How To Increase Your Awareness and Expand Your Consciousness

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Me in front of the Berlin Wall.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” Albert Einstein

Awakening Consciousness

When I take a look at our society as a whole and think about the stage of evolution that we are at, it amazes me how many problems still exist on earth. We have advanced tremendously in technology and commerce, but one thing we have neglected to advance is the world’s consciousness, the ability to be awake in the world.

Any problems we have come from a lack of awareness. If our politicians were really conscious there would be no question about right and wrong, they would be able to make the right decision. In pure awareness there is no dark only light. In fact, if everyone was really awake and conscious, the role of government would be very limited, because people would not depend on someone else to lead them.

We live in the age of information, but even with all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips, what good does it really do us if we are not conscious and awake?

The problem is that knowledge essentially binds us, the more knowledge a person gains, the more  psychologically asleep that he becomes. The more knowledge he gains the more entrenched his mind becomes in a certain way of thinking. He may think he is thinking outside of the box, it’s the same box; he just makes it look different.

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”- Albert Einstein

Just really take a good look at the world around you; you will realize that most of the population is operating from a level where they are psychologically asleep. Today’s society has become extremely efficient at doing things with little to no awareness, we just run on auto pilot. Once you realize how much you really are operating on auto pilot in your day-to-day life, you will be able to search for ways to become more aware.

Think about the very first time you were learning to drive, remember how engaged you were? You could feel every movement you made, you were fully present in what you were doing, you were in a state of heightened awareness. After a few weeks all your motions were effortless, you could look at your rear view mirror, adjust your stereo, and change gears with very little awareness.

Levels Of Consciousness

Your mind has different levels of consciousness. First is your conscious mind, then behind your conscious mind is the subconscious mind. If you learn to pay close attention you can hear the subconsciousness’ whispers. Then behind the subconscious mind is the unconscious. The unconscious is who you really are, behind your thinking mind, behind your body, the essence of your very nature. Behind the unconscious is what Dr. Jung called the collective unconscious, which is the whole of humanity’s evolution until now.

In order to become more conscious and aware and rise above the unconscious state, you need to experience being alert and awake. This is something you cannot just simply understand logically or philosophically, because it will only remain as an intellectual understanding.

“the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”- Albert Einstein

It is going to take a real effort to wake yourself up, to discover your true potential, to become aware that you are far more than what you appear to be.

How Do You Start Becoming More Aware?

You have to learn to become observant and watchful. Learn to observe and be a witness to every act you do, every thought that passes your mind. Watch every desire that bubbles up within you. Observe even seemingly little things like your gestures, walking, talking, breathing, eating, everything can be an opportunity to watch.

You will realize that the more watchful that you become, that your internal chatter will become less and less. Your thoughts become more manageable and you gain a new clarity. A clear mind is a happy mind. As you grow in your awareness, your inner growth will explode because you begin to let the deepest parts of your being rise to the surface.

You will also come to notice how much of your growth was being suppressed by the awareness of the whole (society) and dependent on others. At this lower level of awareness you observe how people mostly try and grow by means of arguing, simply trying to outwit, and out smart others on pure logic.

One day while drinking some coffee I observed two people arguing, the person who feels that he came out on top is puffed up in his ego, and all he did was make a brilliant logical explanation to satisfy his own desires. The other person now feels bitter towards the other, did not accept the other person’s point of view, and still chooses to keep his own beliefs.

I can see that both are oblivious to what actually happened. Nothing was accomplished, but in their minds they felt something was achieved. They were simply not aware of what was going on inside themselves, being lost on the inside is being lost on the outside.

Awareness Steps to Achieve Spiritual Growth

Step 1: The Body – learn to become aware of your body first. Learn to place your attention and sense your body’s energy from the inside out. Learn to feel its presence, its aliveness. You can begin by starting in small parts of the body, such as your hands, until your attention can encompass your whole body.
Step 2: Your Thoughts – Once you become observant of your body, expand your awareness to observe and watch your thoughts.
Step 3: Feelings and Emotions – When you are able to watch your thoughts, learn to watch your feelings and emotions.
When you are watchful of your body, thoughts, feelings, and emotions your awareness will begin to operate from a state of inner harmony.
Step 4: Aware of your own awareness – When you live a life of inner harmony, that harmony allows you to be in a position to become of aware of your own awareness.

