How To Find Inner Peace Through The Sounds of Silence

“The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Finding Inner Peace and Happiness

Silence is truly a beautiful phenomenon with the power to transform you; it touches you to the very core of your being. This is the part of you that is connected to reality, existence itself. Silence is rejuvenation; it allows you to be yourself, to relax into yourself, and find inner peace.

The reality for most of us, though, is that we never truly experience utter silence.

Why is it? The reason is that we have a mind that is conditioned to always be active. To experience silence you need to have an extremely quiet and sensitive mind.

Try this little experiment, sit for one hour and do nothing. Just observe your mind – this will show you the level of your being. What do you notice? Is your mind constantly seeking something to do to stay occupied? Do this passively, don’t run away, remain a witness to your thought process.

You will see that most of us try to keep our minds occupied. We try because if we become empty, if we allow silence to penetrate us, it will mean the death of our mind, of our ego.

Why is this scary?

For many of us we associate our identity and sense of self to our thoughts, our ego. Having a mind that is empty means its death.

Don’t be afraid because your true nature is beyond your thoughts. Silence will get you in tune with who you are. You just need to have the courage to look in and constantly explore, to go deeper and deeper into your being.

Being in a park and enjoying nature in a silent communion is such a beautiful thing; you feel you are intensely alive. You are one with the moment, with existence. You experience being in a timeless space, and this feeling is blissful, joyous. No where to go, no ambition, no anxiety, the here and now is enough.

To existence time doesn’t exist, it is one continuous moment. Think of times when you felt truly happy, in love, totally present, and you will see that time was not.

How we experience time is truly a psychological phenomenon, how you perceive it depends on your thought process. Developing your minds watchfulness you will see that fewer thoughts equal feeling more timeless, in the now. More thoughts equals feeling more hurried, more anxiety.

Learn To Watch and Find Peace of Mind

All you need to do is learn to watch, just by watching you automatically create space to watch, by and by you will begin to see and slip into the gap between your thoughts. Once you get a feel for what I am trying to describe, you will know how to get back into that space. The more you learn to watch in a passive manner, with no urge to control or suppress, you will see that thoughts come down on their own accord. Allowing silence to descend upon you.

By not trying to constantly control your thoughts you will notice that you become more alert, more aware, because you are now conserving your minds energy. A mind that is able to rise above your identification with your memory. You learn to use your memory, but your memories no longer control you.

You don’t react, you respond to life. Reacting means you answer from memory, from the past, this is acting in an unconscious manner. Responding means you act with awareness, with what’s needed in the moment, taking inspired actions not hindered by past or future. You will see how great energy was wasted in control and suppression.

A different quality of consciousness will begin to arise within you. You will have a mind that is capable of seeing something simply. To see simply is to see something as it is, without your mind distorting what you are observing.

So I would suggest to everyone to have a daily ritual of meditation. Meditation is the art of watching your mind. As a general guideline meditate one minute for each year of your age. If you are 30, mediate 30 minutes daily. The best is once in the morning and then again later in the evening.

How Silence Changes You

Since my site is all about how to change your life, let me quickly point out how becoming more mindful and experiencing silence will do this.

It is a fact that life is constantly new, its dynamic, nothing is ever repeated. Therefore as silence becomes integrated into your way of life, you will be changing automatically, because you are getting in tune with life, your going with the flow of it.

By becoming more watchful you will be able to witness the changes taking place, and have the corresponding energy to respond to life in way that serves you best. Less struggling and more cooperation with life, now isn’t that what we all want?

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I hope it adds some value to you and that it inspires you to discover the divine peace and silence within you.

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41 Responses to How To Find Inner Peace Through The Sounds of Silence

    • I loved this article. The things u have shared are truly beautiful. I have learned a lot and I will be persuaing the path of silence from now on to prevent myself to struggle in life whether its from situations of people. Thanks again

      • thanks so much for your kind words, glad you could resonate with the post….wishing you the best on your journey..take care…peace

  1. You’re right, it’s really hard to remain silent for even a few minutes, our mind wants to be active and think about something. But it’s really important to take some time each day to just sit in silence, meditate, and reflect. I find it centers me, and keeps me in balance.

