What Time is It? Time To Reexamine Your Relationship To Time

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein

Psychological Time Management

Time is invariably and indescribably an integral part of how we experience life, but beyond its utility value, should we care about it in terms of how we choose to live our day to day lives? Should I waste my valuable time constantly worried about events in my distant future? Or should I use my time to live as intensely as possible in the now, and take the necessary actions that will set in motion the conditions of my future reality?

So what creates our psychological relationship and therefore attachment to time? The answer is that our thoughts are what create our time. If you have ever reached a place of “no mind” where your thoughts cease, either through meditation or an intense experience, you will understand what it means to have a “timeless” mind. No thoughts, no time. As soon as thoughts enter, time enters.

With that in mind, I would like you to take the time to examine your common thought and internal dialogue. What does it say about your relationship to time and how that impacts your life? Are you constantly on the run and feel like you don’t have enough time? Do you feel anxious and stressed all the time? Is it really that you don’t have enough time, or can it be attributed to incessant or disorderly thinking?

Therefore to change your relationship with time and your life, you need to come to a deep understanding of your mind and the nature of your thoughts.

Your thoughts are essentially your self image (ego), which is where much of the population derives their sense of self from. You will need to transcend your thoughts and mind to be able to observe your true nature. This is a journey that I cannot show you, it is one that you simply can’t understand logically but will have to arise as your own understanding.

Hopefully you will see that this is the only journey worth making. If you take a good look at humanity you will see that most people are asleep and mechanical. Take the plunge into becoming more awake and conscious, the world needs you to be awake.

Your thoughts come from your memory, that which already happened. Thoughts are therefore always old, yet life is always new and we react with old thoughts and ideas. Just take a look at how the world continues to cling to old ideas that are only hindering our progress.

Improving Your Time Management To Change Your Life

If you want to change a habit, why do you say it will take some time? Observe who is saying this, why do you need 6 months to change or any time for that matter? If you look deep enough, you might see that all your conditioning from society that has shaped your self image is the one who believes you need time to change.

What if you can transcend this false sense of self, and see things for what they really are, will you need time to change? The answer is no, when you are no longer in psychological bondage to your thoughts, you now have the energy to take inspired actions not dependent on your past or future. Your memory is essential for your daily life, but the problem lies in when we continue to carry all the emotional baggage by becoming attached to our memories.

Getting to a deep understanding of your inner self is an arduous journey. Self study and mediation will be your keys to understanding and discovering all the subtle aspects of your mind. You will need to become the witness of your inner world, to be able to see the observer (your ego) without judgment and attachment, to be able to learn from it. You will see that whenever you see the world strictly through the filters of your thoughts you become identified and attached to whatever is being observed.

The observer becomes lost with what is being observed, in these moments you will see that you are not able to remember your self, your sense of “I am”. Unknowingly through your imagination you have now become bonded with an external circumstance. This is where much of your pain comes from, because when you give your power to something outside of yourself, eventually when it is taken away or changes you will feel the pain.

You can see that this is a common situation with a couple’s relationship. You only see the other person as a projection of the image you create through the thoughts you have accumulated, but once they change and don’t conform to your image of them, pain arises. To see a person as they truly are you need to learn to step outside your mind and see through fresh eyes, to be objective as possible. This is the only way you will ever truly love someone, a love that is free of your conditions and expectations.

How Does Your Attitude Affect Your Sense of Time

My attitude towards time is one that has become more detached and passive. The way and feeling, in which the events in my life have played out, reflected the implication of this “mindset”. As I mentioned above our thoughts create our sense of time.

I try to be in a space of being a passively detached observer of my mind. My experience is that I am able to feel more the ebb and flow to my life and respond accordingly. I am able to see how seemingly trivial decisions and actions played a pivotal role in outcomes that where days and weeks into the future.

It became evident to me that it is of the utmost importance to become conscious of all my actions and it what context they where being made, keeping in mind things such as: thoughts, feelings, attitudes, expectations. How I respond to life has become more joyful because I am not carrying as much emotional baggage and I am able to become open to life.

Beginning and end are two aspects of the same coin; the experience we observe between the two is time. How fast we change our lives depends on our understanding of our true selves, how we use time and our attitude towards it.

Example To Think About: How would your attitude, mindset, and actions differ between a project you had 1 week to accomplish vs. 4 weeks to accomplish the same task?

  • How would things play out in those two scenarios?
  • How would your attitude affect the final outcome?
  • What is the one thing that remained constant amid the apparent external changes?
  • Did life just happen to you and you reacted? Or did you allow for things to unfold on their own and you responded with the most conscious approach?
  • Did you notice or feel any correlation between the events in your life in relation to your attitude towards time and change?
  • Can you remember a time where if you had a different attitude towards time would have changed the final outcome?