When you are able to be aware of your own awareness you will realize how cunning the mind is, and how great it is at rationalizing. Rationalizing is not awareness, awareness means that whatsoever is happening in the moment is happening with complete consciousness, that you are fully present.

The problem lies in that all the mind can do is think of the past and imagine the future. To be present and totally aware is to be in the space of no thought, dropping your analytical mind. Also try and understand that dropping the mind does not mean to be in a vegetative state, it is simply a space where you move into a deeper depth of understanding and perspective.

Your mind is only able to work linearly, from point A to point B, from one thought to the next. If you move vertically that is a movement of consciousness, which is awareness.

Learn to continually bring your self to the present. When you catch yourself living in the past or imagining the future, bring your awareness back to the present moment. Do not feel bad when you realize you are not in the present, this is just a habit you need to gradually get out of until your new habit is being more in the present.

One important thing to remember also is to not make the mistake of constantly thinking “how can I be in the present moment”, because this involves thinking; this is a very delicate line.

Just learn to be a passive witness, which means you observe without judgment, and slowly you will fall into moments of beautiful silence. By constantly being in a state witnessing you will fall into the gaps between your thoughts.

β€œThe important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality.It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day.Never lose a holy curiosity.”Albert Einstein

Communist Statue in Prague
Communist Statue in Prague

Awareness is Key to Spiritual Transformation

With whatever you find yourself doing, learn to continuously be aware of whatever is going on inside you. The more you become aware of yourself doing what ever it is that you are doing, the more you become centered in your inner being.

Once you begin to be stronger inside, you will develop a deeper feeling of the inner presence that you “are”. Your energies will become concentrated around this centered presence, and your true self is born. Ego is only a false sense of self, but if you don’t awaken your inner self you will go on believing that you have a self that is only your ego.

When you have little or no awareness of your inner world, you are a victim of circumstances because you operate only by reaction. From this level your physical senses rule, your physical senses only job is to respond. You only take action when something has been done to you.

When you are grounded in your inner being you create a distance between your inner being and your physical senses. Something can affect your physical sense but cannot touch your inner self. When you take actions from the center, your actions are total and complete, inspired actions not hindered by past and future.

You will come to find that becoming a witness of your life will be something that should be done passively. Learn to do what you are doing non-verbally; verbalization is escaping from the experience.

When you look at the Stars in the sky with awe and admiration you feel a deep connection of beauty within you. As soon as you try to verbalize what you are feeling, you remove yourself from it, because to verbalize is to think, and to think is to not be fully present.

Learning to be non verbal in your internal world will make you the witness of your inner world. Language is only needed to communicate with others, but language is not needed to communicate with one’s self.

Thoughts come and go, think of your mind as the host and your thoughts as the guests. Once you learn to watch, witness, and observe your thoughts, you will be in a position of mastering your mind.

Your thoughts are there but you are no longer a slave to your thoughts, you are the master of your thoughts. Don’t try and control your mind, this is impossible, just learn to become centered in your consciousness. Just watch, don’t try and stop your mind, just observe it and allow it to happen on its own.

Being aware and clear headed will allow you to take responsible actions, because any action you take born out of awareness is total and complete. Any action you take will be action that arises from your watching.

With Awareness You Can Be Decisive

Only awareness can be decisive because your mind only conceives possibilities and is constantly in a state of indecisiveness.

Many people strive to be a man or woman of character, but a man or woman of character only reacts. Character is mechanical because it operates from memory; moral conditioning on what is right and wrong.

The problem with this is that life is constantly changing, it is never the same. But a man of character always responds with the same answers. A man of consciousness simply takes action, and whatever action he takes in the moment is natural and perfect for the situation.

