My Wish For Our World

“I hope…that mankind will at length, as they call themselves reasonable creatures, have reason and sense enough to settle their differences without cutting throats; for in my opinion there never was a good war, or a bad peace”
– Benjamin Franklin

The world keeps moving at lighting speed, we live in a world of extremes, extreme poverty, extreme wealth, extreme intelligence, and extreme stupidity.

It is my wish and sincere hope that one day I am part of a world based on contribution for the greater good of the whole. I feel that in order for our civilization to continue, we need a world-wide change in consciousness. All the problems we have come from a lack of awareness. We lack the awareness of our true nature, and awareness of our environment.

I feel that if we all quit watching others as much as we do, and just watched ourselves, our awareness of a more integrated way to live would become our reality. If enough of us became shining examples of a truly enlightening way to live, the rate of change would be fast. The mere presence of an integrated person is enough to transform others.

The world needs you to stand on your own two feet. If we allow ourselves to be controlled by the fear the media creates, we are in danger of destroying ourselves. Society has conditioned us to be afraid, afraid of what? Other human beings? They have created a dysfunctional being; it goes against our true nature. They simply did this because the only way to control a population is by keeping them afraid.

All your beliefs where given to you by society, you may think they are yours because they are in your mind. Go deep within yourself, develop trust in yourself. Trust cannot be given to you like beliefs, trust needs to be experienced. I really believe that if we all knew how to trust ourselves, we would see how silly it is that they convinced us to be afraid of each other.

A person of trust is in tune with his heart, he knows to the core of his being what is the right action. Your perspective of seeing everything as separate from yourself would begin to disappear.

What would happen if society conditioned us to experience our world as being part of the whole and inseparable from it? To really know and feel that we are intimately connected at the most fundamental level to everything in our material world?

If we had a world wide change in consciousness I feel that:
•We would not hurt others, because that is hurting yourself on the most basic and spiritual level.
•We would contribute and share with out the motivation for personal gain; you understand that by making the whole better, you make it better for yourself.
•Make more genuine connections, because you are able to not let your ego dominate your channels of communication.
•Businesses understand that they should focus on technology not profits; they understand that by focusing on creating a better lifestyle for everyone, the quality of life will be improved for everyone involved. Concentrating on profits only benefits a few because it is an economy based on scarcity, supply and demand can be controlled (present day). An economy based on renewable resources and contribution maximizes technology to continue advancements that will benefit everyone. Scientists, engineers, technicians, when presented with great problems will solve them, our politicians only serve to hinder or prevent technological advancements. Our society’s problems are technological in nature not political, therefore the problem lies in trying to solve technical problems with politics.

I really feel that many of us are ready for this type of world; I know there are a lot of us out there. I encourage you to be an example of the change we need in our world. It’s time to leave our petty differences aside, because after all we really are just one. We are all in this together; let’s make it a joyous ride.

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  1. Really like this article. Allowing ourselves to be controlled by fear of the media, or anyone in our personal life, we can become our own enemy. Our paths in life are full of hurt wounds, making us weak and giving into the fears that will take over us and control our emotions and thoughts. We need to take control of our life as well as our thoughts and actions and make a difference in the world around us. It all starts with you and me, with the realization that we can have success in life without living in our own fears.

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