The Power of Enthusiasm

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” R. Buckminster Fuller

(editors note: originally published on Jul 27, 2009)

Enthusiasm: A Key Ingredient to a Passionate Life

Last weekend I went on a trip to a unique place named Tortuguero, in Costa Rica. Tortuguero is home to the largest leather back turtle conservation project in the world. With only 2000 inhabitants, Tortuguero is very remote. While a guest in Tortuguero, I could not help but make some observations on the type of lifestyle the natives lead.

Back in The States I would say the majority of people live to work; America is a society of workaholics. There is nothing wrong with working hard, but I feel that many people, after a while, forget why they are working so hard. Here in Tortuguero the people definitely work to live, and make sure they make time to enjoy the little things which make life so precious.

The people in Tortuguero derive their income directly from tourism. Even though Tortugeuro is remote, internet access is available and many basic consumer goods can be purchased. There are also several shops and restaurants, and many residents make their living by selling souvenirs, handmade crafts, and providing boat tours of the amazing canals. Other people make a living by helping tourists find the leather back turtles when they come on shore to lay their eggs at night.

The people of Tortuguero take great pride in their work because their survival depends on it. When they are not working for money, which is a great part of the day, they really know how to relax. You see people everywhere laying in their hammocks reading, listening to music, and sleeping. I also observed painters painting, musicians playing, and people catching about all the latest news.

My encounters with the locals were very positive, and my favorite person who I met was Ernesto, our Turtle Guide. I have been on many guided tours in my travels, but Ernesto had to be the most passionate, enthusiastic, caring guide I have ever met. He truly cared about giving us a great experience, and it seemed he received great pleasure in seeing us happy as well.

(Some Video Highlights of my trip to Tortuguero)

To me, Ernesto’s greatest quality was his enthusiasm. It’s his enthusiasm which allows him to enjoy making his living as a turtle guide. I asked Ernesto if he would ever move to the city. He said he didn’t like the city life, and that he has everything he needs in Tortuguero, and enjoys his simple lifestyle.

It was clear to me that Ernesto’s enthusiasm was not for what he did for a living, but simply for life. He really made it a point to tell me life is truly a gift, that he respects his natural environment, and is passionate about conserving the Turtles as they provide his daily necessities.

The Meaning of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm first appeared in the English language in 1603 with the meaning “possession by a God.” The source of the word is the Greek “enthousiasmos,” which ultimately comes from the adjective entheos, “having the God within.” My encounter with Ernesto revealed that he was definitely possessed by some type of divine energy.

When you possess enthusiasm, you possess power. Consider the benefits of enthusiasm:

  • Enthusiasm indicates the degree of faith you possess. If you ever have an idea you want to pursue, enthusiasm is of paramount importance if it is ever going to reach its potential. No one in this world can accomplish everything all on their own. If you are not enthusiastic about what you are doing, how will you ever get others to support, trust, and have faith in you?
  • Enthusiasm produces energy, both physical and emotional. When you are enthusiastic you produce an internal energy that will help you take the necessary actions to accomplish your goals.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious. When you genuinely become enthusiastic others will also follow. When you are truly enthusiastic you radiate an amazing energy which makes others want to find out how they can feel the same way.
  • Enthusiasm offers a “slight edge.” If two candidates for a position have the same qualifications, the enthusiastic person will come on top. Enthusiasm instills faith in people, confirming that you will approach obstacles in a positive way.
  • Enthusiasm helps you to overcome obstacles. Obstacles simply mean that you need a new way of thinking to overcome them, this should be a signal that this was as far as your old way of thinking could get you. Enthusiasm gives you the right energy to contemplate new ways of thinking to come up with creative solutions to your problems.

