101 Things To Do in Business Before You Die.

“The only successful marriage I had was me and my work.”
– The Bucket List 2007 Jack Nicholson

by Debra A. Benton

Here is Your Business Bucket List

1. Get fired.
2. Quit a job.
3. Take a sabbatical.
4. Work for a family member.
5. Start a business.
6. Sell a business.
7. Fire a family member.
8. Work with your son or daughter.
9. Get hired through the internet.
10. Get hired through a headhunter.
11. Take outplacement.
12. Take a psychological test.
13. Give a speech to 100 people.
14. Give a speech to 1000 people.
15. Give a speech in a foreign country.
16. Give a speech in a foreign country using a translator.
17. Learn a second, third language.
18. Work for a foreign owned company in the United States.
19. Work for a foreign company in another country.
20. Fire an employee.
21. Reprimend an employee.
22. Compliment your CEO.
23. Golf or attend a social business function with a customer.
24. Sell something.
25. Negotiate something.
26. Deal with the union.
27. Relocate for your company.
28. Write a business article for publication.
29. Contribute to or write a business book.
30. Be interviewed for a business journal.
31. Be an expert in your field.
32. Have a mentor.
33. Be a mentor.
34. Have an intern.
35. Be an intern.
36. Have a business party in your home.
37. Run a business special event.
38. Run a business event overseas.
39. Get paid in foreign currency.
40. Have an executive coach.
41. Be an internal coach.
42. Travel in first class for business.
43. Travel around the world.
44. Take your child to work.
45. Trade jobs for the day with someone in a totally different field.
46. Get a corner office.
47. Fly in a corporate jet.
48. Stay in a 5-star hotel.
49. Use a limo.
50. Be on the cover of a magazine.
51. Start a business publication.
52. Start an association.
53. Hire a publicist.
54. Hire a public relations consultant.
55. Hire an image consultant.
56. Hire a speech writer.
57. Teach a workshop.
58. Manage a team.
59. Delegate.
60. Recruit.
61. Have dinner with your boss.
62. Have dinner with your colleagues.
63. Have dinner with your subordinates.
64. Have dinner with your competitors
65. Work for a competitor.
66. Change career paths.
67. Get an additional degree.
68. Take a course in some new technology.
69. Be on a company sport team.
70. Wear a company logo.
71. Testify before congress on an industry issue.
72. Invent a product or service.
73. Sell your invention or creation.
74. Select a corporate gift.
75. Go to the company Christmas party or picnic.
76. Organize a colleagues going away party.
77. Meet with your CEO.
78. Visit the CEO’s office and sit in his/her chair.
79. Write a press release.
80. Learn to read an annual report.
81. Represent your company at a community event.
82. Sponsor a charity drive.
83. Send a note of appreciation to the parent of a subordinate.
84. Send a note and flowers to spouse of a hard worker.
85. Read and use a self-help book.
86. Read a business biography.
87. Write your life story.
88. Write a resume.
89. Receive an award.
90. Write a letter to the editor.
91. Attend a stockholder meeting.
92. Fly international first class.
93. Use a company car.
94. Wear a tux to a business black tie event.
95. Get a raise you asked for.
96. Get a raise you didn’t deserve.
97. Teach a college class.
98. Google yourself.
99. Buy your company stock.
100. Attend the trial of a business friend – who hopefully gets acquitted.
101. Write a list of what you want to do in business before you die.

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