Permission to Disconnect

“The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.” James Allen

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When was the last time you had a day to yourself? When was the last time you spent a day doing absolutely nothing?

If you’re like most, the thought of taking a “mental health” day isn’t even something you would consider.

But why?

We live in a world of stimuli. Constantly bombarded with information, we often feel overwhelmed. I have to do this. I have to do that. We never make time to just be still.

All too often we push ourselves until we break down. We overload ourselves, exhausting our bodies and our minds. This is completely unnecessary. Why can’t we take a break before we break down?

Despite what we have been conditioned to believe, it is ok to have a day to ourselves. It is ok to have a day in which you do nothing. Our bodies are constantly taxed; supplying it with a much-needed break is imperative.

Save the ” I don’t have time” excuse. You don’t have time for yourself? Are you serious? What do you have time for?

I have found the following to be wonderful methods in which you can just “let go”
I strongly advise implementing them regularly, especially when your feeling particularly stressed.

Meditate– Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed I go off into my room and close the door. I get comfortable and clear my mind. I simply sit down and listen to my breathing. I find this practice wonderfully relaxing. I’ll admit when first beginning to meditate the practice can be rather uncomfortable. This uncomfortable feeling comes from our socially conditioned beliefs, that doing nothing is bad. As with all things mediation can take some practice. Over time you will become better equipped to let emptiness fill your mind. By turning off outside distractions your body can then began healing itself from within. (Note mediation is a very complex topic: look for future blog posts on this fascinating topic.)

Walk: Walking is wonderfully therapeutic and many consider it a pleasant form of mediation. Some of my greatest ideas have come during one of my routine walks. Our bodies are meant to move. Simply moving, stimulates our mind and relaxes us at the same time. Walking outside (assuming the weather is fair) is a fantastic way to relax and find your inner self.

Read: I can’t emphasize how great the pleasure of reading can be. Not only is reading great for your mind and health, opening yourself up to different perspectives is essential in personal development. Reading stimulates your mind, strengthening your imagination in the process. I love reading because it’s so simple, just you and the book, your mind and the author’s ideas. Getting lost in a book is one of the greatest feelings known to man. Take some time and read and explore your imagination today.

Exercise: Exercising is another wonderful way in which you can center yourself. It benefits your mind and body tremendously. Go for a run. Play a sport. Get your blood flowing. Nothing beats a solid jog. Many times we neglect our body, then wonder why we feel so depressed. Make it a habit to exercise daily, your body will thank you.

Journal: Having trouble deciding on something? There’s nothing like a good journal session to help settle your internal conflicts. Journaling is a wonderful way to channel your positive and negative energies. Get out a pen or computer if you prefer and just write. I repeat just write. There is no right or wrong response. How do you feel? Happy? Sad? Just let it flow. Journaling provides me with insights I otherwise would not have noticed. I have written pages upon pages in a single journaling session. Try journaling before you go to bed tonight. See what’s on your mind.

What are you waiting for? Stop neglecting your own body and mind.
Give yourself permission to disconnect. 🙂

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  1. I agree about journalling- in this world of electronics we sometimes forget the simple things like writing down our thoughts and letting our minds wander. Some of my best ideas came from a journal session. We need to let the Inner Noodle come out and play from time to time. Great post. Thanks

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  2. These are great ideas. All the wealth and goodness of the world is inside us – and you suggest ways we can tune into it. With a solid connection to our insides we can go and create what we need in the outer world!

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