Becoming a man of awareness will also allow you in seeing your own faults. The moment you become aware of your faults they will begin to disappear. They were only allowed to exist because you where unconscious of it.

So don’t be worried about errors and mistakes in your life. Put all your energy and effort into becoming a more conscious awake being. In a state of pure awareness your faults can’t exist. Someone who tries to be a good person requires great effort. A conscious person needs no effort, living a conscious life makes you a good person.

Someone trying to be good is constantly judging himself and others, his inner world is one of continuous conflict. He condemns and represses and learns to hide it in the deepest parts of his being.

You are good by just being aware. There is no question of whether what you do is good or bad, from awareness whatever you do is good. A person of awareness is calm, relaxed, quite, serene, creative,  only good can come from these states of being.

You will know when you become a person of awareness because you will quit watching others, that’s what everybody else does; all you need to do is watch yourself.

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  1. I really enjoyed your article. If we perform every activity as if we were doing it for the first time, we would be awake and aware. It’s a wonderful experience that enables consciousness to flow through us, stimulating acceptance and joy. It’s one of those things that you have to do for yourself to experience it.

    Thank you for sharing this information. Love & blessings

    Lea’s last blog post..Time and Space-The Great Illusion

  2. I’ve been happy with how Alexander Technique shines up my awareness. It’s functioned as sort of a Westerner’s Zen.
    I learned by writing about the subject to avoid “if…then” constructions, generally. Better to lead someone down the pathway to successfully becoming more aware, rather than pronounce what would be the case “if they just could do this.” People tend to try to do what they do not know with skills they already have. If it’s a match or crossover, it sort of works. But if there is not a match, we all know where that will lead.
    As far as books go, have you ever read the book “Playful Perception” by

  3. Ivan,
    Found this and the newer post about willpower right now through your Twitter post. You write well, very clear, and I wish to say only this, while I could go on and on as we have gone through the same school, obviously. You do have studied your Krishnamurti well, thoroughly. It shines through all you say. I know how it is, I have done the same. And Maharshi. I studied Gandhi, of course, not only because he was a lawyer and I was a lawyer, but I discovered early in life I wouldn’t have his courage, and his willpower. Why is that so? This is my weakness, perhaps, but while I am fully aware of it, and while I observe it passively, there wasn’t really a change in this. I am shakes by recurring fears, I see the world not as a comforting place, nor others. I feel isolated and shunned – where to take comfort from, hope from? As you said, certainly not from our leaders. K. said, in ourselves, all say that, but when I inquire I see that the fear is all-pervasive and our society does all and everything to make it worse, to distill more fear in more people, with every month to come, while they all have sugar around their mouth. K. says: ‘Why do you need comfort?’ Go into the fear, stay with it, and it will vanish. Yes, it does, for moments, but it comes back. So what?
    .-= Pierre F. WalterΒ΄s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

    • dear P.F Walter, regarding your fears, well maybe you could find some tips to dissipate your ‘fears-energy’ which might be too solidified for it to remain in your consciousness,nwhat you might need is to accept the fear,and realize that the fears are nothing but energy ‘of’ YOU that is Oceanic Energy.Thus the feRS WILL DISSOLVE INTO ITS sOURCE. TRY READING ‘QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY’ BOOK BY STEPHEN WOLINSKY WHO WAS A FOLLOWER OF NISAGARDATTA mAHARAJ. tHIS BOOK GIVES EXERCISES TO AWAKEN unto your self as AWARENESS.

