How To Lucid Dream Easy

“Forget them, Wendy. Forget them all. Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.” – Peter Pan

How To Lucid Dream 101

We all sleep about one-third of our lives and many of us never realize that we could actually use that time creatively.

How many of you have had the experience of realizing that you were dreaming while in your dream? Maybe you were being chased by a monster and then told yourself, “hey!!..this can’t be real.. I have to be dreaming”. Most likely after that realization you did not know how to proceed with your new-found awareness and soon woke up.

Lucid Dreaming is the practice of becoming self-aware in the dream state and learning to consciously manipulate the dreamscape to a certain extent. To some people lucid dreaming comes very easy and with no effort, but to most people this experience happens very rarely, and if it happens most don’t remember their dreams the next day. But the reality is that with a little training, anyone can dramatically learn to increase their chances of a lucid dream and learn to interact with the dream.

Why Would You Want to Lucid Dream?

When you learn to become lucid in your dreams you are able to explore your inner self and the different aspects of consciousness. In the dreaming environment you really are only limited by your imagination.

Adventure and Excitement: One of my favorite things to do when I am in a lucid dream is to fly like superman to exotic locations that I make up. I usually end up going to places that look like the beaches of Thailand.

Insight: Let’s say you are having a conversation in your dream with your wife, how would you like to ask your “dream” wife a few important questions you have put off. In your dream it will feel as if you are really talking to your wife and she will respond as if it where really her. But your consciousness is the one giving you the replies. When you wake up in the morning, you might realize that you got some incredible insights that you had not contemplated about in your waking life.

Problems: If you have a problem and not really sure how to solve it, write it down as your goal that next time you have a lucid dream you are going to try and answer that problem. You might really surprise yourself with how creative your subconscious can be in supplying you with answers that in waking life you had not considered.

Social Practice: Once you get the hang of it you will come to find that lucid dreaming can be so vivid that it will actually feel like your normal waking life. This can come in handy in playing out different scenarios in your dreams. You can use lucid dreaming for rehearsal for social events, public speaking, difficult or awkward confrontations.

Just to give you an example, there was an incredibly attractive woman who I saw frequently at a coffee shop, but never had the courage to introduce my self. One night I had lucid dream and told my consciousness that I needed to act confident, and approach her in the best way possible. My conversation with her was a very casual conversation, and I even made her laugh.

In my dream I was thinking to myself “see this isn’t so hard, sure she is extremely beautiful but she is just a normal person”. In the dream I end up asking her out on a dinner date, and she agrees. This realization even in my dream had a very calming and reassuring effect on me. A few days later I was back at the coffee shop, when I finished paying for my coffee, I walked up to her and struck up a conversation similar to my dream. My conversation with her felt really natural and not forced, it was like déjà vu. After about 10 minutes I got her phone number and ended up dating her shortly after.

Creativity: Personally I use lucid dreaming to come up with new ideas. When I was younger I was really into “streetball” a form of basketball that revolves around being creative and coming up with new moves, kind of like an updated Harlem Globe Trotter. I would realize that I was dreaming and than I would transport myself to a gym and tell myself to come up with a move I have never thought of, and with no hesitation my dreaming personality would carry out my intent.

Increasing Dream Recall

Before you are ready to have a lucid dream you need to train yourself at increasing your dream recall. I suggest you get a notebook that will be used solely for your dreams. Keep it near your bed or under your pillow. Affirm to your self that when you wake up that you will remember your dreams.

When you awake in the morning, spend the first few minutes  just laying in bed with out doing anything. Just focus on letting any dream imagery and memories come to the surface. Write down anything, doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. Later in the day those clues can lead to you remembering the majority of the content in your dreams. Once you train yourself to remember your dreams almost nightly, than proceed to some lucid dreaming techniques.

Lucid Dreaming Induction Techniques

Suggestion: When lying in bed have an affirmation you keep repeating to yourself as you drift off into sleep. I use “tonight In my dream I will become aware that I am dreaming” and really focus on that being the last thought that is in my consciousness as I transition into the dreaming world.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)
Created by: Dr. Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D of

The MILD technique employs prospective memory, remembering to do something (notice you’re dreaming) in the future. Dr. LaBerge developed this technique for his doctoral dissertation and used it to achieve lucid dreaming at will. The proper time to practice MILD is after awakening from a dream, before returning to sleep.

1. Setup dream recall:
Set your mind to awaken from dreams and recall them. When you awaken from a dream, recall it as completely as you can.

