Introducing: This Week In Pictures

Hello and welcome to a new segment on my site- photo fridays. This past year I have really enjoyed taking pictures, so I would now like to start sharing with you some of my photos and make it a regular part of my site.

Photography is an amazing medium to express creativity and our human story, hope you enjoy.

Here is the first week in in pictures, taken in and around Jeju, South Korea:

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5 Responses to Introducing: This Week In Pictures

  1. Every picture tells a story……and sure proves photography as a medium of self-expression:)good work….keep us updated:)

  2. Hi Ivan! Thank you for not commenting on each picture. That helped me practice the mindful observation you talk about. I also noticed that my mind was “waiting” for you to “tell” me what I was seeing lol! I learn so much from your willingness to share. Peace, Kathleen

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