    • Dear Pierre, If this is you in your picture and you are an older gentleman of consciousness and I an older woman, I feel to share something by experience. I know there are schools of thought and soul, but at a certain point in my awakening I began to fear things I never had before. Part of this is the natural anxiety of aging, but part of this is the increase in feeling vibrations from others, a sense of empathic ability. I couldn’t figure out if it was my fear or my readings so I stopped trying to figure it. The world atmosphere itself is increasing in positive ions which give out negative effects (confusing but true)This is negative electromagnetic energies. I found that working with orgone pyramids and electromagnetic cleansing devices helped me to anchor and ground and gain a consciousness of being protected from the ‘buzz’. Also, I no longer indulge in thinking about world problems – no TV. I trust no flesh which can develop expectancies and disappointments but love all. I delight in my connection to the greater universe or as Ivan says the ocean of consciousness we are sustained by. I cry out with soul voice when unsettled to that Universe. I admit my weaknesses. I found no solution in judgments of the world and human personas, only my own. It may sound selfish but it is so peaceful. From there I am starting to come out of my cave a bit, not looking for bears but beauty. I changed where I look. I learned that what I see (perceive) is sometimes worse than what I think. So I look for beauty. I changed the word Doom to do-om. I hope that shares something.

  4. Ivan…you are a wonderful writer and I love your heart. You also have a lot of good things to say…but I would take it a step up…instead of being aware of yourself…listen up…be aware of the Holy…even as you quoted Eistein as saying…”One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity…Never lose a holy curiosity.”

    Becoming aware of the awesome Creator and His holy purpose for us makes everything take on new and better meaning. When His presence is invited into our being then when we look inside we see deeper and beyond ourselves and learn the truth of the reality that one must give up their life in order to find real life…impossible to fathom without first becoming aware of Creator.

    Just my thoughts as we sojourn through this world.

  5. I love this article. It goes past the normal list post of “how to be present”. It adds on top of how to detach from your emotions. I like how this post adds reasoning to this whole “living conciously” movement, and talks about things like focusing on the body. It’s a new twist to an old topic and I like it!

  6. What a beautiful article! i never did trust in language, except
    for the purpose of communication. one should rejoice in knowing
    that they are pure consciousness! there is nothing else. one
    moment is eternity!

  7. the only problem i have is that i caNNOT stop thinking while meditating… ): some ppl say that meditation is very helpfull but i cannt use it πŸ™

    • don’t try to stop thinking…just watch without judgement…if you keep at it..the mind will stop on it’s own…wish you the best on your journey

    • Try relaxing your tongue while you meditate. Instead of focusing on your breathing (as some suggest), try making every tiny muscle in your tongue completely relaxed. This will help to quiet self-talk. FYI – I use this with meditation but it was also very effective with my hypnosis clients.

  8. Hello there, I am a 15 year old girl, and this year in high school has been an uplifting, amazing, enlightening and highly spiritual year for me. I have found my inner being, my soul twin and I am trying to currently train my mind. I just wanted to say I loved your article and I am so happy to know there other people who are set on spreading the true meaning of life and trying to break through the walls of false perception. Like the quote said, reality really is an illusion. I hope really soon (maybe this is what 2012 is?) people will realise what so many of us are starting to and the world can maybe one day be at full peace.

    • I am delighted to hear you are starting your inner journey at a young age :)…many beautiful things await..god speed my friend…

  9. Hey I am sourabh , ioved your article on conciousness. it was so great to read it , i felt like a true flow of my inside peace after so many of years .thanx 4 this post !

  10. I love your quotes: “You will know when you become a person of awareness because you will quit watching others, that’s what everybody else does; all you need to do is watch yourself”. I need to do that in order for me to become aware. Thanks

  11. Thank you for a great article. I read it a few times. There is one thing you said that I don’t understand and at the same I’m very intrigued. You said our thoughs should move vertically as opposed to the horizontal movement. How do I do that?

    Thank you!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Kate πŸ™‚ I am glad you enjoyed the article. I prob should have elaborated more on that point, I simply meant that because thoughts are part of time, are a response from memory, they move in time, that movement is horizontal, and when you start to be more aware of the present moment, you step out of time…this feeling of timelessness is a vertical movement out of time…

    • it is my pleasure…happy you found it useful…wish you the best on your journey…be well my friend :)…

  12. i have never bothered to make the effort to leave a comment behind in my many years of web browsing but i have got to say this is a great article.

