The 1st Critical Step to Accomplishing Your Dreams

by my buddie Sean Patrick Simpson from

A very important lesson I learned while under John Assaraf’s wing was that…

The “what” comes before the “how.”

What does that mean?

Consider this: We all have ‘wants’ in our life: material, spiritual, relationship, and contribution (as well as others). That is our ‘what.’

What most people do however is as soon as they think of ‘what’ they want, they immediately begin to list out all the reasons why they can’t have it! They think, “well ‘how’ in the world could I possibly achieve that?”

And when they’re asking that question, they are asking with a belief that it can’t happen, and thus attracting into their life all the reasons why they can’t achieve that dream.

That’s all they see: the reasons why not!

If you’ve had a dream in the past 10 years in which you immediately said, “well how could I possibly achieve that,” and didn’t pursue it, than I have to say this…

Stop limiting yourself!

Do you think when I set the intention of being mentored by a great personal growth teacher that I had any evidence to support me in achieving it my goal? Not at all! In fact, if I allowed myself, I could have easily, made excuses:

I don’t have enough money to join his program.
I don’t have any connections to the personal growth industry, why would he take me under his wing?
I’m just a regular guy.
I’m a musician, I don’t have anything to offer in exchange for his mentorship

Forget that though! I knew ‘what’ I wanted! Other people could try and feed me all the reasons ‘how’ I couldn’t achieve my dream, but ultimately it’s my choice as to whether or not I feed myself that B.S.

And I chose not to.

I knew what I wanted: a mentor. And so I went after it.

What decisions are you making right now that are creating your life? This is something I’m so passionate about and I want so much for you to start focusing on ‘what’ you want, rather than ‘how’ you can achieve it.

Sure, the ‘how’ is critically important! But it’s not the first step! The first step is deciding what you want!
Make the commitment first to achieving ‘what’ you want, and then allow yourself to attract into your life all the ways that you can achieve that dream.

As Tony Robbins says, “As soon as you truly commit to making something happen, the ‘how’ will reveal itself.”

Have you been stopping yourself from achieving a goal or dream by focusing too much on the how rather than the what? Do you know of anyone in your life who is doing this?

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  1. Great advice…I guess I’ve been so excited that I’ve been listening to the Universe and that it has been sending me things and people 🙂 that I’ve wanted to share this but alot of the people around me just go..on no another wild far out idea from June..or ya right why would Russell Brand want to be your friend. and of course I start questioning all the things,…only for a moment but it is in those few moments that damage can be done…and I’d like to thank you for your words..they have brought me back to centre and my truths.

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