Why I Travel Abroad: Why Do You Travel?

“Travelling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.” – Lisa St. Aubin De Teran

Been Around The World

This existence is such an incredible mystery, one of the things that baffles me the most, is that some how many of us fail to acknowledge what a miracle this cosmic play really is. You would think that every moment were alive, would be enough to keep us in a state of constant amazement.

One of the reasons that we end up taking life for granted, is that we become insensitive to life. Because we live through memory, through our conditioning’s, we take life, which is dynamic in nature and turn it into something static. We try to make life certain, when uncertainty is it’s basis. We end up taking the color out of life.

The moment you become open to life, you begin to see what a wonderful planet we live on. Our home is a place of such amazing diversity. One of my favorite ways to experience and marvel at our planets creations, is through travel. Traveling can really awaken your child like wonder.

My Top Reasons To Travel

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

Below, are just a few of the reasons why I love to travel:

1. Self Discovery/Personal Growth: Without a doubt the number one reason why I love to travel and live abroad is because of the opportunity it gives me to grow as a human being. Through travel I first become aware of the spiritual dimension. Through travel I tested my assumptions, challenged my beliefs, overcame my fears, and broke free from many of my social conditioning’s.

Here are a few posts I wrote on how traveling can help you grow:

2.Language: I find language and all the ways we as humans communicate fascinating. Being able to communicate with people from other cultures in their native tongue is such a rewarding experience. Obviously if you want to learn a language, the best way is to move there. Speaking only one language is terribly limiting, I would encourage everyone to at least pick up one other language. It really can open up a whole new world. Yes, it can be very difficult learning a new language, but with the right attitude and plan it can be done. My friend Benny has a great guide on Language Hacking (aff. link).

3. Street Food: Food is a huge part of any culture and if you want to try a country’s local food, street food is where it’s at. The best taco’s (besides my mother’s) I have eaten have not been in a nice sit down restaurant, but out of a tiny taco truck on the side of a bustling street. When eating street food be ready with the fact that eventually you will need to make an emergency trip to the bathroom. It’s always a good idea to carry some antacid tablets.

4. Sexy Foreign Woman: I love woman, no I am not a womanizer, I just think woman are one the universes greatest creations. I love the female energy, woman are generally more sensitive, more receptive, they are more in touch with their hearts. I think it’s safe to say that if woman ruled the world, we would live in a world where war did not exist, it would be a more loving society. I appreciate  and respect all the different woman of the world. Going to other countries I enjoy observing how the woman carry themselves. It’s great seeing the different hair styles, smiles, skin colors, eye colors, complexions, attitudes, body types, and fashion.

5. Beautiful Views: A beautiful view has the power to stop the movement of your mind, in that moment you are timeless, you sense how magnificent this planet is. One of my favorite views was from zip lining through the Costa Rican “Cloud” rain forest, it reminded me of what an incredibly rich, alive, and green planet we inhabit. Another scene that will forever be burned into my mind, is from when I was having a nice romantic dinner and had the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge as the backdrop. That evening felt magical, nothing beat’s a beautiful view and having someone special to enjoy it with.

6. Supermarkets: One of my favorite things Is to see what a country’s people eats and buys. You can learn a lot about a country by just roaming it’s supermarkets. I also love trying a country’s local candies and snack’s, but I will take a rain check on the Korean squid jerky. Man, they really love squid here.

7. Local Music: Music is the universal language, a good tune can make anyone move. I enjoy going into local bars around town to check out the live bands playing. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

8. Culture: I love observing the differences with how people live their day to day lives. I am fascinated by the the traditions, whether they are interesting, absurd, or annoying. There is much to be learned by observing a country’s traditions. Each country has it’s own set of positives and negatives and I love to experience them all.

9. People: I love connecting with interesting people. In traveling, many times you will have an adventurous attitude and usually will be more outgoing. In my travels I have met some amazing people, who in some way shape or form, helped me grow as a person. When traveling don’t be afraid of connecting with people who appear to be different than you. Just remember, you can relate to anyone, because after all, you are a human being.

Travel is a way of life, a way of being, and a way of experiencing. Freedom from the known is the mantra of my blog and traveling is one of the easiest way’s to step into the land of the unknown. These were just a few of my reasons for traveling, what are yours?

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(video from my recent trip to Thailand)


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  1. Hi Ivan, first comment here. Your blog post took me back to my back packing days in South East Asia and Central America. It was in my early twenties, I was very curious and wanted to perfect my English, learn a bit of the local languages in the countries I traveled to. My philosophy was that everyone would have something interesting to share or maybe I could even learn from it (most likely back then). The biggest life lesson I learned was that I had a lot of time. Time to travel, enjoy and find out what I wanted, before going to university and get a job. That’s not the mindset they teach you in Denmark!

    With my girlfriend I’ve lived in Chicago, where she is from, Costa Rica and Mexico for longer periods of time. I am ready again though, for a long adventure broken in to many little parts with a backpack on my bag.

    Thanks for a great post!