  13. To anyone trying to find their peace, and their center. Please focus on nutrition for yourself, and help others to learn about this as well. I’ve recently started taking vitamin supplements in spite of having a relatively wholesome diet prepared by my wife.

    I feel absolutely amazing. Take LARGE doses of vitamin C as an absolute minimum. Folic acid, a good B Complex, Fish oil(very important as well), and a solid multivitamin.

    I hope those reading this receive the message the text carries with it which isn’t written, and finds a gift in receiving whatever truth is here.

  14. This is a very good article for true spiritual devellopment, For those who are already awaken to the consciousness of unlimited possibilities, they can move onto Sri Aurobindo’s writings who himself got to a very very advanced stage of consciousness and who left the most usefull, amazing, truthfull writings about our present conditions aswell as the cosmic evolution. Darwin made us conscious of the evolution of species, although for most it seems like an evolution of forms, it is in reality an evolution of consciousness. Man is at a transitory stage of the evolution, it will raise to a higher consciousness to express the real life and the divinity within each on of us.

  15. This is the most empowering thing I’ve ever read. Since past month i’ve been trying to do this.. i don’t know how it came into my mind but i just realized that i need to connect. πŸ™‚
    But i never got any article to guide me. Then after so many days i found this one. πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much. Its an awesome article.
    I really loved it!! <3 πŸ™‚

  16. People will not be able to notice the changed that I go through once my consciousness raised will they? I don’t want to be viewed as insane for trying to connect with my inner self.

  17. Ivan, I want to thank you for writing this post. On an evening earlier this year I was working an essay for school. Frustrated, I googled “expanding my thoughts” and this was the first post that came up in that search. As if i was intuitively magnetized to you. You were one of the many elements of my journey this year. Namaste

  18. You can knock down all the pontificating arrogant “know-alls” in the world who try to convince you and the masses with their “all encompassing” theories about life…whether they are religionists or social theorisers….with a simple:

    ” So you say….”………or a sceptical “No doubt…”

    Read the world”s religious texts….
    or if you can bear to, scan through “Mein Kamp”……………and then sigh … “So you say!”

    Ahhh the freedom of scepticism……

  19. Hi Ivan,

    Firstly my heartiest wishes to your noble endeavor for spreading such an imaginative and helpful article. Of late my life has become a total messed up job. To rescue myself out of this dire consequences that I face everyday I have tried many ways to sort out. but no avail. Over these last 3 years I have read and downloaded countless articles about spirituality and self help. Though those articles really pushed that start in me, but somewhere my own procrastination were restricting me to apply them into practice. The problem is that I always honor my rational mind (the one you mentioned)and this avoid my progress. After thoroughly going your article, in a flashback I remembered all those incidents that had happened prior to my life. I realised the fundamental problem arise because I was not paying much heed to my awareness around myself and my inner being. My energies were spread mostly on my past thoughts or imagining my future. I was operating my day without much awareness whether my body, my thoughts or my actions…its painful to awake from those causes that my made then. Better late but I have found the beauty to be alive and cherish this wonderful presence that we all encounter every pulse of our lives. Keep up the good work !

    I really appreciate your wonderful work and will be happy to pass it to others for the advancement of our world consciousness.

  20. The content in this article is very nice. i realy appriciates the your article. it is going to work for me. i got now this article. i am practing each and every moment to become a awareness.

  21. “There is no question of whether what you do is good or bad, from awareness whatever you do is good.” I think your understanding of bad is that people are just being foolish or maybe absentminded when they do it,but I have met people,and only a few,who have mastered their awareness,who have most certainly tapped into the vein of all things and have become addicted to evil. this is the real evil,and thats what a sociopath is.

  22. I must say this artical was very enlighting.. I have been working on self awareness for a while now and the more i read the more understanding i have. Thanky you for trying to help others. God Bless you and your family. Q. are there any really good books out there that teaches you simple technique on self awareness? Please share.

