Saying I Love You To The Person In The Mirror

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

Self Help: Love Yourself

Many of us say I love you to our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and significant others. But how many of us take the time to say I love you to ourselves. How many of us take the time to acknowledge the love within us.

I feel that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are all blessed with our own unique set of skills, talents, and body’s. I know many of us wish we could have been taller (that’s me), stronger, and more beautiful, etc. We need to learn to accept, love, and respect the body that our soul decided to experience this life in.

Make the habit that every morning when brushing your teeth, look at yourself and sincerely say “I love you”. To acknowledge that out of all the human beings you could have been on this earth, you are the one standing in the mirror. Be grateful that out of the billions of people roaming the earth, you are one of a kind. No need to compare yourself to anyone.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to acknowledge ourselves for the fact that we never get a day off from being who we are. We go on changing and hopefully growing but we go on seeing the same person in the mirror. The reality is we are never the same, we are constantly changing, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. This is why it’s important to take the time to evaluate how we have changed. We need to celebrate our victories and learn from our set backs.

Love for yourself will only be found on the inside. Since we have limited choice in our physical appearance, love will only be found in our inner world. Sure we can change our appearance through cosmetic surgery but those changes are only superficial. I have friends that are as beautiful as fashion models that are very insecure and lack the proper love for themselves.

Searching for happiness and love in the external world is a never ending battle. You will constantly be playing a game you can’t win; there is always someone smarter, more talented, and more beautiful than you. You will only end up imitating others and be molded by society’s ideas of who you should be.

Forget about all that, fulfillment will never be found in external success. The only way for true lasting happiness is for you to turn inward. Deep within us is an infinite source of love, ideas, inspiration, creativity and purpose. We just need to have the courage to look in. To put our ego and beliefs aside and have a sincere desire to get to know our innermost being.

Once you start the journey of inner exploration and transformation you will become acquainted with your innate divine intelligence. Your desires will begin to bubble out of you. All of a sudden you might get a desire to write or paint. They might even be activities that you never attempted. Don’t fight it, give it a chance to express itself, you might end up finding your next calling.

Learn to be with your silence. Our society because of its immense demands has made us restless and anxious. Even when you’re sitting in a chair your mind is going in a million different directions. You will need to learn to meditate; meditation undoes all the damage that society imposes on you. You will become even minded, and you will gain a whole new clarity.

You will a get a new pair of fresh eyes, the ability to see without prejudices. When you are calm and even minded you will be living in a space in which you can go inward and explore. A place to simply watch and learn about yourself at a very deep level. You will find answers to many of your most sought after questions.

This article that you are now reading is the result of exploring my inner space. Today I went to a park sat on a bench and entered a space of complete silence. As soon as I quiet my mind I am able to see my mind working on very subtle levels. I remain unattached and just let my energies get stirred up, until ideas start to flow out of me unfiltered.

I apologize if there is no congruent theme or thorough enough explanation to this article. It is just the result of a stream of consciousness that I decided to put down on paper as it was happening. Once again thank you and I wish you the best on your inner journey, happy travels.

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  1. Life is such an amazing journey. Taking the time to simply be quiet, soak in the beauty around us allows so much creativity to flow. Beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Loving ourselves is so vitally important. I have found before I teach them to say I Love You in the mirror – they first need to look at themselves! At my seminars I ask the question “who here looks at themselves in the mirror when they brush their teeth?” I am amazed how many people do not look at themselves….

    Thanks for an insightful post…..
    .-= Ellie Walsh´s last blog ..Law of Attraction Carnival #54 =-.

    • thank you ellie :)…I know it’s pretty amazing how many people don’t take the time…It was my pleasure…hope all is well…come back soon 🙂

  3. All respect to what i’ve just read !
    Thanks a lot for sharing your positive insights with others 🙂

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