2. Focus your intent:
While returning to sleep, concentrate single-mindedly on your intention to remember to recognize that you’re dreaming. Tell yourself: “Next time I’m dreaming, I will remember I’m dreaming,” repeatedly, like a mantra. Put real meaning into the words and focus on this idea alone. If you find yourself thinking about anything else, let it go and bring your mind back to your intention.

3. See yourself becoming lucid:
As you continue to focus on your intention to remember when you’re dreaming, imagine that you are back in the dream from which you just awakened (or another one you have had recently if you didn’t remember a dream on awakening). Imagine that this time you recognize that you are dreaming. Look for a dreamsign–something in the dream that demonstrates plainly that it is a dream. When you see it say to yourself: “I’m dreaming!” and continue your fantasy. Imagine yourself carrying out your plans for your next lucid dream. For example, if you want to fly in your lucid dream, imagine yourself flying after you come to the point in your fantasy when you become lucid.

4. Repeat until your intention is set:
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until either you fall asleep or are sure that your intention is set. If, while falling asleep, you find yourself thinking of anything else, repeat the procedure so that the last thing in your mind before falling asleep is your intention to remember to recognize the next time you are dreaming.

Tip: I like to set my alarm 1 hour before I normally wake up, so usually on the 7th hour of sleep, which also tends to be during the R.E.M (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. During this phase of sleep is where the most vivid dreams take place. When my alarm goes off and wakes me up, I focus on remembering my intent and quickly try and go to sleep as I am still very groggy. If I am able to stay focused I will almost immediately find my self in a lucid dream as I go back to sleep.

Dream Symbols:
Dream symbols can serve as triggers to let you know that you are dreaming. Just pick a person, place, or thing that will serve as your trigger. Several times through out the day I like to look at my watch and say to myself “tonight I will know that I am dreaming when I look at my watch”. Than if I am lucky, in my dream for some reason I will look at my watch, and right there like magic I realize hey I am dreaming.

Another weird thing you will find when you are lucid dreaming is that if you are reading something or looking at a clock, and you look away, when you look back again you will find that most of the time the words or the time has completely changed. This is also a good reminder to let you know that you are dreaming.

5. Take some natural supplements that can dramatically increase your chances in inducing a lucid dream. I recently wrote about it here: Supercharge Your Lucid Dreams With These Natural Supplements. These techniques have dramatically increased the vividness and length of my dreams.

I really hope you enjoyed this short introduction into the world of lucid dreaming and hopefully interested you enough to try and have your own lucid dream. If you try and don’t succeed don’t give up it can take weeks to months to have your first lucid dream, but when you do it will be well worth it. The experience can have a profound effect on you.  Lucid dreaming truly is one of the greatest learning tools we have available, and if you’re going to be sleeping anyway, might as well learn to live in that world as well.

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107 Responses to How To Lucid Dream Easy

  1. I have been lucid dreaming for years…I couldn’t agree more we spend so much of our lives asleep there is so much we can do out there…so explore all you can. I haven’t had a bad dream since I was 4 or 5 and from lucid, to astral projecting to leaving your body at all sorts of times. There is so much we don’t know so go explore you might teach us all something new.

    see you out there

    • I need help with all of this. I can remember my dreams very well but I can never realize that i’m dreaming!

      • I believe that there are many ways to do things… nothing is writing in concrete. It helps I think to spend time as often as possible writing down what you were dreaming about, then start focusing on what you want to dream about… I believe when you force anything it won’t happen….for me it was my out of body experience I had at 16 that I had true knowledge of being out of my body.. so it left me knowing when I was outside of myself, then whenever that happened I’d instantly know I was outside and with excitement would say… ohhhhh where should I go?? and with a thought I am there :~)
        good luck

      • You have to improve overall awareness in order to notice that you are dreaming. This happens by doing reality checks every day, questioning yourself; are you dreaming? If awareness is low, you might as well have a crowd shout that you are dreaming but the information doesn’t “click” to it’s place.

