Becoming Valuable To Yourself and The World

The Ultimate Adventure

“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” – William Shakespeare

Recently I was going trough some of my old notebooks filled with my thoughts, notes, and ideas. Here is a short entry that never made it to my blog. Hope it inspires you to uncover many of the hidden mysteries that lie in your inner world……

Man was not created equal, he has created to be unique. You are unique and unlike anyone else on this planet. You have something valuable to contribute to the larger whole, but unless you realize your true nature, you will remain unfulfilled.  You will not explore your innate magnificent potential.

Life is dynamic, constantly changing and renewing itself in each passing moment, yet most people resist change because they are more acquainted with the known and comfortable. No matter how uncomfortable it may actually be, the fact that they know it helps them take a certain comfort in it.

The way you will become valuable is through your experiences in the new and unknown. Your own unique experiences will give you the perspective to shed light and give a new understanding that may benefit those around you.

Why is it so hard  for people to actually change?

  • We believe and are identified to our thoughts that create our self image. Our self image belongs to society, we have to wait for society to change or accept what we want to become.
  • We only blindly believe and don’t know yet how to trust ourselves. We have yet to realize our essence.
  • Trusting yourself is expressing your individuality, beliefs are shortcuts. They take the responsibility away from you. You don’t need to think for yourself because someone has already done it for you.
  • People are focused on going outward into the world instead of going inward. Life is essentially meaningless, but this is why it’s beautiful, because your the one who will ultimately give it meaning. So you must go inward (meditation) to find any real meaning in your life.

How Can You Change To Find What’s Really Valuable?

  • You need to dis-identify form your mind.
  • Through a spiritual practice like meditation you will create immense inner space so that you can question and see the reality of your thoughts.  You will see how insubstantial they really are. This will help you remain fluid and unburden you from many of the false ideas that you carry.
  • Having a calm mind helps you gently sense and feel your presence in the moment. Being present in the moment you can respond much more intelligently to life’s challenges.

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection. ” – Buddha

This life has so many wonderful mysteries waiting for you to uncover, fortunately all that is valuable only requires a 180 degree turn and journey of a few inches from your nose. God speed.

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6 Responses to Becoming Valuable To Yourself and The World

  1. I enjoy reading your posts. I to am on a journey to know my true nature. It is so true that our social baggage can really stand in the way. Like you, I really need to start a journal and start jotting down my feelings, thoughts(kinda scary) and ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I will introduce myself to my true self today! Wish me luck. Good luck on your continuing journey, NAMASTE.

    • My pleasure :), thanks so much for sharing. Sorry for late response, just came across it.

  2. I can see people reflecting the value to the world be it volunteers around me or any other person. This really is the inner realization being reflected so valuable for the world. Learned that unless you go inward within yourself , you cant go outward.

    • I really enjoy reading all your writing. All so true! I know I am happiest when I am doing something meaningful and am at peace with myself. I have had that experience you talk about,when you go through your day amongst many people,and all you have to do is smile and radiate the love outward. Change is good!! Thank you and ~PEACE~ to you. You are an inspiration. I will share your link on LiveJournal.

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