How To Make The Most of Your Daily Time

“How we spend our day’s is of course, how we spend our lives” Annie Dillard

Its Time To Improve Time Management

All we have is the present moment, yet our minds spend tremendous amounts of time thinking about everything that we carry from the past, and everything we can imagine for the future.

Time is all we have and if we use the present moment to only think about doing things, much will not be accomplished. We have to learn to let go of any belief or idea that is paralyzing us in the present. We need to get clear of what we want in the future but be focused on what we need to do today, to put us one step closer to what we want.

Making The Most of Your Daily Time

1. Improve time management by setting limitations: When you have some activities or tasks planned out, make sure you set up time limitations. If your going to the library have a goal as to what you want to get accomplished for the two hours you gave yourself.

2. Improve time management choosing the essential: When you have identified the major pieces to your personal fulfillment puzzle, make a list of the most essential parts and focus on getting them done. Eliminate anything trivial that does not contribute to your vision, if the show on TV is not adding anything of value to you, turn it off. In Choosing the essential, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Valuable: Identify the things that are truly valuable in your life.
  • Acceptance: Love and accept who you are right now, and use it as a stepping stone to next level of growth.
  • Realistic: Make sure you pursue things that with proper effort and planning will be a reality. Try and take on goals that will take 3-12 months, anything longer than that and it will be difficult in finding the motivation to keep going. Start in baby steps accomplishing things that are manageable and will give you confidence.
  • Trivial: Identity all the things that are not adding value to your life and eliminate them.
  • Growth: Make the time to evaluate key areas of your life like your finances, relationships, health, and spiritual health and make time to do activities that focus on your growth.

3. Improve time management by learning to simplify: When we learn to look at things critically we can learn to look at things in the most efficient way, and than learn to simplify our actions to get the desired result.

4. Improve time management by focusing: Whatever we place our attention on grows. Learn to become aware of where your mind is placing its attention. When it starts to deviate bring it back to the essential things you have identified. When you begin to lose motivation remember that each moment you procrastinate, the more distance you put between the things you want.

5. Improve time management by creating habits: When you learn to stick to your time limitations, choosing  the essential, simplifying your actions, and focusing your attention, you need to incorporate all of them into daily habits. We are creatures of habits, and if we create efficient habits that have within them the seeds of the things we want, it’s only a matter of time before we get them.

6. Improve time management starting small: Start in any way you can, pick up a book, call a friend, and write an email. Any action that puts you one step closer to your desires. If you learn to do many small things, over time they contribute to bigger actions and opportunities that where only possible because of the baby steps.

Our time is precious, don’t wait waiting is a waste of time, identify the things you want and use your time wisely to live a life of personal fulfillment and joy.

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2 Responses to How To Make The Most of Your Daily Time

  1. Simplifying is really key here. What I often tell my clients to do is separate their lives into what they can and can’t control. By doing this, you simplify your tasks into what you can manage right now, and spend the brain energy working on those things rather than what is beyond our control (like other people and world events).

    Jim Valeri’s last blog post..Keeping Your Cool, Even When Children Are Screaming!

  2. I’ve just read this article and for what I’m reading, you’re trying to say people should do things all the time, without some relaxing at the end of the day. Am I interpretting this right?

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