How To Get Your Shine On

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” Albert Einstein

I have begun to live my life based on a few main assumptions based on the questions I have asked myself and the research I have done regarding those questions(seek and you shall find). The only thing that makes us human is that we possess the power of choice, everyday we have the power to decide anything for ourselves.

I live under the premise that I have already lived my life; therefore I look at everyday in a way to try and understand the choices that I have made, because I have already made the decision before. That’s why what we perceive to be negative situations contain the seed(opportunity) of the complete opposite and usually what we want. That is why if you look at the world from the perspective of understanding you will see that for some reason you created this negative situation(learning experience) and now it is up to you to look for the answer.

All personal growth comes from a place of understanding thyself. You will soon begin to look at challenges in a different way. You will see them as they truly are, an opportunity to overcome the obstacle and be one step closer to what you desire. You make these situations for your self because you have learned that to know what you do want you feel you need to experience what you don’t want.

It is also a lot easier to experience things that you don’t want. The problem lies in that most people can’t get passed what they don’t want and soon find themselves confused. They don’t realize that all you should do now is to create experiences that will start to point you in the right direction of what you do want. You will know when you start to head in the right direction of what you where meant to do because you will feel great about what you are doing.

People say there is great virtue in struggling for what you want and I agree partially with that concept. The wisdom lies in that as soon as you realize that all the situation is there for is to provide contrast and help you realize that this is not what you want. As soon as you realize that it is not serving you higher purpose that situation has served its purpose and its time to move on.

Problem for most people is that to change it takes time(and that is a belief that is not correct as well,when you truly decide something change takes an instant).That is why it is extremely important that once you identify that you are in place that does not serve you, you need to everything in your power to change you attitude/actions that will start the process of moving you to a better place.

All you are is the residual memories you have of your life and you’re self. So the longer you are in a place you don’t want to be in the more effort it will take to get you back on the right track. Reason being is that we are all creatures of habit. Habits help us know who we are or who we think we are. They help you find your place in society. But if you don’t put your future in your hands you will soon begin to identify yourself with the negative situation.

This is where the negative self talk starts, thoughts like I’m a failure, I m not good enough, etc. start to develop. Now you have put your future in jeopardy because you are now being led by an external situation. You have to remember you have no control over anything outside of your self. This is why you must develop discipline/ and accepting 100 % responsibility for your life. True discipline is of the up most importance because once you have really become disciplined at something you have conquered your inner self.

When I mean accepting 100% responsibility I really mean every facet of your life, remember everything is a reflection of your inner self. The job you chose, the friends you have, places,things you do, hobbies, interests, etc. Remember you possess the power to choose so at one point you chose everything you now experience in your life. That’s why you have to remove blame and complaining, these are just unproductive habits that will never change your life. Remove these habits and your judgment grows with experience. Learn not to judge your situations but learn to judge your actions. Are your actions in line with your desires and higher purpose?

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2 Responses to How To Get Your Shine On

  1. Dear Ivan,

    To read your words makes my heart sing and my soul rock so deep! Such wisdom and knowing in your words; thank you for sharing the way you do.

    The one true way to live a life we are happy living is to make choices based on our YESes! When we align w/our ‘true north’ and hold ourselves accountable for showing up and saying YES when it feels right we are flowing in the direction of our soul’s compass. I know that’s the direction I’m flowing and I’m touched beyond beyond when I meet others who’ve found their way to this simple, yet life affirming way.

    One of my YESes, and a part of my higher purpose, is to assist others in finding their way to their YESes. It would seem we share that intention as helping others to “get their shine on” is all about that!

    Brilliant Ivan! Shine ON!
    Peace, Love and Harmony… Debra

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