Travel Update: We’ve moved to Ho Chi Minh City (First Impressions)

View from our apartment in Ho Chi Minh City.

After four glorious years of living in Korea me and my wife have moved to Ho Chi Minh City, where we plan on staying three to six months before moving to the Philippines.

It has only been five days but so far we are loving it here. For the first few days we stayed in District 1 with my friend Tuan, a good buddie of mine from college. He made it really easy for us to not be overwhelmed with the move and get acquainted with the city pretty quickly. Having friends all over the world definitely comes in handy.

I guess we were pretty lucky because it only took us a few days to find and move into our apartment. Our Realtor Tony from helped us find a new apartment in a great area in District 4. Tony was very friendly and accommodating. The apt is only about a 5 minute scooter ride into the heart of District 1. We also have plenty of markets and restaurants to explore in our neighborhood. What I like about district 4 is that it is a little less crowded and seems a little cheaper than the more touristy parts of district 1.

District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Last night we met up with Tuan and few other friends for some seafood out in the street near our home. My wife loves sea food so she was in heaven. We had a big feast full of crab legs, clams, shrimp, skewered prawns, sugar cane water, and a delicious dessert similar to mexican flan.

It all came out to about $8 dollars a person, my wife could hardly believe it. Back in Korea it would be like $40 to $50 just for the crab legs. The price wasn’t even the best part, the food was simply delicious. Vietnamese food in comparison to Korean food is more my style. Growing up in a Mexican family I love spices and seasonings and Vietnamese cuisine uses plenty to keep my mouth and belly happy.

ho chi minh city street food.

 eating with friends in saigon.

I am extremely excited to explore everything this amazing country has to offer. If you want to join a long on our adventure, make sure to sign up for my newsletter for occasional updates with all our latest findings.

I am thinking of making detailed expense reports if enough of you guys are interested in them. If you are interested in seeing the expense reports or have any other questions/suggestions please head on over to my contact page and shoot me a message.

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