        Other good things to remember:

        – Keeping a dream journal; to remember dreams better and improve overall recall. (How good is your recall?)
        – Motivation.
        – Techniques (which you have been trying, good).
        – Patience; an ability to lucid dream usually isn’t learned very easily, it requires time.
        – Good amount of sleep
        – Noticing dream signs

        I personally highly recommend The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track. if you plan on lucid dreaming without tedious methods and wish to apply it every time you fall asleep whether it be a nap or a sleep. I, as a user of this product a long time ago learned a lot and I wish to share “how it all started” for me. Learning how to lucid dream is one of the greatest things in life and soon you’ll truly realize things that are important in life.
        Try out The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track:

      • I read this page and within two nights I had an experience. .I kept telling myself before falling asleep that I will realize at some point in my dream I will know that I am dreaming…so there I was standing in line for some reason, and I turned around and said to the gentleman behind me ” this isa dream..Im dreaming right now”…that part of the dream felt so real..the rest of my dream just did not..but it was incredible!!!!

    • I have been lucid dreaming for many months now. And I was thinking of having an inception kind of dreaming, like a dream within a dream. Is it even possible? I have tried it once but got no where with it. Are there any suggestions or advice? I’m really desperate.

    • Any tips on how to stay focused while asleep. Because my mind has very sporadic thoughts. How can I get rid of them and focus?

  2. This is a skill I really need to get the hang of and attempt everyday, because then I can begin to become fully aware not only when I am “awake” but also when I am sleeping. I have an amazing book called “Head Trip”. I really need to focus. Thanks

    • i was dreaming that a new video game came out, but then i realized it was no longer avalible in the real world. i then said “oh yeah, i’m dreaming.”

  3. I can only lucid dream when im high. (on marijuana) I think its due to fact that when i smoke i think about things way harder and thats how i remember that im dreaming. (If you’ve never smoked before i don’t suggest you start just to have lucid dreams, this is just the way i do it. It’s different for everyone)

  4. Very interesting read. Ive done this a few times on accident. The first time, I was running through a maze of cubicles while volcanic lava was seaping over the top, but the lava flow was different. Almost as if it was following me. This was when my brain told my subconcious that I was dreaming. After that, all I had to do was think and the lava disappeared and the maze of cubicles turned into an office building, full of white collar workers. I woke up shortly after that.

    • i dream about walking in the road and suddenly i feel that i am dreaming nd starting to control it, i saw a beautiful women and starting to have sex with her.

    • No, you need to understand your own sleep cycle to see when your body is in the REM cycle, which is ideal for becoming aware in your dreams.

  5. I’m 14 year old boy and I follow all your step and i still cant lucid dream ( i know it takes time ) but i been doing this for a month and still i dont have the lucid experiences and tip?

    • Have you had any luck yet? Meditation during the day time can help you. Just learning to be more aware in the day time can translate to being aware in the night time.

  6. i only realised that i was dreaming once in one month practising and that time when i realised that i was dreaming … i didn’t know what to do i mean i couldnt keep myself in sleep and i woke up and went to tell my parents that i was able to realise that i was in a dream but i was still dreaming … and after that i woke up for real .. and i said what the fuck … aafter that i havent been able to realise that im dreaming in my sleep … but i will … wont give up

  7. i am 10,weird i am here huh?i was dreaming last night that i was stuck at walmart when my mom was at work,and i autimatically realized that it was a dream when i asked my 14 year old neighboors in my dream,if they could help me get home,they pulled out a gun,i realized it was a dream because where is a 14 year old gonna get a gun?i automatically turned myself into a vampire,i killed them…i have weird dreams…

    • you need to learn to remain calm and not exert too much force on the dream…be gentle…one thing it try is to try and remain calm and in your dream gently rub your hands together…this tends to stabilize the dream for me…thanks for sharing…

  8. Okay, everybody imagine, what if when we are lucid dreaming, we are actually becoming intouch with our actual beings, and when we are “awake”, we are actually in our dreaming stage….MIND BLOWN

  9. Hi my name is lily, and I am twelve, I have dreamed lucidly all my life in every dream, until I was about 11 and a half. I don’t know why I stopped, but I did go to therapy because I have about the best imagination ever. I have been trying to be lucid. Any tips or ideas on why I am no longer lucid?

    • Since it came naturally to you now that you are consciously trying you may actually be hindering yourself…don’t worry about it so may come back to you…your brain chemistry maybe changing now too….