How To Be Enthusiastic In Your Life

  • Don’t listen to the naysayers. Enthusiasm has the potential to change you and your situation. Many people hate to change. Those people will not be fond of your new found enthusiasm, because you may make them feel bad if they don’t change as well. People may become jealous when they see someone else take an idea and move with it.
  • Get out of a negative mindset. Enthusiasm is a dynamic energy which should be used for worthwhile positive objectives, and should be cultivated with a proper mindset. Enthusiasm for the wrong reasons will only produce negative outcomes.
  • Take inspiration from children. Children are masters of knowing how to live. Their enthusiasm for exploring the unknown gives them immense amounts of energy. It’s as if an enthusiastic young child has a natural energy drink flowing through their veins. It’s enthusiasm, not Red Bull, which “gives them wings”.
  • Find your unique valuable contribution. As soon as you discover your divine abilities, and get clear on what your unique contribution is going to be, you will begin to cultivate your enthusiasm. If you have always felt like painting, but never have, don’t wait; Start immediately! If, early on you begin to feel a new power rise up within you, this is a great sign that this could be your valuable contribution to the whole.
  • Try new things. Life is all about the experiences you have If you never try anything new, how will you ever find out what makes you enthusiastic? Keep trying new things until you have an experience which makes you enthusiastic. Any experience which makes you feel enthusiastic is worthy of further exploration.
  • From thinking to feeling. When you feel enthusiastic learn to become aware of how you came to feel that way. Become completely aware and immerse yourself in every sensation you feel. Enthusiasm lives in the heart, not in the mind. The more you live through your heart, the more it’s power will be available to you. Enthusiasm can and will help you get in tune with other aspects of your being.

Hope you enjoyed my post on how to be more enthusiastic. Go Deep within yourself and find the enthusiasm that will activate your divine abilities. Share them with the world.

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  1. Wow Ivan! What a great post…and now I’m even more enthusiastic about visiting Costa Rica one day thanks to your sweet video. 🙂

    I loved the Greek origin of enthusiasm, “possession by a god, having the god within”. No wonder being enthusiastic feels so empowering and oh so deliciously goooood!

    Enthusiasm truly is the Gateway…through which much brilliance in Life opens up. Here’s to choosing to be enthusiastic along the pathway of Brilliance!

    In Harmony… Debra (@debsoul on Twitter)
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..Desperately Seeking? Time for a Re-Frame! =-.

  2. That is so much what people need to get back to.
    Try some
    SACRED G for Free
    Balances the energies of the body so you DO FEEL “Enthusiastic”

  3. Very cool blog! I especially liked your video. It shows you have a great eye for beauty and that you are truly immersed in your experiences. What an awesome way to be. Keep up the good work! I look forward to more.



    • thanks for checking it out my friend :)…I really want to go to the Philippines one day 🙂

  4. Enthusiasm is very hard to come by in our everyday existence. Oftentimes, even though we want to look at life in a positive way, some things make it impossible. However, I’m inspired by what you have written here. It’s funny you have mentioned taking inspiration from children. The truth is I envy their enthusiasm, because they live in the present moment and are able to enjoy it fully. 🙂

  5. I was reading earlier today. Your article is so nicely written and laid out. One of the “pillar articles” that remains timeless and inherently valuable. I like how you write, it’s not a boring statement of things to do, but it has humour and intelligence. All the things I like.

    I wrote an article on using acting for pretend enthusiasm Here:

  6. Ivan once again i am back to your site for a life changing article and this time too you didn t make me sad,enthusiasm is one of the key things which makes us different from others,i just tried to observe more such people really these above mentioned qualities made them different thank you ivan helping me to look on enthusiastic people more deeply and try to put such qualities in my life too.

  7. This is one of the first posts I have read of yours and am enlightened after doing so. I am looking forward to see what has yet to come.

  8. What a great post and absolutely true. I’m currently figuring out what makes me happy and I want to do with my life. Finding out what you want creates such a huge amount of motivation inside yourself, you’re so enthusiastic and obstacles are defintely easier to overcome.

    • Best of luck on your journey! Thanks for stopping by, be back soon…will be posting a lot more articles in the next few months!

  9. Great write up man. I was there a few months ago as well, I didnt have Ernesto as our guide but ours was exactly as you described. They are happy people that are connected to themselves.

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