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How to Get a Good Hand Shake

photo credit: star5112 by my friend Debra Benton This happens every day in business: “Ralph (Ron or Ray) meets Laura in her office, and both nervously shake hands. Laura notices what feels like a wimpy, limp clasp. Both think to themselves, “Yech, what a poor handshake.” A two-second exchange like that sets an unease and discomfort… Continue Reading

Career Uh-Oh’s-Seven Career Sins Sabotage Success

by my dear friend Debra Benton It’s true that we learn from our mistakes, but the wise young businessperson corrects his/her mistakes before they are made. What mistakes should you be weary of? I surveyed 100 CEOs to reveal the “seven career sins” that sabotage success. 1. Focusing on tasks not people. If you invest… Continue Reading

Are You C.E.O Material?

“CEO Material” is now available everywhere! Today I would like to tell you about my friend Debra Benton’s new book “CEO Material” , this is a must read for anyone who is in a leadership position, and that includes everyone on some level 🙂 You can order Debra’s book at or pick it up… Continue Reading

5 Tips for Effective Praise

“I praise loudly, I blame softly” Catherine the Great I feel that anything we get in this life we should be grateful for, especially when others take the time to do something for us, we should be appreciative. We should show our gratitude in any way we can to let the person know we don’t… Continue Reading