Hey You! It’s Your Turn To Write

“It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true essence of life” – Barthold Georg Niebuhr

Hello and welcome. If you read my blog regularly you may have been excited to see a new post pop up in your RSS feed, only to find that I really did not write anything.

The purpose of today’s post is all about you. It’s a call to action.

It’s your chance to go from being a consumer to being a creator.

If you love to write then this is easy, if not this can be a great experience.

This is about taking initiative in exploring your thoughts, your emotions, your ideas, and articulating them to yourself instead of searching the net for someone who has done the work for you.

Just take out your preferred writing device, I usually go with a good ol’ pencil and paper and just start writing.

Things you may consider writing about:

  • What are you currently feeling? Put it into words, don’t worry about structure or grammar just put it down.
  • What observations did you make today? You notice anything peculiar? You have a nice conversation with someone? What did you learn from it?
  • What did you dream about last night? Any insights? Describe the scene in vivid detail.
  • Make up a story, just pick a starting point and let your imagination run wild.
  • What things have you been pondering over recently?
  • Did you have any recent challenges you had to overcome? Describe everything you can about the situation.  How where you feeling in the moment?
  • What’s one thing you would like to teach or share with someone? Try your best to convey the essence of it.

The purpose of this is not quality, this is just to get you to know you can create, that you can express your self. The more you do it the better you will get, the more you will learn.

It’s always great to consume valuable information, but it’s even greater if you can create it yourself. Remember that we are all unique, we all have special experiences to draw upon and share.

I love that you guys out there take the time to read my stuff, but now I would like to read what you write.

If you take my post seriously and actually write something today I would love to check it out.

Email me at: ivan(at)ivancampuzano.com or if you would like to share with everyone post it in the comments. Just don’t post anything offensive.

5 Responses to Hey You! It’s Your Turn To Write

  1. It’s weird how only at 21, I managed to find God. Albeit pushed by a desire for self preservation. One night, I prayed. And I discovered how important love is. Love for the holy and for the world. And for the first time in my love, I truly prayed for forgiveness. I begged for it with tears flowing down my face for all the bad thoughts and actions that used to represent me. I used meanness to shield myself from the world. I used to mock everything else in order to make myself feel strong. And most of the times I felt bad afterwards, when I foud myself alone. But I didn’t really stop. Until that night. And only then I realized how empty and weak I was without my shield.
    I saw how much negativeness I had brought into the world, into my world. It was clear then that 50 percent of the time my mind defaimed everything. It defaimed moments, it defaimed people, it defaimed THE WORLD.
    As is said, I was brought to that moment of clearness by selfish reasons. I had realized that my mind was harming me phisically.I believe it is medically called neuro-vegetative disorder. I read about it online and it freaked me out, so i began searching for(quick) solutions. I encountered stories, advice about how to make your life better by balancing your mind and your soul. And these things i read made me feel a bit better. But then I went to bed. And there, laying in the dark I found something I didn’t know I had: FAITH. Faith in forgiveness, faith in love, faith in my soul…and faith in faith.
    I know that was only the first step in a lifelong journey. But I am beyond greatful because most people don’t get that small step. And I thank God for turning on the light. Better yet, I thank him for showing me the switch so that I could turn on the Light myself.

    I wrote this in my journal and i felt like translating it here, so that I could maybe show people who are in similar situations that they are not alone, that there is always hope! I also want to thank you, because your blog was one of the “online-solutions” that helped me, not by telling me:’breathe 10 times slowly and you’ll feel better’, but by telling me to look inside myself for a better life.
    I am from Romania, I am 21 years old, in Dental School and a (new) believer in all thins GOOD. I would like to say that the God I mentioned doesn’t have a face or a name. My God is everyone’s God! Thank you

    • Thanks so much Ioana for sharing an intimate part of your life with us. I am very happy to hear that you have realized some important things in your inner journey. Hope all is well, keep sharing the light within. Peace much love, Ivan

  2. I have become very aware of my consuming vs creating ratio & I appreciate your gentle nudge….

  3. Hey, I know this was posted long ago but got inspired to write, thanks. It’s weird how you can communicate with yourself even better through writing or some other artform..;
    It’s not about reaching a state of bliss where you don’t feel any bad feelings anymore. It’s being the one who feels both, all the time. You are the one who contain all the possibilities of likes and dislikes.

    But I have to say, it makes every day a new one, every thought is new, dreams are new, and they all give a deep understanding and learning experience about yourself. Getting to know yourself on the core level makes you fall in love with yourself. You can take a taxi home alone from the club at 2am, not giving a sh*t about who was there or who you’d have met, because the only person you really need, the person you love before you love anyone else, is right here with you.. yourself. And you’re free to do anything you set your mind to, nothing to stop you. BUT, you still have to work as hard as anyone else to get there.
    The enthusiasm you feel can be compared to the joy you feel when travelling; your apartment in the dirty street feel like a 5 star hotel, the city outside you know too well feels like when you step out of the hotel first day on your travel. And you appreciate the clothes and things you have because they keep you warm and utilize your life, and you wouldn’t need new ones before these things you have actually break.
    One more thing, very few people will reach anything through meditation. Your real life is the way. I say, keep your freaking thoughts! Become completely wrapped up! Stop closing your eyes. HERE, NOW, this is your life, Face it. Live it, as truthfully and honestly as you can, meditation is your way to communicate with, and understanding whats going on inside yourself, NOT shutting yourself out.
    When you reach the core of what your life is and you realize, there is no enlightenment to save you, there is no other person to save you, and if you realize that it’s not the life you want, Then, emotions are born. True emotions, about what you want, and you, again, Realize, you have only yourself to do it. “Self-realization.” Trust yourself, however weak you are, accept it. You Still only have yourself. You will need yourself, and when asking yourself, “yourself” is going to answer, through emotion.
    It’s not going to happen with you and the help of a book and 100 hours of fighting your “ego”. The “ego” is also you, you know… unenlightened, enlightened.. it doesn’t matter, it is all still you. There is no enlightenment in the sense of something that can be reached, it’s of false to be stripped. The false, you create out of fear, so face your fears. They wont go away by anything other than facing them, first by reasoning with yourself, then in the real world.
    I’m talking big here, not just doing that one small thing you fear and then going back to your old environment. I’m talking breaking new ground not knowing if you will ever see anything you currently know ever again. (You still will, it’s a small world…) “Surrendering” to yourself and to the world. (All the popular words fit in here…) The only one you cant fool is, yourself. It will happen through your own realizations. Stop searching everywhere around you..career, romance, spirituality… Just STOP. Be honest with yourself, the impossible is the key. You can do it. 😉
    After honesty, you are in the right mind to take on career or romance, and it wont be the same answers anylonger, because without fear, you look at things differently. 
    When you are truly honest with yourself, not covering one bit up (not keeping any of the comfort), after some time (i’d say about one month) you will notice something is different in you, no more stride against yourself, more of a serious emotion that you are who you are, and that you will not back down, whatever comes in your way. After following through on these truths, after some time, real joy will sip into your body, and it will grow as you do. If you don’t follow through, you recess, because you let fear(comfort) cover it up again.
    Only my five cents, J.

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