To Awaken Your True Nature Get Back To Nature

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rejuvenate Yourself In Nature

Modern day society keeps progressing at unbelievable exponential rates. Trying to stay up to date with everything is surely a recipe for madness. Society has us constantly looking into the future that we become stressed out anticipating its changes. It is also very easy to get wrapped up in all the news headlines, our lives seem to be dictated by them.

We need to learn how to remain calm and centered to not become lost in all the noise. It is important that we make the time to step back from everything to evaluate our life, our purpose, and our personal growth.

One of the best ways to get back in harmony with our true being is to get back into nature. In nature all that exists is the present moment, a constant celebration of life.

Attitude Is Key

Plan a day trip to the woods, the beach, or any place of natural beauty. Make a decision to leave anything that is causing you stress or anxiety at home. It is important to have an attitude that is open, let your guard down. Allow the boundaries between your body and nature to dissolve.

Being Immersed In nature will remind you of:

  • That there is an invisible organizing intelligence that permeates everything. That everything was created from this source of divine intelligence which you are also from, so this intelligence is also in you.
  • That your body communicates and adjusts to a more natural frequency. You get in tune with the trees, plants, and animals around you.
  • That everything is fine, that most of your problems are greatly exaggerated or have no basis of truth.
  • You will notice that your senses come alive; you will realize how society dulls your senses.

Some Things To Do In Nature

  • Think less feel more: There is no real need to think, just feel the beauty of existence. Realize how amazing it really is that you are able to have this experience.
  • Don’t Talk: If you go with a friend or loved one, practice not talking to each other. By not talking you learn how to really listen. Be still and take in all of natures sounds.
  • Read a book: Pick a nice tree to sit under and read something that will expand your mind, creativity, and understanding. Also give thanks to the tree for providing some nice shade for you to read. No words are needed, just send your silent intent of deep gratitude. Trees may not have a conscious intelligence, but they are alive and have some type of intelligence.My mother loves her plants; she speaks to them like a newborn child, and always plays happy music for them. When I have to house sit I can see the plants actually miss my mom and become sad and look as if they are sulking. As soon as my mom returns they immediately look more vibrant and alive, it’s pretty amazing.
  • Write: Take this opportunity to write down whatever you are feeling, don’t censor it or color it to make it look nice. Just put it down on paper unfiltered.
  • Feel how peaceful you become when you are in an environment that is in harmony. Realize that this same peace can be a reality in your worldly life. Analyze what are the causes to your pain; what changes do you need to make to achieve harmony in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Notice how your ego begins to fade in nature. Your ego is essentially your self image; it’s the mask you display to society. Your ego only survives by constantly seeking approval from that which it wants to identity with. Therefore all the unhappiness you experience comes from the constant battle of your ego seeking approval in the outside world. Your ego keeps you feeling separate and has you always comparing, competing, judging, and wanting more. But being alone in nature who are you competing with? Who are you comparing yourself to? No one, so the real you starts to emerge, beyond name and form.
  • Look for ideas and Inspiration: Nature has some of the most intelligent and efficient designs. Many industrial designers use nature as a source of inspiration. Velcro was born from observing how certain weeds attached themselves to animals, as a way to disperse their seeds in new locations.
  • Meditate: If meditation is new to you check out this Introductory post: How To Be Quiet and Stop Thinking
  • Take Pictures
  • Feel that silent timeless presence inside you, nurture it, give it your wholehearted attention, and watch it grow. Pay close attention to anything that wants to express itself. From this innermost place is where your creativity will begin to sprout. Plant a seed (thought) and water it with passive awareness, let the energies build up, and be ready for when inspiration strikes. Don’t hesitate to take action and create something unique.
  • Focus your awareness on your body. See that words are only needed to communicate with others, that you don’t need them when communicating with yourself. You will see that your body has its own subtle intelligence; you will get glimpses of your intuitive abilities.

Being in nature regularly you will develop a calm and centered consciousness, it will prove to be of tremendous value in your day to day life. You will be able to take action and make decisions even amongst all of the craziness going on around you.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope it serves as friendly reminder to stop and smell the roses.

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(editors note: originally published 09/27/2009)

13 Responses to To Awaken Your True Nature Get Back To Nature

  1. Hi Ivan.

    I like that point about how time in nature reminds you that everything is fine and that problems are greatly exaggerated or not even problems. It takes a distance for this to show up.

    It is nice in nature because lots of assumptions about what is here and what pressure is arising don’t make sense because all there is is trees and rocks and plants. Also, there tends to be a lack of people, which makes for some variety from regular communication and responses.

    Health goes up when we go into nature.

    Thanks for the material.

    • It’s my pleasure, thanks for checking my site out Armen…hope all is well…come back soon

  2. For me, there is nothing like running in the outdoors to refresh me and get me back into a positive frame of mind. Thanks for sharing some great ideas for renewing ourselves. There is something of beauty in creation that refreshes the spirit.
    .-= Steve´s last blog ..Get Rid of Quitting Once and For All =-.

  3. As empowering as communications technology is, there’s something about being out of cell phone range that allows the mind to relax and end up places it wouldn’t otherwise reach.

    This is easy advice to forget. Nice post.
    .-= Andrew MacPherson´s last blog ..Ghetto Onboard Cooking =-.

  4. Hi, Ivan,

    Nature is, and always has been, my secret weapon for decompressing. Whenever life or work becomes a struggle, I know I need to get away. Just 10 min from my home are some amazing open space trails. Just a minute in one of these beautiful, untouched spaces reminds me of Who-I-Really-Am. I can literally feel my nervous system reset as I walk along these trails.

    Abraham ( says that we appreciate nature so much because there is absolutely no resistance to life, and we can feel it energetically. This is certainly true for me. Solutions come pouring forth and I return to my work with a renewed joy.

    Savor your moments in nature,
    .-= AffirmingSpirit´s last blog ..Creating Your Own Economy =-.

  5. I really love this. I think it’s so important for people to be humbled by the simplicity of nature. I often find myself taking the world around me for granted, and when I realize this I quickly switch in appreciation mode. Just breathing in the cold air, watching the sun come out from behind the clouds, and drinking it all takes away any stress I may have.

    Great post, Ivan!
    .-= Lex Garey´s last blog ..5 Steps to Becoming a Junkie: Free Guide! =-.

  6. Hi Ivan!

    By ´coincidende´ (is it?), I´ve bumped into your website and I’m so thankful for that! I’ve been reading some of your blogs and they inspire me a lot. Thank you very much for sharing all your insights on living life from the heart. It’s a gift to the world.


    • my pleasure, thanks so much for the kind words. Please come back soon, I will do my best to provide valuable insights 🙂

  7. I can’t agree more with what you said in this article! I was walking outside in nature yesterday, taking everything in like a sponge and felt so fresh and alive for the rest of the day. I crave for it in my day to day life. After reading this I’m going to practice it a lot more 🙂 Thankyou!

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