Intelligence Needs An Adventurous Life

“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.” – Leo F. Buscaglia

Spiritual Travel and Awakening Your Intelligence

If you really want to see your natural intelligence in action, it’s time for you to take an adventure. Adventure entails going into the land of the unknown. A land full of excitement, danger, embracing the total uncertainty of life – this is the essence of living.

To really go on a spiritual adventure requires great courage, trust, and intelligence.

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”- Helen Keller

Examine why it is that you have this sense and need for adventure in your life. For many of us we have become slaves to routine, to society, to worldly obligations. Routines kill your natural intelligence because it does not require it, it simply needs an unconscious mechanical reaction. You just run through the motions, it’s a silent death.

True intelligence is your ability to respond to life in the moment, with an answer that is new, fresh. This is how you grow trust in your self, because it is an understanding from your own experiences. By not actively engaging your innate intelligence, when life throws a new situation at you, you are not quite sure how you should proceed.

When I replay in my mind what it is to live an adventurous life, memories of being inspired, spontaneous, and actively engaged in the moment dominate my mental screen.

Spiritual Adventure and Living Through The Heart

We have become too “head” oriented, which means to live a life of pure logic. We have just become more intellectual, but this is not to be confused with intelligence. The problem is that life is illogical and paradoxical, this requires one to live through the heart.

Living through the heart a different dimension of intelligence is at play, you can’t really explain it, it’s your own inner sense. We need to go from less thinking to more feeling, we have forgotten how to feel, hence why life seems so empty and meaningless to many of us.

To live a life of adventure is to live from the heart, knowing how to listen to your inner sense, that which is alive and connected to reality. Putting your thinking mind aside and becoming immersed in your inner space.

Listening and moving with your heart you will fall many times because you just want to experience the unknown, doesn’t matter if it’s pleasant or not. But each time you fall, you get up and become stronger; these are the experiences in which you really grow. Learn to respect your own inner voice and follow it.

When you follow it, be prepared that it will also take you into what you perceive as wrong. This is life, the only way you know what right is, is by experiencing the “wrong”. Too many people live their lives only by what other people or religion tell them is the right way to live. Living like this you are not able to move, because something wrong might happen.

The most important thing is just to be open, life will reveal many things to you, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. You may come to question everything you have ever known, be prepared to drop all that is false that is within you.

Much of your understanding you may not even be able to express in words, but will manifest its self as a deep inner knowing. Hopefully through your adventure you will come to a better understanding of your true self and the world. Then everyday will be an adventure.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope that it inspires you to live a life of adventure. This world truly is an amazing place the moment you live through your heart.

Everything you see in this world is ultimately your own interpretation, by living from the heart you will begin to see everything as divine.

You will begin to lose your feeling of being separate and begin to see and feel oneness with everything. In short you will feel alive, and how beautiful is that.

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16 Responses to Intelligence Needs An Adventurous Life

  1. Ivan, I just posted your post on my Facebook wall. This was an exceptional post. You have expressed my sentiments exactly, perhaps better than even I could express them!

    We need to allow more free-fall into our lives. I call it following your intuition and you call it following your heart/feelings, but it’s the same thing. If we never set foot on uncharted territory our lives become robotic and empty.

    Many years ago I read a book that had a huge impression on me. (I can’t remember the author or the title) But this woman allowed her intuition to guide her in all her life’s decisions and she was rewarded with the most fascinating enriching life.

    Thank you for your inspiring words!

    • Thanks so much Angela 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words 🙂 and for contributing to the post…If you remember the title of the book let me know…I would really like to read it :)…be well 🙂

  2. Ivan,

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us. I couldn’t agree more. The times where I have cared the least about controlling things, and just let my heart guide me, have resulted in the most amazing experiences. Thanks for reminding me that I have had this in my life, and can have it again. Loved the video too.


    • my pleasure 🙂 thank you so much for sharing…wish you the best on your next adventure 🙂 be well….

  3. A life lived from adventure is the best one. You can always tell a person who is well traveled from the comments he makes and the way he treats other people.

  4. Living from the heart can be frightening at first. It takes practice and faith. In the end your feelings are all that matters. Logic can lie, our thoughts can lie to us.

    Allowing that uncertainty you mention, is the very thing that allows our desires to manifest.

    Love the post!

  5. I totally agree with you when you said “everything you see in this world is ultimately your own interpretation”. This is such an inspiring post.

  6. This post is absolutely correct. We have been trained since our early days in school to be little automated robots who do the same thing daily.

    This causes a feeling of dis-connect with our true nature leaving us bored and apathetic.

    Living from the heart means experiencing life through all of the senses and not just the mind. This may be painful at times but it sure beats boredom.

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