  2. Hi, I appreciate your appreciating silence. When I’m driving, I almost never have the radio on. Yes, I’m driving – but I’m also (relatively) silent. Most of the time, I’m not thinking. Sometimes I start hearing music in my head. (I’m a writer, including songwriter.) Then I may have to pull off the highway, and jot down what I’m hearing in my head before it’s gone. Most of the time is less eventful – but very full all the same. Not at all boring.

    I also love to take walks with the dogs. Things kind of settle in those walks. Sometimes my mind comes to something I hadn’t thought of. How could that be, I will ask myself. It’s so obvious once the thought is there.

    My sense is that it takes the silence for things to emerge. The silence and the relaxed walking. My kind of meditation.

    • thanks for sharing Elsa :)..your right from silence everything emerges :)..good luck with all your creative endeavors :)…be well..enjoy the silence 🙂

  3. Silence allows us to create a world within our selves were doubt is lost and motion takes control. When we silence thought and the world around us. Where peace of mind is found, literally, for that time period. No matter how long it may be or could of have been we did. If we practice this reality, it will once day becomes ours.

    • thats whats up :)…thanks for sharing jonathan :)…be well…enjoy the silence

  4. I think it’s hard at first to really quiet your mind completely. With some practice, quiet eventually comes and it is so worth it. After several minutes of silent meditation, I feel more alive and alert afterwards. Very calm and peaceful.

    • it is very hard, but it truly is worth it once you get the knack for it…thanks so much for stopping well…come back soon 🙂

  5. Hi Ivan!
    Sometime ago I went for a few days “away leave”. No computer, no mobile, just me, the tent and the forest. On the first day I woke up, came out, took a deep breath and thought “hmm, what a strange smell. Ah yes, the fresh air. I almost forgot it’s like that” 😉

    Having a silence all around us is very similar. We know what is silence, we can define it but we’re not used to it. Constant whisper of tv, radio, mp3s, street traffic etc, make us forget that our mind may need some quiet too from time to time.

    Even watching muted tv may be something totally different (especially if we’re watching parliament debating 😉 and watching our own thoughts from aside in complete silence and without having to react on them is incredible thing.

    It makes us think “why do I even started to do…” several things in our life seems completely unneeded. And filling us with joy and a space for new ideas for our life. Meditation should be a subject at school.


    • thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on my site :)…I agree as well that meditation should be part of school curriculum…it would change our world in unbelievable ways…

  6. I agree that we all need more quiet. There is so much noise pollution in the world be it the driving bass from a passing car, the media noise of a TV or radio, a plane, a train horn. Noise is everywhere. Tuning that all out and calming your own mind for me personally is a difficult task. I once had a job as a wildlife biologist where I would sit out in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night doing wildlife surveys. These were stands of trees far from any road or city. Sitting in the dark in the complete stillness and quietness of the night was incredible. It was total peace and tranquility. So when you say silence changes you I know exactly what you mean.

  7. Beautiful piece, Ivan. Meditation is indeed a great way to watch the mind, be silent and reconnect with the inner peace that is within us. Instead of looking high and low for peace, who would have guessed that peace is already right inside us?

  8. the weirdest thing just happened, i attempted meditating as i have tried yoga before and did okay, lasted about 10 minutes, as i was sitting there a couple of tears gently rolled down my face, not out of sadness but out of relief i think..

  9. Hello Ivan~I proclaim my self the most screwed up person I know. No one really knows this except myself. My family, friends, and especially my clients don’t know how truly lost I am. I present myself in a very acceptable manner in every situation/social setting. I just found your website using a search engine and I have decided to seize the day!
    Taking baby steps, I will begin to learn about myself, and quiet my soul. Thank you for allowing others the insight of your learning and knowledge, perhaps it will work for me. Sincerely, Michelle

    • I am happy to hear that you are starting your inner journey :)…don’t give up, this will be the greatest adventure you will embark on….I wish you the best….meditation and self observation will be your best teacher…be well….

