How To Make Conscious Coincidences

“A coincidence is a small miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous.”

Understanding Synchronicity

The field of all possibilities is consciousness, the universe is pure consciousness. Once you discover that your true nature is consciousness itself, you will know that your consciousness is pure potential.

To tap the field of possibilities you will need to experience your true self.

The more you become centered in your inner being the closer you are to the field of possibilities. When you are constantly looking for solutions outside of yourself, your internal reference point is your ego. Your ego is simply your self-image; the problem with your ego is that it is constantly seeking approval from the outside world.

Spend enough time by yourself and your ego cant survive, and the real you starts to emerge. This is the beginning of understanding synchronicity and the role it plays in your life.

There Are No Coincidences

When you begin to experience your environment from the perspective as being inseparable from you, you will notice that it draws people, situations, and circumstances to support your desires. Instead of struggling with your environment, you learn to go with the flow and respond to it in the most beneficial way.

If you never give yourself the opportunity to experience silence, it will create turbulence in your internal dialogue. Turbulence inside means you can’t take the proper action on the outside. Your judgment becomes clouded. Learn to be with your silence, transcend your thinking mind to develop a calm state of mind.

Being calm is the ideal way to experience your life, when you are calm you are not just simply reacting to your environment, you are responding to it with actions that are total and complete. A calm mind is able to experience the present moment, so any action you take arises from the present which is the only real thing.

By being calm and even minded your environment also begins to make more sense to you. When you are able to watch what’s going on inside you, you will be in a better position to realize how the outside world is relating to your internal world. By being very observant of your thought processes and internal dialogue you will begin to notice many more synchronistic events that happen in your life.

Think of synchronicity as simply meaningful coincidences in your life. Ultimately the meaning of anything in life comes from the meaning you choose to give it. So the more you pay attention to your life’s coincidences and look into their meaning the more they begin to appear in your life.

Let’s say you get clear on your intent for something, and you watch your internal dialogue carefully, if you pay attention you will get clues from your outside world on how this might be what you where asking for to get your goal accomplished.

Example: I get clear that I want to meet a new possible girl friend who likes to travel and who is from another country. I get really clear on the qualities I would like her to have. I meditate on the essence of the person and the main traits I’m looking for. As I meditate I keep my mind focused on this idea and only this idea. When I am done meditating I release my attachment to that thought. Now I just go about my normal day-to-day life, all the while being watchful of my environment.

Now it’s been three weeks I am having lunch with a friend, he mentions he has a cousin who just moved and that we should all go out down town. He invites me to come along and says I will love her because she is from Italy and loves to travel. Just like that I feel a click inside me and realize that this is what I was asking for and agree to go out with them. I was not in the mood to go out but I realize that it’s at least worth checking out because it has the seeds of what I was looking for. This also affects my attitude when I meet her because now I am trying to tune in to see if this is the connection I wanted. I am more pro active in getting to know her, as opposed to if I just stayed idle in the background, because I don’t see it as a meaningful coincidence. I will leave the rest up to your imagination šŸ™‚

Learn to become the master of your mind, learn to just watch your thoughts without becoming attached; this will lead you to have a calm mind. To help you do this learn to be with your silence, by learning to meditate daily. Then start to become observant of your thoughts and internal dialogue, learn to remember the thoughts you focused on, then release them.

As you live your normal life, be watchful of any clues that show up, when you get a hunch explore it. After a while I think you will have some lovely surprises, at first you might want to brush them off as mere coincidences, learn to suspend disbelief, once you experience it you will see that there is something meaningful there.

Thank you for reading my post, hope it helped you in understanding synchronicity in your life, now get out there and make some miracles happen.

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  1. Having experienced numerous synchronicities,i can tell some facts with a certain authority. Your reflex attitude whether acquired or nurtured creates your destiny by synchronicity. Nurturing a nonchalant and confident attitude works like a wonder provided you are not greedy to start with.

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