I Feel Good: How To Walk On Clouds

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” – Albert Einstein

Hey You! Get Your Head Out of The Clouds

Today I briefly want to talk about a quality that many of us experience when we genuinely feel good, when we feel totally alive and alert. When you feel so good that people around you can sense it and say, “wow….look at that guy, he’s walking on air”.

The key phrase here is that you “feel good”, you’re not thinking about it, you simply feel it. As soon as you start to think about how you are feeling, you separate your Self from the experience. But when you are just in a state of deep feeling you “are” the experience, hence why you feel so good.

Right now I want you to try and recall a time when you truly felt good. Did you experience a feeling of lightness, of expansiveness? How did this feeling come about?

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.”-Abraham Lincoln

Whenever you genuinely feel good, if you stay alert you will see that this state of being is one where your thought process has slowed down. When your stream of thoughts slows down you begin to really feel. You become aware of your body and all it’s subtle sensations. You observe the world from a place of inner stillness.

Put Some Pep In Your Step

When your inner space is not being constricted by too many thoughts, you will feel a certain lightness through out your whole being, you will feel gracefulness to your walk. You feel good…really good in fact.

Now think of the times when you are stressed out, when you are anxious, and overwhelmed with your thoughts. You may have noticed that you feel extra heavy, lethargic, that you even feel gravity’s pull is greater.

The take away from this post is that we need to learn to think less and feel more. When you learn how to feel, you awaken many of the subtle aspects of your being. When you are in a state of deep feeling, remain with it, you may start to catch glimpses of the gaps between your thoughts.

This is a process you are going to have to discover on your own. If you keep at it you will develop a knack for it.

Slipping into the gap between your thoughts allows you to be available to existence, to really “feel” it out. This is when you are able to perceive things you never noticed about life. Your body comes alive, your senses become alert, because the energy that was consumed by incessant thinking is now available for higher perceptions. You walk on air. You are creative.

Getting Into The Gap Between Your Thoughts

If you have not experienced the gaps between your thoughts, you need to start meditating, and become more mindful. If you stay disciplined with constantly watching your mind, you will eventually fall in to the gaps and learn to become aware of that wordless space.

One of the main things to discover in meditating is to actually “see” that the observer (your ego) is the observed. That the content of your consciousness is your consciousness, it’s all you know. That the thinker is not separate from the thought he thinks.

Being able to “see” this, if you can stay unidentified with your thoughts, you will be able to simply observe something without being lost (living in your imagination) in the observed. But if you can’t see these subtle movements taking place, you will stay identified as the observer(ego), and remain within the thought process, which is why you can’t ever experience the gap.

Learning to watch is the key. If you learn to not control your thoughts and remain passively alert, you will see that almost all your thoughts are random. But the problem is that since our minds function on logic and memory, we are always trying to make connections where there are no connections to be made. This is why when we are inattentive, our imaginations run wild and will inevitably create many problems for us.

If you can see your thoughts just like the random jumping fish that they are, you simply choose to not become attached to them, because you know it will only lead you in endless circles.

Just by constantly watching the amount of thoughts come down on their own. Initially it may seem like you are actually thinking more thoughts, but it only seems like that because you are finally learning to notice your thinking process in the first place. Learning to watch without becoming identified will allow you to eventually catch the gaps between your thoughts.

Once you can make these gaps (space) larger, your relationship to time completely changes, because now psychologically you get a taste of being one with existence itself. You will feel spacious and calm.

Being in these gaps you are able to perceive things you previously could not see, because your thought process was moving faster then the chronological external time. This made you feel lost, that life was too much to handle, that it was passing you by.

When you feel overwhelmed, just take a deep breath, take a nice little walk, watch your surroundings simply and before you know it you will be walking on air.

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12 Responses to I Feel Good: How To Walk On Clouds

  1. Hey Ivan,

    This idea of thinking less and feeling more resonates with me. I think we often get stuck in our heads, over-analyzing things and this is what causes a lot of our daily stress. Thinking has it’s time and place, but so does noticing things and so does feeling.

    • I totally agree eduard :)…we need to learn to think in a sane healthy way…and when thinking is not needed put it away and just “be”….hope your doing well my friend 🙂

  2. Hey Ivan, I tend to be a control freak and maybe that is why I have struggled with meditation and being overwhelmed by my own thoughts. But I have been trying and exploring my own thought processes in order to better understand how I operate. I find that I “feel” the best when I am doing things that I love to do like photography. When I am taking photos or doing a shoot I am definitely “feeling good”. I like your approach here and will definitely try thinking and analyzing less and feeling more and see what happens. As always thanks for your words of encouragement.

  3. Hey Ivan, just discovered ur blog from hopping through personal development blogs. Good insights here, and feeling the experience of life is something that goes on and off for me throughout the day, but you’re right it often happens when I’m not stuck in my mind, when I’m just allowing myself to accept what is without judging it.

    Do you think there is a right or wrong way for meditating? Like a certain stance? Or counting your breaths? I’ve been meditating for the past few weeks, and I don’t usually do it the way people typically imagine it. I don’t count my breath – I just let my brain be still, and envision myself as part of the universe. Is there a certain way you have to meditate?

    • anything if done with enough awareness will become meditation 🙂 let your life be a meditation…..thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. Hi Ivan,
    Well articulated and so true. Trusting that “gut” instinct or intuition will never lead us astray. Creative breakthrough or even sound business decisions come from a non-thinking instinct. The universe is always guiding us… learning to how to listen is the key to success.

  5. Oh so true! Thank you for the insight Ivan. How wonderful to be reminded that feeling is so important and thinking can sometimes load up the body. Great advice – thanks again 🙂

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