Maintaining a Lucid Dream

“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” ~Edgar Allan Poe Okay, so you’ve experienced a lucid dream. That’s great, but how long did you remain in a lucid state for? Unfortunately, the first time you experience a lucid dream may not last very long. You may become aware of… Continue Reading

Korean Food Adventures: Korean BBQ “Galmaegisal”

For anyone who makes it over to South Korea, surely it wont be long before you are invited out to a night full of Karaoke, drinking Soju (rice alcohol drink), and eating some Korean BBQ. It’s a right of passage into “The Land of the Morning Calm”. There is a plethora of Korean BBQ restaurants, with many specializing… Continue Reading

Lucid Dreaming Training: What is Sleep Paralysis?! And How To Manage It

Those who have experienced a lucid dream are most likely going to tell you that they’ve also experienced sleep paralysis. Why is this? This is because sleep paralysis occurs when you’re aware you’re in the process of either falling to sleep, or waking up. Whilst it can be a confronting experience, and often traumatizing; it… Continue Reading