5 Tips for Effective Praise

“I praise loudly, I blame softly” Catherine the Great

I feel that anything we get in this life we should be grateful for, especially when others take the time to do something for us, we should be appreciative. We should show our gratitude in any way we can to let the person know we don’t take anything for granted. Many times it does not have to be anything over the top, a simple acknowledgment is all that is needed to make someone feel valued.

Here Are 5 quick Tips for Effective Praise

1. Don’t overdo it: If you praise everyone and everything for no good reason, your praise holds no weight.

2. Be Sincere: Don’t be afraid to be human, speak truthfully on your feelings and thoughts. Be open; let your sincerity show in your tone of voice, body language, and eyes.

3. Be specific about the reason for your praise: Don’t simply state the act of what someone has done, let them know the reasons why it made a difference in your life. This let’s the person know you really acknowledged what they have done for you.

4. Ask for a person’s advice: If you know someone is knowledgeable on a particular topic that is of interest to you, ask for their advice. When you genuinely ask for someone’s advice most will be happy to share their expertise. Apply what you consider to be valuable information, than give them feedback on your results, and than you can thank them once again for helping.

5. Publicize Praise: If someone does something that’s valuable in your company or organization, let everyone know that such things do not go unnoticed, and that peoples contributions really do make a difference.

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4 Responses to 5 Tips for Effective Praise

  1. Nice post.

    I would add the ability to accept praise. When I diminish praise given, I am making it about me and taking away the gift someone is trying to give.

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