Home Is Where The Heart Is

“Wherever I lay my hat is my home” Marvin Gaye

Home Is Where I Lay My Hat

Currently I am back in my old home town of Parker, Colorado visiting my family for a few weeks. It’s been really great to see my family, especially eating my mom’s amazing Mexican food, but to be honest I am already ready to go back to South Korea.

Don’t get me wrong Colorado is a great place to live, but for me it no longer feels like home. The last 4 years I have just basically been a wanderer with no intentions of settling down anywhere.

So you may be wondering if Korea is my new home, the answer is yes and no. I have realized while being back how much I really do love living in Korea, but it does not feel like home either, at least permanently not yet.

For many people this sense of not having any definite roots somewhere can be greatly unsettling. I feel that the reason I am feeling greatly at ease with just roaming the planet is because home is no longer a physical location for me.

On my little journey of penetrating life’s mysteries I have learned to really get in-tune with my inner being and in doing so, my external world has taken on much less significance. Home is where the heart is, and for me that has become a reality. So now no matter where I go I am always at home.

Learn to find that place inside you that is deeply at ease with life, the part of you that is never shaken by the outside world. If you can let those energies become alive within you, to be always available, you will be enjoying life no matter where you find yourself or whatever situations come your way.

Coming Back Home

When you think less and feel more, you will be enjoying life from moment to moment and use your intelligence to respond to life with an answer that is fresh and new. Whenever you feel like you are drifting away and getting caught up in the madness of the world, in the madness of your mind, gently remind yourself to come back home, to come back to your heart.

Getting in-tune with your heart you will become aware of the subtle energies that reside in your body. So whenever you feel lost in your past or imagining your future, bring your attention to the sensation of your body, of your heart, of your breath.

This is home and being home is beautiful. Life Is always knocking on your door, so if you can remain at home you can open the door to life’s infinite possibilities no matter where you may be.

Ultimately deep fulfillment does not come from your mind but from your heart, life after all is not meant to be thought about, but to be felt, to be lived. It’s time to live your life. God speed my friend.

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9 Responses to Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. I spent a month in China last month for vacation and I agree, there’s nuthing like going back home. It’s nice to see different places, and experience different things, but nothing, nothing can replace the warm, cozy feeling of being at home.

    • thanks for sharing henway…where is home?..how did you like china?..I had an awesome time there last summer…

  2. definitely that is a huge advantage of living this travelling lifestyle, learning that home can be found within. the fundamental nature of reality is change, and so i guess it can sometimes be unhealthy getting too accustomed to your surroundings. as long as you remain open and honest with your feelings about your situation, you will find that any place yields profound lessons. i think the important thing is to stay in tune with your feelings to help you realize exactly when a person, place or behaviour has become dull. then you just gotta seek change and welcome it without clinging to the past simply because you’ve done something for so long. if you resist change you may find that you’ve become a little less alive. i think as long as you respect that reality is always in flux you will find that everything else in life gets a little bit easier :). lately because of what has been happening in Egypt I’ve been inspired to learn more about revolution, both of the self and of your surroundings. continuing to learn and grow is the single most important thing in life!

    • great thoughts my friend 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to share with everyone…be well…peace

  3. I’m so happy for your peace. You are a Master and I am truly inspired. Thank you for your generous posts.

  4. I have an inner struggle with this, on one hand I would love to settle in some quaint town (within driving distance of a large city) and live there, in the same house till I die. On the other hand I have a deep wanderlust, and know if I were to stay in one place too long I would go batty. Awesome for you for listening to that call to travel and being a nomad of sorts. With a family-it isn’t so simple.

    • thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us :)…I wish you the best on your journey…be well…

  5. While I like to say I’ve grown up in one place, I haven’t. I’m a global nomad and call many physical places home at that given time, these days I associate home as the memories that are puzzle pieces into my so-called “roots”. Who knows where I’ll live in 5 years from now, or 10, 20,30 years. All I know is that I will travel and create new homes so I can adapt and add to my collection of memories which I will call home.

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