  23. You said observe your own thoughts. Do i not create my own thoughts or Do i let it just come naturally?

  24. Amazing reading, very clear thoughts. I stumbled on this website and I am glad. Thanks for helping to make this world a better place.

  25. It was very helpful for me as I was going through a bad phase of lack of awareness and thinking negative about myself, now reading ur article had boosted a new and positive energy in me thanks a ton, hope to read u soon.

  26. I am a young teenager, i find this information very valuable in helping me find my inner self, you are a master of your own reality thank you πŸ™‚

  27. nice article….why don’t u make the e-book available on the webpage instead of a confirmation from our e-mail to access the e-book…this approach of yours seems dubious…

  28. Dear Ivan, Your article is really good in helping the peoples being aware. as we are living in a society which is running on auto pilot. I want to discuss on one problem that I have consistently faced that is “I start following the awareness rules I get much better position in term of awareness but after some time following the routine activities I again went into the previous position which is less aware.” I hope you understand my question. I need help in this matter.

  29. Hi, thanks for your blog. Its awesome. I have bookmarked it already:D thanks loads…….be well πŸ˜€

  30. Im a Tibetan living in india. I always live in the future and the past. I will start living in the present by being fully present. I’ll let u know the changes. Felt great reading the article. Thanks a lot

  31. What a beautiful article, Ivan! Thank you so very much for sharing. So much of it speaks to me and reminds me a lot of an app (iPhone) called Mind Master, by Sean Sullivan. really just shows you how to find yourself, just as you are speaking of. Thanks again for this insightful and well put together ‘little home’. πŸ™‚

  32. Aahh!!! Thank you:) I really enjoyed reading this article..This is the answer and the true key to relaxation. The perfect reading material when feeling wound. I feel better now:) ~PEACE~

  33. i have searched many articles to do meditation properly for 2 years…i have been struggled to meditations properly….thanks god i found it hear…i have one problem…sometimes i analysing some thing deeply…how to overcome….thanks…

  34. hi Ivan. all your articles have been very inspiring for me and i thank you so much for the fire you are helping in building in me which brings me to as you of favour.from my young age i have always have this missing link in me, i have always wanted to know who i realy am but my background and the kind of people around me have subdued those consious effort by me.i have so much love for philosophy, psychology of life. i ahe always believe there is mor to life than what i have been told but my problem is i dont realy where and how to start my journey. please i need you to come to my rescue and guide me on the journey. am from Nigeria and my name is Rabiu. i shall be expecting your reply

  35. iv trully bn blessed by dis site, I’m writting a book called the power of presence, all that uv said has added more light to NY work thanku I’ll visit more often. Pls keep me posted. Cheers.

  36. Good post, I do have a question. Here, you write “One important thing to remember also is to not make the mistake of constantly thinking ‘how can I be in the present moment”, because this involves thinking; this is a very delicate line’.” However, in your How Do I Get Sleep post, you write to always orient yourself to time and place. It is okay to be thinking and observing your surroundings so long as you don’t associate any feelings or emotions with them? i.e. I see an apple, I hear the wind.. and not that apple reminds me of my ex girlfriend

    • the whole thing lies in identification…when you observe anything, thoughts, emotions, your surroundings…try not to identify…meaning don’t forget yourself in the process of observation…you need to divide your attention…keeping 50% on the object and 50% on the subject..then you will be balanced in the middle…in any act of observation there is the seen, the seer, and the seeing…when you learn to divide your attention and remain unidentified…your consciousness then intuitively senses itself as being only the process of seeing…but you don’t forget that there is something within you that is actually seeing….which will allow you too see things more simply..and observe yourself and your surroundings more objectively…it takes a long time to actually develop a knack and get what i am trying to convey….the first thing you will learn in trying this…in observing yourself…is that we actually never remember ourselves…we live unconsciously…it takes conscious effort and energy to remain present to yourself….

  37. Nice blog. I really have had a hard time to describe this as a reminder to help myself grow and to help others understand. This expresses how to awaken and evolve clearly. Thank you! Now I must put into practice what I have read.