  10. Hi Ivan

    Thanks for this lovely article. What you say about feeling an intense aliveness in silence really resonated with me.

    I was seeking for many years and seeing myself as separate from silence, seeing it as something I had to attain or get, added so much to the suffering… and the noise of the mind that wanted silence and peace.

    Love your website here, very glad to have found it!

    Much love …. Mike …. 🙂

  11. Great post and website!Thanks for doing what your doing! Its great to hear about people who are aligned with what I am trying to do as well- help people around the world by spreading more love and peace. Best of luck to you and have a wonderful day!

  12. Thanks for writing this article !
    I enjoy reading it ! Is there any easy ways to find inner peace? since it is impossible for me to leave that technology thing. How will you manage the stresses and burden? I feel guilt these days, just because I am not matured enough to make decisions.

    Anyways, life is quite challenging ! you too be well !

  13. Hi,

    I love your article on silence. Yes,silence is important for our well-being in this world over-whelmed by pc, cell phones, internet, fast pace etc. Really need silent space with ourselves to return to inner peace. Thank you!

  14. Sometimes silence brings loneliness. Your site says spread the love and that is what I live by but I have begun to notice that most of the people I meet don’t care about much but themselves and it is difficult for me to continue showing love to people who have not, for lack of a better word earned it. It is a challenge for to find peace daily but I continue to try because loving people makes me happier.
    Ivan… your site is quite interesting I shall try 18 minutes of meditation tonight.

  15. Thank you very much for this helpful and timely article. I have been feeling lost lately. I am trying to digest and understand the multitude of thoughts that go through my mind. Thanks for the tips to quiet the mind.

  16. Hi

    I think I spent a good bit of my life reacting to life and being upset 9 out of 10 times. This has affected and caused impediment in a lot of my routine life. Your article has provided some perspective and hope to read the articles more in the future for inspiration and small clues to tackle life…Thanks so much..

  17. Thank you so much. At any point have you heard the sound of silence? That buzzing or hum that vibrates underneath everything else? Please let me know.

  18. I know you’re right Ivan. I’ve gotten sidetracked. The sound is so beautiful. It’s like if you could hear the sound of sparkling jewels. And, the sound absorbs my thinking. I’ll take your advice and go beyond and relinquish this new attachment.

  19. I’ve tried to watch my thoughts but have been unsuccessful; when I’m thinking, I am unaware that I’m thinking. When I look back, I realize that I was thinking. What should I do about this?

  20. Ivan,
    What is your explanation for people who believe in God? What is causing them to believe in God? Is their belief in their brains? How accurate is their belief?

  21. Great Article ! Thanks for sharing.
    Good point about being in a state of silence can one attain inner peace. Having a still and clear mind let’s you find serenity and tranquility within which manifests how you act towards your surroundings. I agree that silence transforms you. It let’s you travel inside your thoughts and connect you to your true nature. It also let’s you realize how you live your life and be more appreciative and thankful for what you have.
    Just like you, I myself promote change from within by realizing one’s own inner peace and self-worth and transforms oneself to become a better person. Just please visit my site at .
    Thank you !

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    Thank you and have a great day!

  23. Hello Ivan,
    during a cruel critical state i chose your site. Dont wanna say 24 hours am well again and in real am still in hell. Yet it seems your site really left something on me as i was looking for concrete practise hos to “meditate right”. I wish for you and me this time i’ve got a more matching keu to get meself silent and thats only what gets lost again coz it didnt worked. Am impressed alot by your site. Have a Good Time, Sir.

  24. Sir/Ma’m, Greetings & hugs,

    I wish to explore subconscious mind right from the scratch. I mean basics like how can I get up at precisely the time I wish to wake up without the help of alarm clock, how I solve a complex problem after viewing it from all the angles without disturbing anyone and stuff like that. How can I make effective use of this goldmine that we all are gifted with, in detail please.

    With warm regards & in highest vibration of love,


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