It’s The Small Things That Matter

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“You can gain more control over your life, by paying closer attention to the little things” Emily Dickinson

In an age of information overload having selective ignorance has become increasingly important to have a sane life. Many of us spend too much time giving our attention to trivial things that are not improving the quality of our lives. We need to learn to not sweat the small stuff and focus on what’s important. Interestingly enough many of the small things we do daily can lead us to life changing decisions. The skill you have to develop is how to be aware of the small stuff that’s important and not worry about the trivial things.

If you really analyze your life you will see that it is our small behaviors that end up defining us and give others a peek into who we are as individuals. Everything that you ever achieved that you considered worthwhile started off in small steps. Learn to acknowledge and celebrate your daily victories. Over the long run they will yield substantial change and lead to the attainment of your desires.

Small Steps To Personal Development Daily:

1. Make Small Talk: Learn to be a socially friendly person who is genuinely interested in learning about others. Having the ability to strike up conversation anywhere and with anyone can  literally change your life overnight. You never know when small talk can lead to your next business partner, mentor, or even your next relationship. The more you learn to make small talk the more opportunities you give yourself to be unexpectedly surprised.

2. Appreciate the little things: I think that beauty lies in simplicity, learn to become aware and appreciate the little things. If you really pay attention you will see that the little things are what make all the difference. If your spouse has the habit of always leaving you a little love note in your lunch, make sure to acknowledge it. Let her know how much of a difference it makes in your day, your wife will really appreciate the feedback.

3. Take Baby Steps: Whenever you have a new goal or project in your life, take the small steps that will give you direction to the bigger decisions you will need to make to accomplish your goal. It can be as small as making a phone call, sending an email, buying a book, or requesting some information from a website.

4. Celebrate Small Victories: If you take action that puts you one step closer to your dream, celebrate it. Learn to acknowledge that everything you do is molding and shaping your ultimate destination, give your self credit for mini jobs well done.

5. Take Advantage of Small Opportunities: Opportunities present themselves everyday, learn to spot the small opportunities that can be conducive to your growth and can lead to bigger opportunities down the road. If a small local group invites you to speak to 20 of its members, gladly accept even if you feel it will not directly help you. This is a great opportunity to practice your speaking skills and meet some new people.

6. Learn In Small Chunks: Try everyday to learn something small but seek to understand it fully. Working on and perfecting small chunks of information will lead you to a better understanding of the whole. If photography is a new hobby of yours make it a goal to learn a new aspect of photography like using different types of lenses.

7. Keep an Idea Book: This is your companion for your thoughts, let this be the laboratory for all your ideas. Jot anything down, most will start off small and than you can work on developing them into something more tangible.

Just remember that small things really can make a big difference, you just have to make sure you are focusing on the ones that matter. Hope you enjoyed this short post on the power of the small actions we take. If you find my site valuable please pass it along to your friends and family.

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12 Responses to It’s The Small Things That Matter

  1. Hey Ivan just stumbled onto your site. Thanks for the great reminders, I will definitely try to raise my awareness to the little things in my life.

  2. Hi there, good site to give people a wee lift.
    I had three separate messages of the word Opportunites in one day. And I see that as a sign. Thanks for being in sync Ivan. Go for the small miracles which add up to great ones… Tricia

  3. Taking care of the small stuff makes sense, the bigger tasks become much more manageable when broken down into smaller ones.

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