Search For A Job That Meets Your Specs But Also Your Values

Search For A Job That Meets Your Specs But Also Your Values

by my dear friend and mentor Debra Benton

If you find yourself job hunting, be sure to take time to search for your values as well as your next job. Stressful work can ‘over time’ cause you to forget what’s important to you, what you want in life. All of a sudden two or twenty-two years go by and you’re not doing satisfying work. View your job elimination as positive because now you can consider what you would truly enjoy doing in your next job – and for the rest of your life.

Plan for your future before it gets here.

Don’t hastily write a resume. That is just an “obituary” recording of where you’ve been- not where you’re going. Instead, start with a “career physical” to assess: what you’ve done; strengths; limitations; marketable skills; job experience; management style; personal history; and, most importantly, where you want to go, do, and be. Remember the resourcefulness, creativity, tenacity, and enterprising hard work that you’ve done for other people (e.g. former employers) and now do it for you.

You have a lot more going for yourself than what appears in a typical resume.

Consider is it time for a career change to a new function or new field? Is self-employment an option? Is there a possibility to become (or stop being) a two-career couple?

View your next move as more than a job search but a major life decision. Instead of “looking for a job” based on where you’ve been and what you’ve done, see how you can “package your talents” for what you could do. Eliminate any self-sabotaging behaviors

Taking the time to review and focus on your values actually lets you move more quickly and minimize costly mistakes. I’m not suggesting this will be easy.

The most qualified person is not always the person who gets the job. Often it’s the individual who does the best job of marketing his or her talents (which you need to review first so you can talk and write about them). Failure to land a job is more often due to lack of planning and techniques than competence.

Next to your health or marriage, there is probably nothing more important than your career. The importance of landing the right job and not just any job cannot be overestimated.

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5 Responses to Search For A Job That Meets Your Specs But Also Your Values

  1. I completely agree Ivan.

    As I come to the end of one journey and am about to embark on another, I find myself wondering what I would like from this next stage in life.
    I have the privilege of not ‘having’ to work for the next 16 months (see my blog http://safespacecoaching.blogspot for story) but I know I will go crazy if I don’t. I am making a go of my coaching business but want something more than that.
    Reading your article was great because I changed my whole career just over a year and a half ago. I did courses and changed enough so I never have to go back to Nursing! Now though, I find myself unwilling to take any old job. I have the luxury of picking and choosing from anything and just have to allow my resume to reflect on everything I can bring to the table.
    I will not compromise my values,I do have a lot more going for me than I originally thought.

    Thanks you for this great post

  2. thank you so much for your thoughts Yvonne 🙂 wish you the best on your journey…much love 🙂 ivan

  3. There’s a job/social networking site called Phenomenal. They link people who want to create positive change in the world with companies that practice corporate social responsibility. Hence…JUST means.

    It’s definitely key to explore your own personal values, as well as those of the company you could be working with.

    leandra’s last blog post..Tune in tonight to We Think Radio

  4. Hi Ivan!

    I agree. Many people would find fulfillment and satisfaction in evaluating their values and marrying those values with their skill set. I remember sitting at a 9 to 5 j-o-b, watching the clock, feeling miserable — ignoring the fact that I valued flexibility, contribution and meaning. It was mostly psychological as I’d rather work 15 hours a day for myself than 8 hours a day for a corp that didn’t have similar values. It was a lesson I value and love to share.

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