“The Great Nepalese Road Trip” to Inspire Social Good

My friend Bikram.

Today I would like support my friend Bikram and his latest project to inspire social good throughout Nepal…..


My name is Bikram and I am really excited to embark on ‘The Great Nepalese Road Trip’ this April. This is an initiative of Mighty Yak Adventures to ‘Inspire Social Good’. The purpose of this trip is to highlight some of the must-see destinations of Nepal (driveable and outside the Kathmandu-shaped-box) and to commit random acts of kindness along the way.

This is a different kind of fundraiser because YOU get to tell me what “act of kindness” you would like me to commit. For example, you can make a contribution and ask me to pay for a service or buy something (food, textbooks, school supplies, clothing, healthcare etc.) for someone I meet during the trip. You get the idea. Let’s get creative and put a smile on a strangers face!

In appreciation of your generosity, I will take a picture with the person(s) that have been touched by your kindness while holding a personal note from us. The photos will be posted on flickr and shared across all our social media platforms unless otherwise noted. I will email you the picture if you do not want the publicity šŸ™‚

Any amount of contribution is highly appreciated. ‘Like’ us onĀ facebookĀ if you would like to stay connected and updated.

Looking forward to sharing this social journey with you.

Thanks for the support! You can donate safely online at youcaring.com


P.S. – I have chosen to go on this road trip on a motorbike in case there are Nepal Bandhs (strikes) during my journey which, unfortunately, is very likely to happen…

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