’m glad more and more people are turning to their intuition as a reliable source of information. It is the best decision making tool 😉 to survive the information-overloaded 21st century.


    Akemi Gaines

  4. It’s nice to read something that shouts “truth”. These are things that feel obvious to us as we read them, as if we’ve always known it, but never found a way to condense it, to verbalize it, and to live it. This article reminds us of how “simple” it is, or rather, should be.

  5. A while ago, my mind was like a roller coaster. Too much going on. With the help of meditation and stillness I was able to “awaken” my intuition. It was already there, but there was so much going on that I didn’t hear it.

    Now I do, and I’m very glad about it. 🙂

  6. really greatful to hear and read this comments as intuition real work also its an order from the innerself which always gives a positive advice so always here your inner voice

  7. What about spiritual senses?, i would say spiritual senses help us understand alot to do with our natural and spiritual universe just like natural senses. what do you think?

  8. good and object oriented
    some time i feel before the events to be happen

    pls give more brief thanks

  9. Thank you. Great article. It all has to do with consciousness. Some things in life gain a natural status; a bit grander than acquired reflex. They fall in the periphery of the sixth sense or consciousness. Having a sixth sense is nothing but a recipe created when your five palpable senses conjoin. You can smell, see, touch, hear and speak but you perceive only with that extra sense; divine intervention; consciousness. I wrote an article on this which I think you might enjoy. please check it out. Thanks again!

  10. Ivan I really liked this intuition told me to share with you to fix mediation to meditation in the first paragraph meditation so that new readers dont become confused. You are an excellent writer good luck…in all you create. I can edit before you post connect with me.

  11. Ivan, am so happy to have found you. I have been studying meditation for over 2 years now and it has greatly improved my life. My ESP and mental capacity are also increasing. I think you would find the articles on my blog to be interesting because they cover a large range of subjects you seem to be interested in, as well as a ton of videos. I have also started a podcast where I do a guided meditation you may find useful. Peace.

  12. What’s the point of view from all that sentences is, you have to do all the things with your intuitive, let all happens and just do it worthy and not being mind controlled you. 😀

  13. A most inportant ingrediance is to becme stoic!!! We are not what others led us believe we are. If we feel pain we can surly die inner or out. I, you, us may be counterfit. The bigest race we ever won was when we were a sperm.

  14. i absolutely enjoyed your post and it is mind opening. i just wish i know how to meditate in the right way

    • Nice post. Its a fact that we can develope our sixth sense. I had once with help of meditation. The way i used to meditate is by repeating the name of my goddess.In your case you guys can spell the name jesus by closing your eyes and concentrating in the middle of eyes and imagine only one picture of your god.
      With help of 6th sense I was able to predict answers of multiple choices questions. I was able to predict the number in dice game and few indian games which i cant explain.
      At night while sleeping if you follow meditation lying on it will be more helpful.(sorry for bad english)

  15. I’ve been lost for so many years I don’t know how to find my inner child in fact I don’t even know who I am anymore.I don’t even get excited about anything and nothing interests me anymore. All my natural gifts that I’ve possessed are either suppressed or just gone. I don’t know how to get them back or how to tap into them. Am I that far gone. I feel I cease to exist. I’m completely shut down and closed off I don’t know how to get back to enjoying life.My past intuition goes deeper than that, I also have a psychic ability ability to see things from a para normal sense. Please give me some advice. I’m so lost, far off my path and can’t find my way back. I have no direction. Thus far everything I’ve doesn’t fill me or sit right. I’ve tried really hard to become many things, to find my true self. I usually come up empty and then spiral out of control deeper into my self destruction and despair.

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