Water Is Life: The Story of LifeSoap

Today I have the great pleasure of interviewing one of my friends from College. Juwon is one of the most positive and uplifting people you will come across. Currently he is in the process of building up a very special project that truly has the potential to change lives.

1. Juwon, could please tell everyone a little bit about yourself and what you do?

In short, I am a life enthusiast. I enjoy traveling, meeting interesting people, and am big into personal development. I am a co-founder of LifeSoap Company. We sell organic soap to help bring clean water to children in need. When I’m here in the United States I also do speaking engagements.

2. Was there a tipping point for you, a moment where you decided to completely change what you were doing and how you where living? What helped you get through this transitioning phase?

My turning point came about 3 years ago. I took a trip to Morocco to visit a friend who was volunteering in the Peace Corps. This was my first time experiencing poverty and its effects on children in a developing country. I studied business in college and after this experience in Morocco became obsessed with finding a way to use business as a tool to make money AND make a difference. On the plane ride back to the states I made a vow to pursue this path, wherever it might lead.

My friend and business partner, Aaron, makes this grand adventure worthwhile. We struggle and triumph together. It makes the good times more enjoyable and the tough times bearable. Also, I’m fortunate to have many great mentors that have been critical to our progress.

3. In the last few years you have had the great opportunity of living abroad and helping others. What are a few of the most valuable things you have learned on your journey of being an entrepreneur and volunteer?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned as a volunteer and entrepreneur is this: “The journey is the destination.” A guy named Mark Benn told me this during a service trip in Nicaragua. I try to live by those words and just enjoy the journey. As a very goal-oriented person, sometimes it is tough to release the strangle-hold on all of these projected outcomes and goals. But repeating the phrase above helps me keep everything in a healthy perspective.

4. Could you share with us the vision you have for your business?

Over the next 3-5 years I would like to expand our product catalog into the bath and body categories. We will continue developing ways to better serve our awesome customers. And I will be very happy when we grow the company to level that will allow us to fund 10 clean water projects at schools in around the world each year.

5. What books have had the biggest influence on your life? What would you recommend for anyone looking to start a business or find their creative passion?

Rich Dad Poor Dad, The E-Myth, Think and Grow Rich, 4 Hour Work Week, The Agony & the Ecstasy, The Alchemist, Create Your Own Future, The Big Leap, Your Erroneous Zones, How to Win Friends & Influence People, Eat That Frog

6. While living in Prague as a result of my meditation practice I happened to have many intense mystical experiences that caused me to question everything. I realized that all worldly success could be taken away at any time, so at that point I quit pursuing my worldly ambitions and decided to dedicate my time to really understanding the transformations I was going through. I realized that without inner freedom no matter what success I could achieve in the worldly sense, would never really fulfill me or my purpose for being on this planet. Now, at this point of my life I am ready to focus on my external freedom. To me inner freedom along with external freedom is ultimate freedom, because without inner freedom you eventually will take whatever worldly success you attain for granted. Since my site is all about discovering and creating both inner and outer freedom, could you please share with us what “freedom” means to you?

In my humble opinion, freedom is overcoming any self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, or doubts. Only then can you be what you want, say what you want, and do what you want.

7. Last question, you have already accomplished many amazing projects, what do you have in store for the near future?

In terms of business goals for the near future we are in the process of raising capital to expand LifeSoap Company. On the personal side I want to enjoy the summer with my friends and family, go salsa dancing, and continue my yoga practice.

Thanks again Juwon for sharing your experiences. I wish you the best on the rest of your journey.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Ivan, and best of luck Juwon with your project. It is worthy endeavor.

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