  10. Hey there! I have been lucid dreaming now for around a year and a half. I learnt about it in an A-Level psychology lesson, the idea of being able to control my dreams, just seemed amazing. The need to master this ability gripped me. I searched the web for ways to do this, although none tended to work. The only solution I could find to do this was to ask myself the question “am I asleep”. I done this in reality one every few hours for about a week, them one day in my dream state, I asked myself the question, I realised I was dreaming and woke up immediately. Over the next few months I practised this technique, perfecting it so I wouldn’t wake up, so I could carry in dreaming. It worked, and I lucid dream almost every night. the only problem is, recently, when I do lucid dream, my dreams always end up in a nightmare-ish state. For example, I could be in a hotel room one minute, the next it will be shrinking, trapping me. Does anyone else get this? Being in contro of a dream one second, then being totally out of control the next?

    • thanks so much for sharing, happy to hear you can induce them regularly…I really haven’t had the problem you are experiencing…it can be due too many things….whats going on in your life right now? you change up your diet?…

  11. Hi I have a nightfall problem and a real bad one too, is lucid dreaming a solution for this problem?

    • it can be, if you gain enough control you can just simply set the intention to avoid this problem….

  12. Well, after reading this I wanted to lucid dream so I tried, and both of the times I did I dreamt about tarantulas either chasing me or biting me. I understand why this happened – because I’m scared of spiders and I should have realized it was a dream, but I can’t seem to lucid dream!! Advice?

  13. I have had lucid dreams since I can remember… the best really stay in my head.. I need help with my flying.. when I start flying I am scared of going too far and end up in space haha I know it sounds silly, but it terrifies me. Also, I wish I can’t stop being scared of not feeling my heart beat (I feel like if I’m death or something). And sometimes I loose control of my lucid dream, and it is not pleasent at all is like if all my fears come out in once.

    • Thanks so much for sharing, you are having many interesting experiences…I would say that just keep exploring your dream world…just sit back and enjoy the ride…even when it is scary….

  14. There is a technique that i learn and practice.. whenever you feel like slipping from your lucid dream, spin yourself.. and your lucid will resume..

    p/s: why are there so many school kids reading this blog? 🙂

  15. I`m Hannah and I want to lucid dream when ever i want, but its only happened a few times and i don`t remember how i did it, any advice

  16. Hello, I’m 15 years old and would like to start lucid dreaming. Very very badly. I can barely even remember dreams. I usually remember dreams vividly once a month. I wish I could remember them more often! The last vivid dream that I can remember was in late December. This drives me CRAZY! Ever since a few nights ago, I’ve turned off my tv before and during sleep. Two nights ago and last night I remember waking up in the middle of the night and remembering a dream but when I fall back asleep and wake up officially in the morning I remember almost nothing. Like last night, the only thing I remember is having a question about Spanish and a girl that sits next to me in Spanish answered it. But when I woke up in the middle of the night it was a long elaborate dream. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remember regular dreams and for me to start lucid dreaming?? I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!! 🙂

    • For remembering dreams, you can try this trick:You need to make sure that you don’t open your eyes immediately. If you do, your dream will most likely disappear without a trace. If you have an alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning, try to position it somewhere where you can turn it off without having to open your eyes. This should prolong the existence of your dream. After this, you should try to write your dreams down in a notebook or journal so you’ll remember. After you do this for a while, your dreams should become progressively easier to remember.

    • For remembering dreams, you can try this trick:You need to make sure that you don’t open your eyes immediately. If you do, your dream will most likely disappear without a trace. If you have an alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning, try to position it somewhere where you can turn it off without having to open your eyes. This should prolong the existence of your dream. After this, you should try to write your dreams down in a notebook or journal so you’ll remember. After you do this for a while, your dreams should become progressively easier to remember

  17. Whenever I smoke marijuana before I go to sleep I almost always have lucid dreams and if I don’t have a lucid dream I remember every part of my dream

  18. Hey Mezz,

    Thanks for giving basic concepts for newcomers to lucid dreaming. I think things that are crucial when attempting to lucid dream are increasing your dream recall, being honest with yourself, and seeking to improve progressively. Ever since I started getting into lucid dreaming, I always made sure I was descriptive in my dream journal that I would keep in a Microsoft document.

    A lot of newcomers, at least from my experience and their responses of “why can’t I lucid dream well” and such disregard having discipline with their dream journals. Dream journals help a lot with figuring out your dream signs, and if a person doesn’t know a good amount of what occurs frequently in their dreams, they’ll have less chance of pulling of being lucid in their dreams.

    And as for supplements, Lucid dreaming definitely can convince people to remember that taking your vitamins is always a good thing. Hopefully people won’t get too crazy with supplements like Galamantine and other components that promote the chance of having vivid and memorable dreams.

