Coaching Tips from the New England Patriots

Coaching Tips from the New England Patriots


Creative Commons License photo credit: believekevin
By Debra Benton

On assignment in California I happened to stay at the same hotel the New England Patriots football team was using. Naturally I made a point to seek them out to talk to (not stalk mind you!) in the lobby, the restaurant, and the elevator. (They were pretty easy to spot and distinguish from the typical business person at the hotel.)

My opening line was, “I’m a professional coach for business executives and I wondered if you’d mind talking to me about the professional coaching you experience in the athletic arena.” Then I asked them what’s the best thing a coach does for you – and what’s the worst thing they do to you.

The best:

-covers it all; leaves no stone unturned

-uses visual and physical explanations

-is honest and loyal

-gives good advice

-encourages …..adding, “At the NFL it’s 50% encouragement from the coach that’s needed and 50% skill development.” …… “In college you need motivation from a coach but in the NFL you need technique – money is the big motivator at the professional level.” ….. “So many people want to be here you’re pretty self-motivated.”

The worst:

-has you go in unprepared


-doesn’t know how to give advice


Obviously I took that information to heart to make sure I send my executive “players” into their game using the best coaching techniques.

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