  38. Post is great, I’ll pass it further, no doubts about it. I personally think that is the univesal language of every being. What I mean is if I would be good with words i’d describe it exactly the same. – I felt it all my life.

  39. it is more important for a synthesis of the mind’s capacity to conceive possibilities, and of the ability to observe, if you want anything good that’s inside of you TO get out to the universe.

  40. Thank you so much for this website. There are so many challenges in life people are faced with. And sometimes we are looking for the answers regarding our own existance and purpose. The vast information provided on this site helps me to understand that there is more to life then we know. I’ve read about many nde and have something in common, never have had an nde. I spoke with God and felt his presence. I was in a room by myself praying about a choice I made and wanted to know if it was right? All of a sudden I felt an electricity like energy start from the base of my head evenly trickling down my body my nostrils were poping and my ears too, like air pressure or something. Then iI felt an extreme level of peace that felt so peaceful and loving I thought I was dying. Then I received a telepathic message. While rubbing my heart almost unconsciously aware of what I was doing the messenger told me
    “it’s all about love and peace” this happened nearly 22 years ago before information like this or nde could be read on the Internet today. Thank for the site it’s very informative and helpful to my journey of understanding who I am.

  41. Language is only needed to communicate with others, but language is not needed to communicate with your innerself, the innerself is commonly present in everything & in every livingbeing , so to communicate with every living & non-livingbeing no language is required.

  42. How did you come in contact with this teaching? What authors and what works did you read/listen to, to come to this understanding?

    It’s been a good while since you wrote this blog. What kind of development/change have you undergone since then?

    • Thanks for stopping by John, I really appreciate it. Yes, It was written a long time ago. It has been an amazing ride since then, stay tuned because I am working on a book that basically expands and goes really in depth on the ideas from this post. In my about page I list several of the people who have impacted me most. Hope you are well. Peace.

  43. Thank you for this article. I’ve been on my journey of spiritual growth for sometime now and I’ am putting all that I have read here in practice, starting to observe my physical body!!!

  44. By practicing your technique I have cured my Severe AnXiety and Dereleazation with in 2 months(I have suffering from 13 years).Thank you so much,this is known as mindfulness meditation,

  45. I’m coming across this post in the year 2013. I appreciate your insight and as a philosopher/social advocate your expressive thoughts have truly captivated me. Thank you for sharing, my mind is already embarking on a journey through a state of heightened awareness.

  46. If you convert your website articles into Youtube videos then you could spread this information to a lot more people. You can also make money to compensate for the time that you spent making the videos.

    I’m serious….The world deserves your wisdom….You should seriously consider looking into it.

    Steve from Charleston, SC

    • You know it is funny you mention that because I was actually thinking of doing that soon. Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate you checking out my site and for the encouragement.

  47. Hello I am so delighted I found your blog page, I really
    found you by accident, while I was researching on Yahoo for something else, Anyways I am here
    now and would just like to say thanks a lot for a incredible post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design),
    I don’t have time to read through it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read more, Please do keep up the superb job.

  48. This is amazing. Exactly the information I was looking for. THANK YOU πŸ˜€ Now time to put it into practice.
    I have a few questions though-
    Does our high-self/soul ‘consciously’ know everything?
    If it doesn’t, do we by the means of meditation, help it somehow remember/discover things about itself that it wasn’t previously consciously aware of / or had forgotten. So do we by meditation awaken our soul as well in a way?

    And how does one meditate on one’s intent? What exactly happens?

    Thank you πŸ™‚ You are amazing

  49. The theme of this article is deeply powerful and insightful. I have been in therapy and support groups for many years that agree with your insights. You also write beautifully. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

    • Thank you for the kind feedback, I am glad you are able to connect with it and hope you apply it daily, for we only get out what we put in, in self development work. Wish you the best on your journey. Many blessings. Peace.

  50. Thanks! I enjoyed reading your article. I’ve been looking into helping myself with this! It’s becoming a constant issue. Even at work!