    Awesome post Mezz, thank you for putting in effort into this.

  19. This his is not the easiest, the easiest is binaural beats.isocranic beats can get to you in lucid dreams in 3-4 days.

    • yes binaural beats can be a useful tool to incorporate. But ultimately it is best to train yourself to be able to induce lucid dreams without the help of any outside tool.

  20. I still cannot LD! It’s completely aggravating to
    Not be able to do so. Wild does not work for me, and WBTB barely works. And MILD doesn’t work either. Any other ways?

    • It seems to me that you need to incorporate a daily meditation practice. You need to learn to control your attention. The more aware you become in “waking” reality the more potential consciousness you can carry over into your dreaming world. With increased consciousness and a more stable attention you will be in a better position to question and recognize that you are dreaming. You also need to remain disciplined in peforming daily “state” checks and training your prospective memory until it becomes a dream habit.

  21. Hey guys im Anex and after reading this article i realized that I’ve had the same dream more than one and I’ve never actually tried to have a lucid dream before so if you guys have any tips on how i can quickly train my to realize when I’m dreaming it would really help

    • did you read the post? Well if you keep repeating the same dream you need to train yourself to use this as a dream sign to then prompt you to question your reality.

  22. When I was young, I would do this all the time subconsciously. I got so good at it that I started seeing things in my dreams that would later happen in real life o.o Now I can’t do it at all. Any help?

    • Yes, your dreams are a wonderful tool for precognition. Our consciousness is not limited to time or space. You simply need to train your self and become more self-ware in your waking reality. Train your attention, meditate daily.

  23. ilove lucid dreaming. i had to confront an awkward situation when in real life a boy said to me that he liked me nd i didnt know how to respond so i lucid dreamt that i actually like him but i didnt realize. now we are bf nd gf thanks to u

    • awesome story, thanks so much for sharing, our dreams and be powerful allies in helping us make our “dreams” a reality.

  24. another thing was that whatever i lucid dreamt happend in real life. some ppl think im a phsycic. when i was a kid lucid dreamt that i was a wizard but what was weird was that me and my brother had the exact same dream nd we woke up at the same time nd shouted “you had the same dream as me.”
    i love lucid dreaming because we sleep half of the day so dreaming is half of our life so i want to have fun in it

  25. when i lucid dream i always feel tired and i feel like i dont get much sleep when ive been sleeping for like 12 hours. any advice. most of my dreams are about my social life. i like to feel as if im controling my real life.

  26. My 1st lucid dream:
    I was dreaming about a boy i had a crush on. I wasnt sure if this was a lucid dream so i said “Hold my hand.” and he did. I then said “Hug me.” and he did. And i really liked the fact that he would do everything that i wanted him to do so i finally said “Kiss me.” he kissed me nd i had lots of fun.It felt real when i lucid dream. I really like this boy nd he probably doesnt like me bak but when i lucid dream it feels as if he is in love with me! YAY! I have a lucid boyfriend.

  27. My 1st lucid dream:
    I was dreaming about a boy i had a crush on. I wasnt sure if this was a lucid dream so i said “Hold my hand.” and he did. I then said “Hug me.” and he did. And i really liked the fact that he would do everything that i wanted him to do so i finally said “Kiss me.” he kissed me nd i had lots of fun. I am in love with this boy and he probably doesnt like me bak in real life but when i lucid dream he’s in love with me so i now have a lucid boyfriend. Im not crazy by the way. lol

  28. I’m a thirteen year old girl and the thought of lucid dreaming is very interesting! I have done it before, many times, but I forget them after maybe two hours prior to the dream. I remember this on nightmare/dream where I was in a desert surrounded by hanging people. Beside me was the remnants of a wall and a window that was just barely standing on the ground, and my very good friend. I was really freaked out, but then My friend told me to jump through the window. That was when my dream became lucid, and I jumped through the window. Instead of landing on the other side, though, I actually landed in a luscious forest, surrounded by my family. From then on, all I had to do to ‘switch dreams’ was jump through a window.

    Weird, huh? Our minds can come up with the craziest things!

  29. I have yet to have a lucid dream. My dreams are never very vivid, and the most often i ever dream is about once a month. is there anyway to improve on this? on school days i get about 5 hours of sleep, and on weekends i get about 10-12 hours. Like, how can I have more dreams? Is medicine the only way?