    • thanks so much for sharing Jannick :)…maybe one day we will meet out in the open road..best of luck to you :)…peace

  2. Thanks for a most nutritious post 🙂
    Of course without mentioning that It only made me want to travel even more.
    It has the smell of freedom…

      • I really want to but the thing is no
        ….. MONEY 🙂

        The thing is with traveling, that It costs…

        I need to get My business running well so I’ll be able to get moving from one place to another…so for now, I can only get the scene from a virtual nature…
        Hopefully I’ll be able to take some “physical steps” towards a trip somewhere in the next year to come.

        Thanks once more

  3. hey ivan, i have to say i was starting to wonder if i was the only one who felt this way. I just came across your site tonight while googling spontaneous moves to other countries. Ive read threw abit of your topics and its refreshing for a change to hear someone else writing about how i feel. So i wanted to say thank you. I have my own journey coming up and your site helped ease my mind from worry. Jordan

    • My pleasure :)…that’s awesome..I am very excited for you…i wish you the best on your journey…let me know if you make it over to asia…peace

      • Im actually goin to virgin islands for 6 months than prauge to go to launguage house to get tesol. But than i will be in asian area

        • I think your going to love Prague :)..I know I did…I will probably end up going back…let me know what you think about it when you get there :)…

  4. I love traveling but I can only afford to travel locally. But whatever the place you visit it still refreshes your mind may it be locally and abroad. But I hope I can go out someday.

    • thanks so much for sharing Rochelle :)…I also hope you get the chance to go abroad one day…wish you the best…take care….

  5. I love meeting new people when I travel…not tourists but the locals they have so much wisdom to share, always

    • your right :)…i love learning through the locals..it’s amazing how much they influence your experience…thanks so much for contributing to my site…take care…be well…

  6. Hey my friend! You touched on many of the same reasons I love to travel. It’s only been the last 10 years that my travel bug has taken be abroad and I have loved every second of it. I’m glad you mentioned supermarkets because I think it’s an under rated place to go to really feel a culture. Not only do you get to see the food but you get to meet the people. Thank you for sharing these.

    BTW…we’ll be in Indonesia in October. Think you will make it there one day?

    • My pleasure :)…Indonesia is def. a place I want to check out…don’t be surprised If I show up at your door step 😉

  7. I,too, agree that to travel is one of the most amazing ways to discover life’s greatest treasures.I share the same curiosity you have about other cultures which is why I enjoyed reading your article.It feels as if I could have written the article myself.

  8. Great post, very well said for me travel is a good idea way to discover the beauty of nature, i love to experience how good we have our life…i very much enjoyed reading this post..thanks for sharing

  9. I think you touched on all the points concisely,

    and this would be perfect persuasion for anybody who never plans to go travelling in their life!!

    I cant wait to see the world

  10. Inspiration video Mezz,this is my great pleasure to be a part.
    Well i most liked 2nd Language & 3rd Street Food point in your post.I really feel different to read this post. Thanks for providing the information.

  11. I wanna spend my time traveling, i want to discover any kind of beauty in nature, thanks for writing article like this..

    • my pleasure :)…good luck on your travels…I hope you discover many beautiful things…be well 🙂

  12. I also love to travel. I’m personally so much into traveling because I like to see other people from different countries, what are they like, how they’re living and so on…I’m fascinated by people 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Larissa :)…I am glad you could relate…hope your doing well…happy travels…

  13. One thing about a rich blogger is: you can travel where ever you want. Thailand is one of my dream destination someday, but got no budget for it yet. Whew! you just wake my dream of going there someday.

  14. i love to travel! it’s actually one great way to unwind from the stress.. i think that there are a lot of benefits you get when traveling, one of these is that you get to see new places and you get to meet new faces

  15. Great job!i wanted to travel around to spend time with my family i wish i can do that again for this year.thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you :)..it’s my pleasure…i hope you get to travel with your family this year…traveling with the family can be a great bonding experience…happy travels…

  16. very well said i love to travel and experience the world and i love to know some culture to some other places i’d like to taste there food and the hospitality of some people.

  17. your life is so cool coz you’re working your life/living your work and that includes traveling! thanks for this post.. take me with you on your next travel, :D, kiddin!

    • it’s my pleasure..thanks for taking the time to read it :)…i am going to Jeju island next week if you want to meet me there ;)….

  18. WOw! i wanna meet you there i would love to talk to you i guess i learn a lot from base to your experience,just give me some idea how to meet you then.i am very excited.

  19. Dear Ivan,
    Very nice posting on travel. Travel is really enjoyable especially scenic beauty of nature and travel makes every one happy to see new places, new culture, new food etc. It makes one’s soul feel happy. Your video is very nice; captivating all fascinations of Thailand, the first foreign country I visited 20 years back. Thanks for sharing the video which covers almost all good attractions of Thailand.

    • It’s my pleasure :)…happy that you enjoyed the post and that you could relate…hope your doing well…happy travels :)…

  20. Hi, I enjoyed your blog alot….it’s inspiring and it gives a space for thought…..nice…..

  21. Hey I love your blog but ..I was just wondering, isn’t it expensive to travel? especially if your not just backpacking or hitch hiking. Because I would love to travel lots either after high school or after university but if I don’t have a lot of money then how can I? Is there a cheaper way?

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