    • Don’t worry dani…this is an issue for everyone whether they know it or not…just keep at it…the rewards are immense…glad you enjoyed the post…many blessings to you….

  51. THANK U EVAN A lotttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!
    you have given answers to my problems and their cures ,i am very self talking man which always gets me away frm fcusing the present and to become disciplined ,now i think that this blog will change my life,thanks a lottt!!! god bless u

  52. Self centeredness is only good when one is trying to better ones self thru the eyes of the lord. Once you humble yourself and accept the amazing truths of god and get those truths settled in deep, you focus on helping those in need and become truly selfless not selfish. Christ did not waste one word. He spoke only what was needed and didn’t mess around. Turn to god and learn his perfect ways.

  53. Actually, we are a relationship cluster inserted on a culture medium.Freedom is not possible without stepping out, and even stepping out from our culture is not possible because language is cage: we are prisoners. Awareness cannot save us either unless we idiots ..sorry.

  54. are you able to maintain that awareness when you are studying something or memorizing something?

    can you describe what happens to your mind when you are studying?

  55. I have some questions here.

    Would you be able to maintain the awareness when you are studying an memorizing something?

    Would you be able to maintain your awareness for whole day, or will you feel tired at some point in time?

  56. Thank you!
    Putting out this type of article encourages seekers who are on this Journey of Life to get a greater value from their experience. Personally, I have searched, studied and practiced various forms of personal and spiritual self development and growth. Those you have mentioned have aided in my own greater enlightenment. One other valuable message is in A Course In Miracles which is published by Foundation For Inner Peace.
    I am finding this resource to be a great asset on the path to living in Awareness in the Oneness. Thank you for so clearly sharing your wisdom.
    Currently I have only a blog that is an active site:

  57. Wow this got me really thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am struggling with this issue and trying to figure out. I think I need much more effort to watching myself. How have you got to have all these ideas btw? Where are all these coming from? I mean things such as your own efforts you might have made, books that you read, a person you talked to etc. I am just wondering.

  58. Thank you Ivan. I’ve been confusing myself recently as to whether enhanced awareness was a stretching outwards or a deepening inwards -inwards creates the space. I’ve regularly wondered whether I’m going insane with this pursuit, it can be quite uncomfortable at times. The mistake of thinking “how can I be in the moment?” is my predominant thought these days.
    Thanks for the clarity!

  59. The whole article was helpful but I especially liked the part about being a conscious person rather than a good person. Thank you!

  60. I love this article..I’m just 19 and I find myself inconsistent with this…especially when there’s alot of negativity around me…idk I know when my energy changes…I’m vey aware of how I feel..sometimes I just wanna get away from everything

  61. The article was grandiouse. I think that we as human race are slowly evolving to realize that the path of being conscious is the one we should follow. All prejudices, old beliefs that are not serving us should be left behind so we can thrive and grow our souls.

    Ivan, I’ve written about expanding the consciousness and it’s something I love talking about with my friends. I would love if you can check it out – πŸ™‚

    Your blog serves as an inspiration to me! Keep it going man!


  62. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in these important topics of self-awareness and expansion of our consciousness. Great awareness steps for spiritual growth. Aware of our own awareness is challenging but it is a great place to be.

  63. I have raised my consciousness above my head. I try to keep my awareness outside of myself. There is great energy and strength solutions and peace there. Often an event, a pain can pull me back inside myself and I can get depressed. But this new technique that works for me takes away lonely feelings or physical ailments and injury. I am practising to stay in this terrific place where a beautiful energy rains. Here I can be the best I can be. Here I can feel the best I can love myself and find all solutions.
    I wish I could find others or some literature on this topic. Those who have wrote before me here and this site itself are relative.

  64. I’m so thankful for stumbling across your page..

    Exactly what I needed, synchronicity is beautiful!!!

  65. Thank you for explaining J Krishnamurthy in lucid language.throws light on J Krishnamurthy’s core teachings. Thank you.-Sabapathi, CHENNAI

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