The Shortest Path To God

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want” – Lao Tzu

How Can I Find God

This is the shortest post I have written and for those of you who can grasp and intuit its meaning with your whole being, beautiful, your home, now simply relax into yourself.

On your path to your own truth your only job is to realize when you are being inattentive, this realization “is” attention. Wherever your attention is, god is.

You “are” attention. Realize the beauty of this. Attention is consciousness and now your attention has become aware of itself as the eternal witness.

You are a wave who has now realized it is the ocean who was simply playing with itself by acting as a wave. Separation was your chief illusion, let this message sink to the deepest part of your being, it’s time to awake.

You have always been awake, you simply “thought” you where the wave (mind, ego). It’s time to come back home, where the turbulent waters of life can no longer move you.

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8 Responses to The Shortest Path To God

  1. I used to believe in this.. I went thru a phase where I believed in this illusion of separation, and how we’re really just inter-connected, but right now, I don’t believe any of it. It’s a Dog Eat Dog world for the most part. We just care about our needs. Sure we have friends, but we ditch them when they no longer suit our needs. When we get married, we ditch our friends because our reproductive needs are met, and that’s our first priority. Noone even remembers 9/11 anymore… so unfortunately I dun agree with your message.

    • unfortunately it is a dog eat dog world because of this illusion of separation.. because people don’t realize the oneness as an an existential understanding…it is not a reality for I am afraid you did not understand what I was really trying to point to…take care…wishing you the best…

  2. We choose to believe that which is closest to where we are at this point in time. The truth as some people call it is simply a reflection of a personal perception. So whether one opinion is “true” is irrelevant as all views are “true” in the sense that they are as accurate as the person who believes them. We live in a multi dimensional world and what Ivan is saying is that we are starting to remember. We are most certainly waking up to a larger scope of being.

    As outside as within. We attract exactly that onto us how we choose to be, how we choose to live. Exciting times are ahead. Thanks for you post Ivan, you write beautifully 🙂

  3. i agree totally with mirjam.

    “The truth as some people call it is simply a reflection of a personal perception. So whether one opinion is “true” is irrelevant as all views are “true” in the sense that they are as accurate as the person who believes them. We live in a multi dimensional world”

    there is no single truth, and what i’ve learned in my life is that it isn’t a “dog eat dog world,” although it may seem like that if you are surrounded with others who believe this to be the case. environment is everything.

    henway, friends always come and go in everyone’s life, whether we choose to ditch them or not. if you search within yourself with the right intention you will realize that it’s completely healthy to care about your personal needs a great deal, and those needs are not always satisfied by friends.

    “You are wrong if you think Joy emanates only…from human relationships. God has placed it all around us…and all you have to do is reach for it.” Jon Krakauer – Into the Wild

    best of luck 🙂

  4. Yes in a sense attention or consciousness is indeed a realization of God. When we are able to focus on doing any task with complete concentration no matter how important or menial it may be to the world that’s when we tune into a deeper part of ourselves. Always give your best while going about your daily routine. It’s a useful habit to be cultivated one that will stand us in good stead anytime.

  5. Ivan is correct. I feel this is what Ivan is trying to say: If you limit yourself to a wave, you will always be a wave (body-mind mechanism). If you dive in deeper (i.e gain Self-knowledge), you will realize that you ARE the ocean. As a wave, you were just playing a role. This earth is a school. Life teaches you lessons. When a difficulty comes, it is a golden opportunity to go deep and ask questions. So as a wave (as a body-mind mechanism) you are currently playing a role. But you are not a wave. Please know your true identity and all problems will dissolve. I personally don’t solve problems anymore. I have just dissolved them by knowing my true self. This is available to all of us human beings. We can all “awaken” or become enlightened (by the way I am not claiming to be enlightened). But know that this is not a acquired state. This is your original state. For example young children toddlers (up to age 3 1/2) are in this state. They are “stuck” in the here and now. For them each step is London or Paris (paraphrasing a quote from researcher Allison Gopnick). All that Ivan is saying it that we have a golden opportunity to know our “true selves” (i.e gain Self-knowldege). Every ones “Self” is the same. Mankind is one. The entire universe is One organism or one cell (or one soul). There are no individual souls. Yes, the mind will spin a web and claim individuality and say things like “My soul”, “My life, “My God” – “When I do good deeds I will be rewarded with Heaven” or “I will be with My God. Really ? You have just separated yourself from rest of creation ! (Like Ivan is saying you have separated yourself from the “ocean” by wanting to be a “wave”). Yes, you are a wave (your body-mind mechanism) but only temporarily. What is your true nature ? Ivan is asking you a question: Tell me your true identity. Your true identity is that you are that “ocean”. If you can get grasp that, then you have achieved the true purpose of coming to earth. Going back above: If being the “ocean” is our true and original nature, what is that thing that is blocking us. Our beliefs of course (our wrong beliefs are like a dark cloud hiding the Sun). It is easy to drop these beliefs and “see clearly”. As clearly as an innocent child sees. Ivan is saying you can be a kid again. But the question remains: As we grow up why do we “lose” this bliss that we had as a child ? You can answer this several ways. We did not really lose it. We always had and we still have it. But we are not able to experience it because of our constantly chattering mind (the mind that always want to label, judge, take credit, etc). You will get glimpses of this bliss almost daily. When you travel to a new city that you have never been to, you will notice that the mind has fallen (become quite) as you are fascinated with the new sounds and sights. But the mind comes later on claims credit for this experience. Same thing happens when you go on a roller coaster ride. Nature is giving you glimpses of this bliss. Ivan is saying you can have this bliss 24/7 just by Self-knowledge. You will be amazed that whatever you were searching for was in your pocket all the time. We need people like Ivan to show us that which is in our pocket. He cannot “give you” something you already are carrying in your pocket ! He can only give you pointers. Most people are looking for God outside themselves (by asking where does God live ? When I see God I will believe in Him, etc). If they gain a bit of Self-knowledge, they will realize they are swimming in It ! You ARE that “ocean”. You are just playing the role of a wave (in a human body-mind mechanism). When you realize your true identity, you will not mind playing some other role when the role of the “wave” is finished. You have then finally Understood. You will have then achieved the very purpose of coming to earth. So, let us “awaken” to our true identity. All of us ! Every human being. Ivan is one of these gems and there are many more to come.

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