Just Observe Don’t Verbalize

“You can observe a lot just by watching.” Yogi Berra

Living In The Present

Yes our minds are amazing tools that we are blessed to have, but they also have their limitations. Our minds are constantly analyzing everything; in fact they never stop analyzing. The problem with letting our minds think uncontrollably is that we become removed from reality. Whenever you become consumed with your thinking processes you are lost in your past or imagining your future, and not living in the present moment.

One way to step away and give your self space from your thinking mind is to just observe your surroundings without inner verbalization. When you verbalize something you start to think and analyze, and thinking is removing yourself from the living in the present moment.

Living In The Present Exercise:

Go To a Location that is beautiful to you. Right now as I write this I am in “Playa Hermosa” Costa Rica. Pick a comfortable position, quiet your mind by meditating for 10-20 minutes. When you come out of your meditation, just observe your surroundings; watch that you don’t try to make any interpretation of it. Just take in all the sights and sounds, if this is new to you, you will probably catch your internal dialogue saying things like: “wow this is so beautiful” “that sky is an amazing blue” etc.

Just remember that as soon as you have those thoughts you have removed your self from the experience. Your mind has analyzed it and given it a label, by giving something a label you have defined it and taken the essence of what makes it beautiful.

Just practice feeling and experiencing what you are seeing for a few minutes at a time, later you can make an interpretation and contemplate your experience. The more you go from thinking to feeling, the more you will be living in the “now”.

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  1. Enjoying the reminder to not verbalize. I practice this with either focusing on my breath or focusing on the object in front of me.

    Thanks. Nice Post

    • no problem…my pleasure :)…thanks for contributing to my site and community…hope all is well…

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