Appreciate The Beauty Around You and Become Infused With Energy

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” – Scott Hamilton

Your Attitude Determines Your Latitude

Attitude really is key in how you experience this life. It’s up to you what attitude you decide to function from, and it will most definitely color your perceptions of the world.

If you are attitude is one of childlike innocence, you will begin to see the divine in everything. The world becomes vibrant, alive, you feel connected to a deeper reality.

If your attitude is closed, you will experience great struggles, and see everything in a negative light.

You just need to become aware of how your attitude affects your day to day living. If you can see the direct impact it has, you see that it is your responsibility. If you are not enjoying your life, for the most part there is no one to blame but yourself.

Use this insight to consciously choose the attitude that is conducive to your growth and happiness. Remember times when you truly felt at ease and where enjoying your life. Use this as a springboard to know that this attitude is not some far off fantasy, happiness can really be a part of your reality.

Appreciating The Gift of Life

If you adopt an attitude that is open to life, you will constantly be in a state of inspiration. Life is constantly renewing itself, therefore you will feel renewed yourself. You will begin to see the good in people, you will feel the intangible qualities and energies of objects. You will appreciate simple things.

You will basically create a feedback loop of energy between your inner world and the outer world. When we become closed, we close that loop. We feel tired and lethargic.

Life is full of many ups and downs, don’t become attached to either one, use the right attitude to bridge the gap, it will help you get through challenging times. The right attitude will help you still the turbulent waters of your life.

Take The Time To Stop and Smell The Roses

Today on your way home from work, make the conscious decision to walk slowly. Use this change of pace to observe the world around you. Feel the rocks and texture of the street you are walking on. Gently rub your fingers as you walk, bring your attention to your body. Really take a look at the buildings around you, become aware of how much you tune out.

Going slow you will automatically open yourself up, go too fast and you get tunnel vision. I see something new everyday in the buildings that I walk by. Beauty is all around us, we really do need to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses, I literally mean it. Next time you walk by some roses, stop and smell them, they just might wake you up.

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9 Responses to Appreciate The Beauty Around You and Become Infused With Energy

  1. For some reason, when I walk more faster, it gives me more energy and enthusiasm for life, rather than walking slowly. When I walk slow, my brain gives me the signal to just not pay attention, and to daydream.

    • thanks for sharing henway :)… imagination is def. one of the major things we need to come to understand and how to stop it…the reality is that most of us live in our imagination and rarely experience reality…

  2. Great reminder that our happiness is dictated by how we perceive and react to the world around us. Slowing down to appreciate the small things that happen around us is a beautiful thing.

  3. Alarmclock, morning haste, work, shopping, dinner, to-do list, sleep… and again. just to reach weekend. Over and over again.

    It’s incredible how often we forget to slow down for a moment and just let ourselves enjoy.

    Thank you for reminding 🙂

    • I completely agree with you Andrzej, We wont get much time in these busy world,but i find my joy with small things happening in day to day life either in professional or personal life…


      • Hi James!
        It’s good to have some small everyday things that can make us happy and bring the moments of stillness. My fav for the morning is a galaxy of milk appearing and pulsing in my coffee 😉
        And then off I go.

  4. I have a rather busy schedule but I know I can’t just keep working without taking a step back and enjoy the world. I usually don’t work weekends and tell myself to go for a holiday every so often to keep my sanity.

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