Only Make Moves When Your Heart Is In It

“Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it, and live the phrase sky’s the limit” Christopher Wallace

When In Doubt Follow Your Heart

When I wrote this I was sitting 39,000 ft. in the air in route to Liberia, Costa Rica, contemplating the next few months of my life. Earlier in the day when I was waiting in line to check my bags, I had a small conversation with the lady behind me.

“So where you headed to?” I said.
“Houston and what about you?”
“Costa Rica” I respond enthusiastically.

“Oh that sounds like a great vacation.”
“Yeah I am excited, but I am actually moving there.”

“Wow! do you have family there or know anyone? What will you be doing?” she asks with excitement in her voice.

“I don’t know anyone and I am not really sure what I will be doing, that’s the fun part for me.”

“That’s amazing; I wish I could do that”
“You can”
I say with a big smile on my face.

“Oh no, I have too many obligations, and I am too afraid to just pack up and leave everything behind” she says with a serious tone.

Self Enquiry To Listen To Your Heart

I go on to tell her that if she really would like to have an adventure, all she has to do is examine and remove her self imposed limitations and limiting inner dialogue. I tell her that if she really goes deep inside her self, she will see that most of our excuses are based on past conditioning that’s operating  below our conscious awareness.

That’s why it’s important that you become acquainted with your inner space and decision making process. The more you understand your true nature, the better decisions you will be able to make  in your journey to a life of  fulfillment. You will really be following your heart and following your dreams.

Things To Explore In Your Journey To Self Realization

1. The Mind Is Very Cunning: Your mind is great at rationalizing anything; you need to learn to watch your mind without judgment. The more you learn to watch it, the more you will see that you are not your thoughts, but that your true nature is the watcher who sees your thoughts. The watcher and witness to your inner world is pure consciousness. Get to know your minds tendencies, if they are counter productive you will need to change the way you think, so you can change the things that need to be changed, in order for you to grow as an individual.

2. Learn to watch it: Use meditation as a daily discipline to help you create the inner space necessary to watch and question your thoughts and thought process.

You have to learn to become observant and watchful. Learn to watch, observe and be a witness to every act you do, every thought that passes your mind. Watch every desire that bubbles up within you. Observe even seemingly little things likes your gestures, walking, talking, breathing, eating, everything can be an opportunity to watch.

You will realize that the more watchful that you become, that your internal chatter will become less and less. Your thoughts become more manageable and you gain a new clarity. A clear mind is a happy mind. As you grow in your awareness, your inner growth will explode because you begin to let the deepest parts of your being rise to the surface.

You will also come to notice how much of your growth was being suppressed by awareness of the whole (society) and dependent on others. At this lower level of awareness you observe how people mostly try and grow by means of arguing, simply trying to outwit, and out smart others on pure logic.

3. Rise Above it: Once you understand and have experienced that your mind operates on several distinct levels you can transcend your mind to a new level of understanding. The mind is a great servant but a terrible master. Learn to master your mind so you can let your knowledge work through it and not your knowledge work through your mind.

Your knowledge essentially binds you to a very specific level of understanding, if you don’t understand how your mind works you will only be able to see as far your current knowledge allows. Once you can transcend your mind you can move up to new levels of thinking and leave old ways of understanding behind.

4. Trust your intuition: Your mind can only think 24 frames per second, that’s what they call the flicker frequency. In life when you are confronted with situations that require an immediate response, your mind simply doesn’t have the time to think about a solution, this where your intuition takes over.

You need to learn to trust your intuition because it can mean life or death in some cases, because if you stop to think about a solution you might end up dead. Intuition lies outside your mind; it does not need to think it already knows. Many of us because of modern day society have not relied on our intuition, and therefore don’t have an intimate relationship and understanding of it.

Your inner knowing comes from first your instincts, second your intellect, and third from your intuition. Most people only operate from the level of the intellect. If you get a hunch from your instincts the intellect is great at rationalizing therefore negating an intelligence that is grounded in a deeper reality. Your instincts have a higher intelligence that comes from the past that allowed you to survive. Your intuition comes from a higher cosmic intelligence that simply just knows and does not require logic.

5. Reacting to responding: Reacting is old, responding is new. Life is always new and needs new answers. If you live your life by only identifying your identity with your thoughts (ego) you will be constantly reacting to your environment, with old patterns from your memory. When you learn to dis-identify your self from your mind, you can question all your thoughts and therefore respond to your environment with a new answer perfect for the present situation.

6. Listen to your heart to adjust your direction accordingly: When you are able to keep your awareness focused on your mind and not let it mix into other parts of your being, you will than be free to listen to your heart (feelings) with the mind not corrupting it. Being able to develop and trust your intuition will prove to be worthwhile because it will assist you in your journey to a fulfilling life.

When people think of things they want to accomplish in life they make it a destination in their mind. A destination belongs to your ego, it does not know how to get you there. You need direction in life; direction belongs to your being. Use your intuition to know what direction in life you need to take. When you come to a crossroads in your life your intuition can mean all the difference between living a fulfilling life or not.

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  1. Hi Primo, como estas? Tu articulo de cuando ibas a costa ricas , es un articulo q hace motivar a uno q aunque uno no sepa a que va o simplemente no conocer a nadien . Al tomar tu ese paso, le da uno por pensar q porq no tomar uno pasos sin miedo ! I really think that you have taken steps q te an ayudado a seguir tomando retos por los cuales as sabido como sobrepasarlos… en verdad te felicito ojala y te siga llendo muy bien por aquellos rumbos cuida te !! tu prima mimi

  2. I’d love to hear of what prompted your move to Costa Rica? Do you have family there? I agree with you, that we all have a lot of ‘noise’ both within and without, and we too often keep ‘busy’ just to avoid being quiet. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This is a superb article that coherently articulate the insights to personal development, i must say that im moved by this golden ingredients on the power there is in our thoughts. Consequently i realized the profoundly untapped potential i have held for years;Wow! thank you very much.

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