The Disease of Tomorrow

 The sun’ll come out tomorrow

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”- Martin Luther

Tomorrow things will be different….

Does this sound familiar? This is the little intellectual game we all play with ourselves to keep us comfortable right where we are, even if we find it unbearable.

What needs to be done right now?….Use your intelligence to discriminate….don’t wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow never ever comes…

The only time is now, do something, as long as you feel in your heart that its the right response to this very moment. It is the right action to take….

Generally speaking, the first instant that a powerful thought that such and such ought to be done arises in our inner space, this is the perfect time to take action. Not later. The more inwardly sensitive that we become, the more we notice every thought, emotion, mood, happening within us, the better we will get at intuiting the things we know we should be doing and how to go about accomplishing them.

If we ignore these intuitive impulses, simply because we think we can do it later, it will not be the same, because we will not be able to identify what needs to be done and when as precisely as we can in the immediacy of that exact moment. Through these experiences, and by being as objective as possible to life’s situations, you will see that one should, as best as possible, take action once in the moment that action is called for.

Don’t wait, waiting is a waste of time…something precious you will never get back….

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4 Responses to The Disease of Tomorrow

  1. Thanks for the kind reminder Ivan. This is a battle I have daily. I keep putting off things I know I can do now until later and they never get done.

  2. Yes. I agree.

    I really like the Paul Coelho citation. It is too easy to see each day as the same when really they’re not the same at all.

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