How Well Do You Manage Yourself?

“There are three secrets to managing. The first secret is have patience. The second is be patient. And the third most important secret is patience.” -Chuck Tanner

Managing Yourself

In business we all know that management is everything. If you don’t manage your resources properly your business won’t succeed, it’s as simple as that.

In business we put systems in place and train our human capital to manage and execute the systems. If our systems are efficient and our training is adequate, usually the outcome is a desirable one.

Needless to say we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy in learning to manage our surroundings.

Unfortunately we live in a world that is dominated by commerce, by economics, our lives are dictated by it, that with time we end up forgetting to manage the most important thing, which is managing ourselves.

Trying to manage the outside world without managing ourselves is surely a recipe for disaster.

To be be more specific managing our inner selves, many of us do not understand what that even means, that it’s necessary. We are not aware of how our own systems that exist within us work.

Many people have become great managers in their external worlds and have become quite successful because of it, but without proper inner management, many come to suffer from their success. This is very sad because success in this world does not come easily.

I just want you to take some time to ponder over the following question. Has your happiness gone up or down as you have gotten older? In the last 24 hours how many happy moments are you able to recall?

If you can’t think of many, this just means your having bad inner management. This should be a wake up call because when you look at everything we do in life, it is done in the pursuit of happiness. Which will mean something different for everyone depending on the stage of development he finds himself at.

Somewhere deep down we believe that if we can manage our family, our careers, our finances, that it will bring us happiness, a deep fulfillment.

Managing Yourself Effectively

So what does being a good inner manager mean? It means learning to manage your body, mind, emotions, and energies. If you don’t have inner management you are managing your outside world purely by accident, there is no real meaningful intent behind your actions.

When you manage situations as an accident, you exist as an accident, anxiousness then becomes a natural part of your life.

One is not stressful because of what we are doing, but because we are bad managers of ourselves.

Everyone believes their job is stressful, stress is not the nature of the job. If you don’t have control over your systems you will be stressful no matter what it is you find yourself doing.

The systems we need to manage is our body, mind, emotions, and energies. Just like any business properly managing these systems requires diligent research and development.

What makes a good manager in a business? The person usually has a great understanding of the essential aspects of the business, it’s operations, and most importantly it’s employees. He knows his employees strengths, weaknesses, personality, and generally has built some good rapport with them. Many of us fail to take the same penetrating look inside our selves to understand how we work and then learn to manage ourselves accordingly.

If you manage yourself properly, you will rise to your true potential.

All that matters is that with whatever you are doing you put your whole heart into it, it then becomes beautiful because our heart is in it. You will be able to put your heart into anything once your systems are operating in harmony, when you understand each part and the role it plays in your life.

So now it’s time you take a penetrating look, do you really know how good a shape your body is in? Do you really understand your emotions and the role they play in your life? How about your mind, do you understand your thinking process and how it affects your life? How about your energies, do you know how to summon and keep your energies abundant so you can respond to life with actions that are total?

If you are not satisfied with your life most likely you have let these systems run unconsciously, they are not communicating with each other, they have become corrupted. They are all pursuing their own agendas and usually going in opposite directions, leaving you scattered, frustrated, anxious, powerless.

You need to start infusing your life with awareness and take conscious control over your systems, start the process of understanding all the aspects of your being and get them back in alignment. Once you start getting yourself aligned you will take control of your life.

Inner management is essential to life management. It’s your responsibility to learn to manage yourself, blaming and complaining the outside world will get you nowhere.

It’s never too late to enroll in the school of life, the lessons are endless and once you understand the basics (body,emotions,mind, energies) It won’t be long before you receive your Master’s in yourself.

Once you know yourself at a deep level you will know everything worth knowing. God speed my friend.

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28 Responses to How Well Do You Manage Yourself?

  1. Great post Ivan. I have realized of late that what you said is exactly happening to me. I am finding that I am able to manage myself through better planning, awareness and meditation.

  2. I’ve had managers that could not manage their mind and emotions to save their lives. It’s very true that we all must place the emphasis on managing ourselves and not so much on managing things.

  3. I think that i live the poor country. So my study is little especially english . I think that my writting english is not good and i want to improve my enlish but i don’t how can i improve my enlish ? I hope that u will have idea to me and i follow u.Do u know Cambodia country ? I think that may be u don’t know .But i see ur meassage u come visit Thailan so i want to tell u that Thailand near Cambodia .Do want to visit in Cambodia? Cambodia alot of resort ,hotel ,Temple ,seaside,crab……….

  4. HII…i really admire your topic..i really do feel its all about me..i have jUst ruin up my life by not managing and just passing my life on natural decisions..i hope by reading this i will manage not much but that will be a lot for me too…GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU ARE HELPING PEOPLE WHO SUFFERS..

  5. hi.., one of all. I just what how to do nowadays, i can’t deside well to be lawyer or notary or prosecutor and judge, how do i manage myself.

  6. Hai
    Its a good post. I always try to improve myself and work for it.But this mismanagement is really a trouble for me.I really need to be get managed.

  7. I’ve stumbled onto your site and appreciate your direct way of writing. I’m aware that my self management needs improvement and hopefully you illuminate a process for me to learn. I’ll click a few pages and see if you have any step by step process. If not then can you tell how I begin the journey of improving my self management? Thanks – M

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