Jayz “I just had the balls to do it”

Today’s Motivational Video “Quote of The Day”  is by my favorite rapper Sean Carter, aka “Jayz”.

“Far from a Harvard Student, I just had the Balls to do it” – Jayz

The reason I like this quote is because I feel that many of us too often overestimate other people and routinely underestimate ourselves. Reaching your dreams deals more with you taking the leap of faith in going after your dreams, than what’s on your resume. You have to muster up the guts to take action in making your vision a reality. It’s hard for most people to go after great things because it means they will have to standout from the crowd. Just remember that to be happy is to be an individual, to be unhappy is to be part of the crowd. You are unique, cultivate your uniqueness and share it with the world. Take Jay’z blunt advice and just have the ball’s to do it. You have nothing to loose but your happiness.

Begin by exploring the things you enjoy doing, the things you are naturally gifted at. Daily work at fine tuning your craft, take action on completing at least one task that puts you closer to your goal. 360 baby steps will turn into something that is workable, one full year of baby steps and you won’t be taking baby steps anymore, your making leaps. I hope you enjoyed today’s video “Quote of The Day”, keep growing, keep evolving, and keep shining! – Ivan Campuzano


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2 Responses to Jayz “I just had the balls to do it”

  1. Great post my man! Yes all we have to do is simply go for it. I have a quick suggestion. I think having two “dig” it logos is a bit much and kind of clutters the site 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  2. Good quote from a good artist. It really doesn’t take the harvard degree or any ivy league pedigree to reach your goals. Its all about finding out what you want and taking those baby steps or even some big steps. Keep making moves homie and Ill meet you at the top!

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