  30. I’ve probably only had a few lucid dreams that I can actually recall in my life. My first time becoming aware in my dream was a very interesting and strange experience. My dream contained many random events that seemed all too fictional so I knew I was dreaming and I tried to wake myself up, but I felt disconnected, I set my mind on waking up, but nothing happened. Sometimes I could feel my eyes trying to open which sounds rather odd but that’s what I recalled when I actually woke up.Any ideas on that whole scenario?

    • it could be that your consciousness was going back and forth between your body and mind and transitioning out of sleep paralysis.

  31. I’ve been trying this myself for abit of time now to try and combat 2 very horrific “wake dreams” is what i call them, were by im asleep and i dream im awake, i cant move at all and when i shout no words can be heard no matter how hard i try, another is the same, but struggling very hard to breath and still not being able to move, still it has not appeared to work anyone have any suggestions? to describe it i do actually know i have dreamt it but only when i wake up when it occurs when im sleeping i do genuinly think im awake while doing it, even tho i have had it many many times and i know its only a dream…if that makes any sense at all!

    • it could be connected to some deep rooted fears you have, the best thing to do is just face them, observe them, don’t get involved and just let them unfold on their own…this could help you heal some aspects of your psyche that represent some type of unconscious fear.

    • yes, it is all relative to your ability to control and stabilize your attention. If you lack control you will become identified to the dream and it will take a life of it’s own and you will no longer be lucid.

  32. I can always tell when I’m dreaming, it controlling them that I am working on. When I dream I’ll know I’m asleep and when I can’t figure out how to control it I’ll start focusing and I’ll make myself automatically wake up whenever I want to.

  33. Hi, I’m Bailey. I’m 12 years old. My friend and I thought it would be fun to lucid dream over the summer and record our dreams in a notebook then at the end of summer we would switch books and read each other dreams. Everytime I try to lucid dream though I either fall asleep or it just doesn’t work. I’ve tried a lot of techniques, and I really want to lucid dream but its not working any advice?

  34. i’ve only had LD for a few times in my life, thx for sharing your knowledge, Ivan…
    recently i have an intense feeling to ‘how does it feel to fly..’, i might try your method to experience this :p

    anyway, i just curious, in my LD..if somehow i fell of to the ground and crash, wouldn’t i be dead in the real life (or in a coma, somehow)?, i know it’s a silly question, i just curious…thx in advance

    • No, you won’t die in reality rama nor even be in coma. Dying in a lucid dream will wake you up but won’t kill you or put you in coma. There has never been such reporting of deaths due to lucid dreams. so its okay, if you crash or anything like that, but try to make it a pleasurable experience.

  35. I am fifteen and I had my first lucid dream last night! Loooong dream short I noticed my friend wasn’t supposed to be with me and I said “This isn’t real, is it?” And I think he either nodded (to say yes you’re in a dream) or he leaned forward because he couldn’t hear me and I kind of just flew up. I landed in my bed and I flew up again into this blank white space and I made Hogwarts castle and I think I had full control most of the time but there are a few things that I did wrong or that happened but I didn’t say to happen. I kind of lost lucidity at the end of it and I woke up. I tried for a really long time to have one and eventually and so I think it’s cool that it kind of happened without any help. I’m about to go to bed and I hope I will have another one tonight and that after your first time it is easier and easier after that. Thanks for the tips!

  36. hey my name is Daniela and i just turned 14 on the 1st of july. Ever since i was little i tried to find out what it was called wen someone controlled their dreams. i think my first lucid dream was wen i was about 8, i was getting chased by a mummy and as i was running. i stopped and said 2 myself “wait a minute! im dreaming! oh well!” and i continued running away from the mummy. i finally thought 2 search it up about 6 months ago. i searched “how 2 control ur dreams” and i finally figured out that it was called lucid dreaming. my last lucid dream was about, maybe…1 or 2 weeks ago. it wasn’t really lucid cus i was in my parents room, my mom was their but i think she turned into a witch (or she disappeared and a witch popped up) i don’t know how but i found out i was dreaming so i told the witch 2 turn into Devon Bostick (a guy i fangirl over even though im not girlie cus i play video games and i mostly fangirl over video game characters like Link from the legend of zelda best video game ever!!) she said no & i started yelling at her saying, “this is my fucking dream!!! turn into devon bostick or else!!!” she said “ok ok” i started counting down from 5 and she kept stalling after that i think i woke up. i’ve been practicing and practicing but i get LDs randomly. r u supposed 2 say 2 yourself ” i’m going 2 have a lucid dream tonight. i will remember my dreams. outloud 2 yourself or in your mind? i have a dream journal (although i don’t really need it cus i always remember my dreams) do u think i should keep practicing? please help!
    ps: im typing this on my 3DS.

