How To Stay Young

“You don’t stop doing things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing things” Rosamunde Pilcher

Forever Young

We get old because we do old things, things we know, things we are comfortable with. To stay young we need to constantly immerse ourselves in new life experiences. To keep our minds fresh we need to keep feeding it new ideas and perspectives, and you can’t do that by doing the same old routine day in day out. Every time you learn something new you make new neural pathways in your mind, essentially exercising your mind.

How To Stay Young At Heart  by:

Meeting new people: don’t limit your self to one set of friends. Meet new different people, they will expose you to things you where never aware of. Go to music festivals, join interest groups, and try a new coffee shop. Just get out there as long as you genuinely want to meet new people the opportunities will present themselves. You just need to be open to connect.

Exercising: On a nice sunny day go for a walk or bike ride. Call some friends get a pick up basketball game going. Join a recreational sports league, meet new people and have fun at the same time.

Food: Eat foods that are full of life Top 10 Brain Food

Books: Read a new book every month. Go to a bookstore and just grab any book off the shelf and browse through it see if it calls out to you to explore further. Learn how to speed read so you can read hundreds of book’s every year.

Movies: Watch movies that will inspire you and give you new perspective. I like to watch documentaries and foreign movies. Watch foreign movies without the subtitles, just observe human nature, you will discover universal behaviors.

Learning a new language: This accomplishes many things. You give your self a good excuse to travel to the home country. You meet new people you would have never been able to communicate with if you did not speak the language. You are able to understand foreign cultures better.

Create New Things: Explore you creative nature, pick up new hobbies. If you have always wanted to paint what’s stopping you from getting a canvas and letting your creative juices flow.

Make Your Own Bucket List: Make a list of the things you have to experience before you die and get to work on it. Maybe you want to have some Gelato in Venice with your loved one. Possibly ride bikes in Amsterdam, or to go on the sound of music tour in Austria. Just think of any experience that would make you feel good and that is unique.

Hope you enjoyed my short post on how to stay young. This life is here for you to explore, don’t wait, waiting is a waste of time, keep doing things, god speed my friend – Ivan

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  1. Hi Ivan,

    I enjoyed this post about staying young at heart. As the old saying goes, “variety is the spice of life.”



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