I just want to thank you for reading my article, I hope you take a good look at your relationship to time and discover some new insights for your journey. I would love to hear your comments how your attitude and relationship towards time affected your life.

This is your life, let’s share and learn from each other but don’t let anyone tell you how to live it.

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17 Responses to What Time is It? Time To Reexamine Your Relationship To Time

  1. Hi Ivan, thank-you for this rich, relevant and heartfelt message.

    My approach to time changed radically a few years ago after reading and re-reading Eckhardt Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’.

    His explanation of the difference between universal time and chronological time was profound.

    Having this new frame of reference helped shift my behaviours and attitudes from ‘time management’ to becoming one with the present – the one God moment that connects us all in time and space.

    It’s easy to become lost in a metaphysical labyrinth in this discussion, but Tolle provides a clear and practical path for those who are open and ready.

    Best to you, Ivan.

    Robin 🙂
    .-= Robin Dickinson´s last blog ..Seven easily missed truths about human relationships =-.

    • My views of time also changed when I got into Tolle’s work. At first, I really got into the whole ‘be present’ thing, but after awhile I learned to incorporate goal setting and envisioning into my plans as well. So now my philosophy is to be present, enjoy every moment, but also know where you want to go =)

  2. One of the best things I heard in relationship to time and change was from @jillianmichaels , the personal trainer and semi therapist from the TV Sow, the Biggest Loser, when she is challenging a contestant to “choose” to continue running on the treadmill: “Change is NOW, it’s in the moment!” It really cuts throught the heart of the matter: instead of putting change way out there, it brings it to the present moment.

  3. Hi Ivan,

    Just read your message about time.
    You wrote a good and clear article about Time and our Relationship To Time.
    I always enjoy reading your messages 🙂

    Greetings and Abundance to you,

    Egbert Halderman
    .-= Egbert Halderman´s last blog ..Now =-.

  4. Hi Ivan,

    Awesome post. When I was 15, I died for a minute or two and came back to life. I had one of those near death experiences and as a result, I became very aware of how life is truly so short. As a result, I began to live my life on full throttle. Meaning I lived my life with the awareness of not wanting to have any regrets. I truly lived with intensity.

    When spirituality came into my life, I had to learn to slow down and meditate. Eventually, I got to the point where I could sit for hours in meditation and then when it was over, I would go back to full throttle living. Now, my view is that the idea of time is kind of limiting. There is no time unless I choose to define a limit. So I don’t believe in limits. I just try to make the best out of each day and be in the moment. As a result, there is a sense of peace and amazingly enough, everything gets done and life is so much more fun.
    .-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog ..The Happy Lotus Diaries Begin – Please Share Your Thoughts =-.

  5. Hi, Ivan,

    Thank you for delving into this important topic. Many people feel like they are victims of their time shortage. I first began *wondering* about time approx 23 yrs ago~up until then, I had lived my life totally controlled by time. Then, one day I woke up 45 min. late (to get to work on time). That meant I only had 30 min. to shower, dress, eat, do my hair, makeup, etc.! Being time-controlled, I panicked! Immediately, I felt the shift of fear into my body & thought, “Maybe I’m making things worse by worrying about being late. What if I just relaxed & took my time?” Long story short~In my relaxed & trusting state, I got everything done, without fear of being late, and got to work EARLY that day!

    Since then, I’ve realized that *time* is bendable~conforming to our beliefs about it. Just today, I was concerned about getting to an appt on time. Realized my anxiety, chose to see myself getting there at the perfect time, took a deep breath & relaxed as I drove. Despite being 20 min. behind, I got there 3 min. early just as the person I was meeting arrived! :o) Time is what we believe it is.

    Many blessings,
    .-= AffirmingSpirit´s last blog ..Cultivating Self-Love =-.

  6. Absolutely, a law of the universe requires us to be in righteous (right) motion, or basically in motion that is in harmony with the universe! So when we are doing right, we have no time constraint because right has no end, however when we engage in wrong, wrong has a limit so we feel like we must rush or feel constrained by time! Great article, thanks for sharing! The principal reads “when you start off wrong you end wrong, when you start right, you finish right or never have to end at all.”!! Think about that in all 3 planes, spirit, mind and physical! Peace be upon you! 🙂

  7. Time is something that only exists for me when I promise something to someone.
    I start and stop the stop watch of life all the time….
    Time has always been ‘ the elephant in the room’
    I have been aware of it and the best part do not let it control me.
    Floating in the stream of life I need not know the time
    I know when I am hungry I ate
    when I am tired I sleep
    when I feel sad I cry
    when I feel happy I sing
    and most of all when I feel joy I laugh !
    I learned these things when I was young, forgot them for awhile
    then they showed me my way home again.
    and thank you Ivan for reminding me and putting words to the things I’ve felt all my life.

    peace my friend
    shine your light
    for all to see
    and many to rememeber their own way home

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