  37. HI i just visit your page and got curios about this lucid dream thing i jsut want to share my dream story i just wnt to know if i do lucid dream unintentionally every time i go to sleep i will think of something that i want to be my dream sometimes it works sometimes its not and mostly i remember my dreams and sometimes in my dream im aware that i just a dream but i cant manipulate it i cant do want i want to do because maybe i dont know how to do it..i just want to experience that lucid dream experience cant wait to go home and try this hope you can share me some of your knowledge in lucid dreaming
    and i just have this weird question in my mind hihihi what if the one we thought is real is just a dream and what we thought a dream is the real one?hihihi

    i also experiencing a dream with in a dream you know what i mean?ahh its hard to explain but i know its just a dream in my dream ..,mybe because i just love having a dream thats why its happen., do you think so?oh i just got curios in my dream now cant wait to go home and sleep hihihi

  38. Hi, this is kind of weird but the whole comments section is full of … Interesting… Questions… Anyway, is it normal to have a dream wherea dream that I’ve had in the past kind-of is mentioned? Like it was it the same place with the same people, but not the exact same dream? This has happened to me before quite a bit. Or I would think about a dream that I had when I was really small while I was dreaming.

  39. I just looked into Lucid Dreaming last night, and I’d love to do it. I know it takes time, but being able to control a dream would be amazing since that 1/3 of my life would otherwise be unproductive and be able to explore things in the dream world, as spoken in many other comments.

    Usually, I barely remember or ‘don’t’ dream except for long times apart, and they are confusing and don’t make any sense. But, last night, I actually had a very vivid dream, and thought about some of the things that actually appeared as I was falling asleep, now that I think about it.

    I do realize now that I didn’t realize it was a dream when I was dreaming last night, but I do remember most of the parts of what happened. Is this good? I never “woke up” from my dream self so that I could control what happened in if, it just… Happened, without my control. How long does it take to take control? I understand this was my first night, but I have had a dream already, when normally I don’t. Is that good? Bad? Beginner’s luck? Since I didn’t control it but I did remember it, I’m not sure. I did use the whole “Dream Journal” thing to help remember dreams.

  40. I just looked into Lucid Dreaming last night, and I’d love to do it. I know it takes time, but being able to control a dream would be amazing since that unused third of my life would otherwise be unproductive and be able to explore things in the dream world, as spoken in many other comments.

    Usually, I barely remember or ‘don’t’ dream except for long times apart, and they are confusing and don’t make any sense. But, last night, I actually had a very vivid dream, and thought about some of the things that actually appeared as I was falling asleep, now that I think about it.

    I do realize now that I didn’t realize it was a dream when I was dreaming last night, but I do remember most of the parts of what happened. Is this good? I never “woke up” from my dream self so that I could control what happened in if, it just… Happened, without my control. How long does it take to take control? I understand this was my first night, but I have had a dream already, when normally I don’t. Is that good? Bad? Beginner’s luck? Since I didn’t control it but I did remember it, I’m not sure. I did use the whole “Dream Journal” thing to help remember dreams.

    Thank you for reading,


  41. Wow, I never thought to make a notebook with my dreams so thank you I never thought of that 🙂

  42. Hmm…
    This is interesting, I have an idea, anyone up to hear it?

    I have a fear of heights and plummeting to the ground. So what if I gain the ability to lucid dream and do the Matrix jump test to conquer that fear? Does anyone think that’s a good idea?

    • Also some things I want to try once I achieve daily lucidity are:
      1) Matrix jump test
      2)Listen to my iPod and play through a whole song accurately (thinking Gold on The Cieling by the Black Keys, seems easy)
      3) Fly (duh)
      4) Conjure up an epic fortress with infinite weaponry and my group of friends and hold off a zombie apocalypse till morning (Epic to the EXTREME!!!)
      5) Walk up walls in front of random people (for funseys)
      6)Become famous (idk, why not?)
      7) Have a legitimate conversation with all my friends
      8) Become a video game character (Link from Legend of Zelda or any Pokemon)
      9)Create a utopia of my own
      10) Fight myself
      The list goes on, but whaddaya think?

