How To Unleash The Fire From Within To Live The Life of Your Dreams

“Every man has his own courage, and is betrayed because he seeks in himself the courage of other people.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Power of Conscious Will

You already posses everything that is needed in your journey to personal fulfillment, you just need to acknowledge and harness your inner being. Does not matter where you currently find yourself in life, you can make your life worth while now and in the future if you focus your attention on your immediate needs. Once you get clear on your essential needs use all your abilities and available information to fulfill them. You must develop the unlimited powers that lay dormant within you; they are waiting for you to awaken them.

Tthoughts = feelings = actions = results

Your thoughts will inevitably bring you either to failure or to success according to which is your common thought. You must wholeheartedly believe in your own plans, use your abilities to carry them out, and have the proper awareness so that your innate intelligence can work through you. When you are in tune and aligned with your soul (intuition) you will be able to think correctly about everything that you do.

Along with positive thinking, you must use energetic will power and be persistent in taking actions that will lead to your success.

When you become aware of the real power within you, you will develop ‘conscious’ will power. The more conscious and aware you become through a spiritual practice such as meditation the more you will begin to integrate all your energies and not be dominated be your egoic false sense of self.You will be able to direct your life force energy to whatever it is you need to accomplish.

As we are now we have almost no will power because inwardly (psychologically) we are not one “I” but many “I’s”.We simply react to our environment. We can’t remain aware of our thoughts from moment to moment so as to not become identified, involved, and derive our sense of self from them.

Being identified to your mind means you are controlled in the present moment by your past memories, hence why don’t have real will power. Who you are is Awareness itself and not what your Awareness identifies itself with. As you become a more conscious being you will have the sufficient psychic energy to alertly observe the content of your mind without becoming involved. I’s like being on the empire state building and you are simply watching the people (thoughts) below go about their business and you don’t mind them. You need to realize that you are only alive in direct proportion to how aware you are. Being identified you are living in a type of self hypnosis, you are living unconsciously.

Building Energetic Will Power:

• Take baby steps first, anything that gets the ball rolling.
• Make up your mind to do some of the things in life you thought you could not do. Attempt simple tasks first, as your confidence grows your will power becomes more dynamic, and will be able to deal with more complex accomplishments. You will begin to prove to yourself that with a focused mind and wholehearted effort nothing is out of your reach. I am currently working on being fluent in Korean. In the beginning it seemed like an impossible task, but now with persistent daily actions I am well on my way. Now that I am at a certain level the learning process has become very enjoyable and interesting. It has its own intrinsic motivation behind it. As I begin to communicate better it motivates me to keep improving because it becomes a lot of fun being able to express my self in three languages.
• Devote your entire will power to accomplish one thing at a time; do not scatter your energies. Limit your big projects to only a few priorities. My main priorities for the next year are growing my blog, Korean, and finishing my book.

Learn to be introspective; get to know yourself on a deeper level. Become acquainted with your inner silence the source of a higher knowing. Carrying thoughts with energetic will power means entertaining that thought with unwavering focus and by taking persistent actions you will manifest it in your external reality.

Three rules for cultivating your will power:

1. Choose a simple task or goal that you want to accomplish and make up your mind to succeed in it. Make sure it is some your truly want with your mind and heart.
2. Be sure you have chosen something constructive and feasible, than refuse to consider failure.
3. Concentrate on a single purpose, using all your abilities and the resources available to progress its attainment.

Through the proper cultivation of your ‘conscious’ will power there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Your energetic will is what’s behind any meaningful actions you take, its only enemy is fear. Avoid thinking about it, and participating in it. Your life force is paralyzed and your actions become sabotaged by fear. You must always be cautious but never afraid.

Be mindful of the environment you participate in and the people you interact with, surround your self with people and things that are conducive to your growth.

Never give up, continue to take new actions after you fail. Learn from your mistakes and resolve that any actions you take will be carefully planned.

To be a successful person, you need to refocus your attention from failure to success, from worry to calmness, from wondering mind to concentration, from restlessness to peace.

Analyze Yourself:

•Learn to see passed your ego and honestly acknowledge what are your good and bad tendencies.
•Analyze what you are, what you wish to become, and what is impeding your growth.
•Take initiative, initiative puts to use your creative abilities.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Analyzing others:

When you catch your self analyzing others, the most important thing is to keep your mind unbiased. Your unbiased mind must act like a mirror held steady, and not giving in to hasty judgment. Then you will see an undistorted image of any person reflected within you.

How to see the world through other people’s eyes:

Another great thing to do to increase your awareness is to continually practice seeing the world and yourself through the eyes of others.

Exercise: When you wake in the morning, practice staring at yourself in the mirror and visualize that you are in the mirror looking at yourself from that perspective. This practice will help you with accepting yourself and others. You will also learn to see things from other people’s perspectives and points of view. When looking at the mirror, really concentrate on feeling that you are in the mirror, until you feel a click or shift that you are looking back at yourself. When you are in a public place, practice on achieving that feeling and perspective by transferring your awareness to another person’s eyes. The more you practice this, the more you feel like you know what a person is thinking and feeling.

Analyze your habits:

Make a list of any habits that are keeping you from becoming the person you desire to be. Replace any of your habits with activities that will add to your growth. Leaving your bad habits is a sign of progress towards inner freedom and attainment of your material wants. Ultimately the person you become is the result of your everyday habits, learn to be mindful of what those habits are.

Getting in tune with your divine will: Meditation will help you see that the image of god is within you.

When you want to create something important, sit quietly, calm your senses and your thoughts, and meditate deeply upon what you want to do. You will than be guided by the creative powers of spirit. After that you must take initiative and use any resources to bring about whatever you wish you accomplish.

Determine To Be Happy: Your journey to a successful life of creating something of lasting is value is going to take time, don’t wait to be happy until that day. Choose to be happy now; it’s your responsibility to be happy.

Stages of Success:

1. Choose a good profession that satisfies you materially and spiritually.
2. Do your work with attention, love, and interest.
3. Develop your interest and patience in your work.
4. Maintain and cultivate thought of constant progress to neutralize any negative tendencies and habits.

If you feel that the things you want to accomplish require greater talent than what you possess, just remember that extraordinary talent is not as necessary as unshakable purpose and steadfast effort. Most people fail to attain their material, mental, and spiritual desires because of a lack of a definite purpose and sustained effort. Get clear on your true needs, develop your mind properly, realize your true nature, and awaken the giant within you.

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