Smile Because You Never Know Who Is Looking

“Don’t frown because you never know whos falling in love with your smile.” 

When living and traveling abroad meeting and getting to know new people is major part of the adventure. At first glance for some of us this may seem like an intimidating endeavor. Especially if you can’t speak the same language and the culture happens to be radically different than what you are accustomed to. Learning to speak another language as many of us know also takes is a significant amount of time and energy.

Fortunately communicating with other human beings is not restricted to the verbal domain. Body language is a universal language that crosses geographical and cultural boundaries.

Whenever you want to make new friends in a foreign land, the easiest way to show that you are open and ready to connect is with a warm genuine smile.

Recently a very special woman has come into my life and one of the main reasons that I even wanted to approach her was because of her inviting smile. She can light up the whole room.

A nice gentle smile conveys a person who is centered and relaxed in her own skin. I can’t even count how many times I have started conversations with strangers on public transportation all because of a sincere smile. They have the power to remove your initial feelings of hesitation to meeting complete strangers.

Touching Others With Your Heartfelt Smile

Nothing shows our humaneness more than a heartfelt smile. The heart knows no boundaries and when you are able to convey your hearts feelings through your smile, you will literally touch the people around you.

The smile is a great way of sharing your inner experience, of sharing your life with others.

Learning to focus your attention to the hear and now, thereby making contact with your intrinsic nature, the feeling of being naturally yourself will arise within you and you will find yourself smiling a lot. When you feel happy, relaxed, and in the moment you will feel a deep sense of connectedness with the whole world. You will smile for no reason. A forced smile is superficial and no one appreciates it.

A heartfelt smile can really go a long way, so please do your part to brighten up someones life. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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