How Can You Increase Your Value

I believe that you are unique and have something valuable to offer to the larger whole, but unless you realize your true nature you will remain mediocre and not explore your inherit potential. Life is dynamic, constantly changing and renewing itself, yet most people resist change because they prefer the known and comfortable.

The way you become valuable is through your experiences in the new and unknown. Your own unique experiences will give you the perspective to shed light and give a new understanding that will benefit everyone.

Why do people not change?

• They believe they are their thoughts, which is their self image that belongs to society. You have to wait for society to change or accept what you want to become.

• They only believe and don’t know yet how to develop trust in themselves.

• Trusting yourself is being an individual, beliefs are shortcut’s, it takes the responsibility away from you. You don’t need to think for yourself because someone has already done it for you.

• Going outward instead of inward, no solutions exist outside of yourself.  You must learn to go inward to find your own special meaning and solutions.

How To Change Yourself

• Dis identify yourself from your mind. Realize that your true identity is consciousness itself and not what your consciousness identifies with. You are not your thoughts only a certain aspect of you.

• Keep creating inner space through meditation, then you can question and analyze your thoughts to see how insubstantial they are. This will help you in evolving by keeping your identity fluid.

• Having a calm mind to respond to present moment.

Ways For Uncovering Your Value

take out a notepad and brainstorm some answers to the questions below 🙂

• What things are you good at doing?

• What positive personality traits do you possess?

• What tools do you already own that can help you pursue your dreams?

• Who are the people you trust and who support you?

• What are some specific ways you are willing to invest in yourself?

• What are the obstacles you will eliminate or manage?

• Who are some mentors you can learn from?

• What are some decisions you will need to make to get started?

So in the famous words of Emerson “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. To do this you will need to develop trust in your self and go into the unknown with courage.

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