  43. You want to have two reality checks so that you will have yourself a fail safe jyst in case
    a particular doesn’t work. It also give you “signs” on what to look out
    for. Because if you have this great vision of you retiring on your own private beach but deep down yoou don.

  44. I always have lucid dreams, since I was young. I can also control my dream into what I want to happen in the dream. While im dreaming I know in my dram that I am dreaming and when its a bad dream I can wake myself up
    My challange is to see the euromillion numbers in my dream. Is this possible in lucid dreams?

  45. When i am in a nightmare and i want to scream no sound comes out but my real body thats asleep can be heared screaming but i cant hear the scream except people that are in the same house as me !!

  46. I love dreaming! I’ve always been able to remember my dreams and wrote them down or made stories out of them or just generally use them as inspiration. I sometimes even like to interpret my dreams.

    I’ve lucid dreamed a few times but not properly. Like once in my dream my brother was chasing me and I hid in the attic and in the dream my brother jumped up to the attic (without a ladder) which was impossible – so I re-winded my dreams so that he didn’t actually make it to the attic.

    Another time I was going to meet a friend of mine and ended up seeing boys from my old school, I didn’t like the setting of my dream so I rewind the dream I changed it to some place else.

    Yet, I’ve never been able to lucid dream to the extent of taking hold of my whole dream. Plus each time I’ve tweaked my dreams – I don’t think I was fully aware that I was dreaming. Maybe I’m just too used to going with the flow of my dreams, which I don’t mind, but it’d be nice to be able to lucid dream too.

  47. Recently I watched the movie divergent, and in the film the main character tells herself that she is dreaming and that “this isn’t real” several times. I found it pretty cool and interesting so I thought maybe I should try it. I somewhat forgot about it but then about 3 nights later it happened in a nightmare of mine, some guy was chasing me and I was running slowly and weird like most people do in their dreams, and then I told myself “haha I only do this in dreams” and then a few seconds later I stopped and realized holy shit I’m in a dream. I looked around the city and tried to imagine my favourite celebrity aaron paul appearing before me, it was kind of hard, it seemed like a hologram and he kept disappearing. Then I woke up. A few nights later I was dreaming I was in a mansion and while walking down the stairs I looked up and said once again “holy shit I’m dreaming” this time I decided to actually stay asleep and try as hard as I can to keep remembering I’m asleep, I decided to do something fun in my dream, I stole a motorcycle and started riding it down the street. It was really interesting and I am still trying to master doing this every night. I feel like I could get some serious shit done in my sleep, like my own personal paradise, I can be happy.

  48. Hey Martin here, A friend of mine recommended a movie called INCEPTION. I guess you all here folks know about this movie because the movie got me exited and lead me to research about lucid dreams. I Tried the WILD method which lead me to sleep paralysis and I kinda scared of that.. And just to say thanks to author of this blog post and shearing the MILD method which i will be trying it top night and i guess the the following week. So i hope i will” >lucid dream tonight or the next week.

  49. hi im 15 and i have had lucid dreaming a couple of times since i was little to now.Sometimes when i would lucid dream i would get hurt in it and actually feel pain. when i woke up i would still feel the pain for 5 minuets and then it would disappear. one time i lucid dreamed and it was a nightmare my mom came in and tried to wake me up by shaking me but i didn’t. she said i was crying and shouting. she said after a while i stopped and then woke up screaming. this is also another dream where i felt an extreme amount of pain and when i woke up i still felt it for about 10 minutes. i kept telling my mom to help me but she didn’t understand what was wrong since i looked fine. after a while the pain disappeared. do you understand what this means?? i can also always remember my dreams i can remember lucid dreams from when i was 5 years old. I have had dreams over the years that continue and they are really weird. But i want to learn how to control my lucid dreaming. because i cant just make myself lucid dream whenever i want….. it just happens every once in a while. Also, in my lucid dreams i can feel, touch, and eat things, and do things like i am actually there. the food tastes normal and stuff like that. SO can u explain all of this and give me some tips on how to make myself lucid dream regularly?? and what the pain part means????

  50. Hey, I’m 13 and I’m trying to lucid dream. I just tried some things for the first time last night. I want to start a dream journal because I never remember my dreams and so do you have any other tips I could use?

  51. Never been able to lucud dream but I’ll try some of the techniques you explained. Thanks a lot for the great info. I’ve added your page as one of the best to my site.

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